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  • 1. South Africa and Its Cultures
    By: Brennan Anderson
    Anna Ly
    Ryan Vedros

2. Food and Shelter
The cuisine in South Africa is from many cultures and is usually meat based. Most social gatherings are called, braai, or barbeque.
Zulu Huts in South Africa
The poor citizens live in small huts. The rich citizens live in regular houses. American people also live in South Africa.
Lamb sosaties on the braai
3. Religion
Christian: 68%
Indigenous Beliefs & Animist 28.5%
Muslim: 2%
Hindu: 1.5%
4. FamilyRelationships
Male are dominate so they ran politics, heavy or harder works.
Females are to tend to agricultural, housekeeping work, and care of the children while they work so they never take a break.
5. Language
There are many tribes in South Africa and each has their own language:
- Zulu- Northern Sotho
- Sotho- Swazi
- Tswana- Venda
- Tsonga- Ndebele
- Xhosa-Afrikaans
- English
6. Security/Protection
SANDF- South Africa National Defense Force
There are four branches:
- SA Army
- SA Air Force
- SA Navy
- SA Military Health Service
7. Political and Social Organization
The president of South Africa is the head of the government and state.
The government is a unitary, parliamentary republic.
Poor people live in huts while the rich people live in houses or in the cities.
8. Education
The system of education is based on a three tier system:
- Primary School
- High School
- Tertiary Education in the form of Academic Universities and Technology Universities
9. CreativeExpressions
- Kwaito
- Jazz
- Punk Rock
Arts and Crafts:
- Sculptures
- Baskets
- Rock paintings
- Jewelry
- Bows and Arrows
10. The End