South Africa

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Transcript of South Africa

  • South AfricaCreated by Isabel, Maisie, Daisy and Jayden

  • Contents

    pg.3 Who are we? pg.13 NewZealand and southAfrica

    pg.4 What grows in South Africa? pg.14 South Africa or New Zealand?

    pg.5 What are the traditional foods? pg.15 Thankyou for waching our slide

    pg.6 Where is South Africa?

    pg.7 What snacks do South Africans eat?

    pg.8 What is a normal day like for an african child?

    pg.9 Activities played in South Africa

    pg.10 What is a normal day like for a African child

    pg.11 Languages in South Africa

    pg. 12 Words in South Africa






  • Where is South Africa?South Africa is at the bottom of the African Continent

  • What do South africans eat?

    Their snacks are pot pie, meat pie, chicken pie, crusted chicken, beef, raisins, apples,

    almonds and curry powder.

  • What are the traditional foods of South Africa?

    South African traditional foods are really dierent to New Zealand

    foods. They have uncommon types of foods like crocodile, beef jerky,

    kudu, skop & potjieko. South Africans really love their BBQs!

  • Activities played in South Africa.

    When they have time to play, they play these games: rolling hoops, rims, tyres, drumming and soccer.They have homemade toys made from wood, cans, stones, nuts, seeds, sand straw and animal skins.

  • What grows in South Africa?

    In South Africa lots of fruit and vegetables grow. Vegetables like potatoes, cabbage, corn, sunflowers seeds, peppers & green beans are commonly grown. Here are some fruits like bananas, pineapples and

    mangos. These fruits make yummy desserts.

  • Facts about South AfricaThe capital of South Africa is Pretoria.

    Money in south Africa is Rand.

    The main sports in South Africa are soccer, rugby, cricket and boxing.

    South Africa is famous for gold and a man called Nelson Mandela.

  • What is a normal day for a south

    african child?

    A normal day for an South African child depends on whether they live in a city or village. Childrens days begins early with

    morning jobs and preparing for school. African schools require uniforms. At school, children learn reading, maths, writing and different

    languages. Children also have playtime. In the afternoons children go home to do homework,

    jobs, and play.

  • How many dierent languages are spoken in South Africa?

    Eleven dierent languages are spoken in South Africa!They are...






    Tsonga Tswana




  • Words in South Africa

    Hello in Africans is goeie day

    In Zulu, hello is sawbona

    Words in South Africa

  • Comparison

    Sim i lar i t ies

    South Africa

    New Zealand


    we both eat seafood

    both have special cultures

    we both eat fruit

    we both work and go to school



    more people



    less people

    D i f ferences D i f ferences

    New Zealand & South Africa

  • Decision Making Matrix

    Topic: Would it be better to live in South Africa or New Zealand?

    Criteria Home School Food Traditions Fun & Games Total

    South Africa

    Cow pooh houses with straw stuck to them

    They only do a couple of subjects.

    they have kudu, fruit, & seafood

    BarbequesRolling hoops, fityfity 7

    1 2 1 1 2

    New Zealand

    We live in houses with our mums and dads.

    we bring own lunch and work 6 hours a day.

    kiwifruit, skippy cornflakes, weetbix pavlova

    Chrismas & Easter Rugby, swimming, cricket 8

    2 1 2 2 1Our conclusion

    We like New Zealand more because its not always hot and we get better food.

  • Thank you for watching our