Some Festivals and Celebrations in Cantabria

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"Discovering Each Other" Comenius Project. Four Festivals and Celebrations in Cantabria

Transcript of Some Festivals and Celebrations in Cantabria

  • 1. IES Peacastillo Santander, Spain
  • 2. Santander Festival The Battle of Flowers in Laredo La Fola in San Vicente de la Barquera Cantabrias Day in Cabezn de la Sal Among all the festivals and celebrations which take place in our region, we have chosen these four.
  • 3. This celebration, which started in 1967, takes place on the 2nd Sunday of August in the town of Cabezn de la Sal and it is a day to celebrate the traditions, customs and identity of the region. The President of the region makes a speech and afterwards people pay homage to the flags of the different Spanish autonomous regions which are hoisted by men and women wearing Cantabrias traditonal costumes.
  • 4. Thousands of people participate in the different activities: There are traditional dances, music and sport, handicrafts, a market with typical products and a parade of wagons and cattle.
  • 5. Laredo is a tourist town and fishing port on the east coast of Cantabria which celebrates a festival called The Battle of Flowers on the last Friday of August. This festival consists of a parade of floats showing allegorical displays decorated with flowers and petals. The parade starts at 5pm in the town centre and there are prizes for the best floats selected by a jury. On this day there are also street markets, music bands and it ends with a fireworks display at the beach.
  • 6. Although it is a one-day celebration, the preparation for it lasts months. Each float is designed and built by a group of people that also often plant, grow and collect the flowers which will be used for the decoration. The evening before the parade, dozens of people work hard to decorate the floats since the flowers have to be fresh.
  • 7. The Sunday following Easter Tuesday is a special day for the village of San Vicente de la Barquera, on the West Coast of Cantabria because they celebrate La Fola. It is a religious festival to commemorate the arrival of a statue of the Virgin called La Barquera, patroness of the village. According to a legend, this image of the virgin arrived at the port on a small boat with no oars or sailors on board.
  • 8. This celebration is basically a procession through the streets of the village while young girls wearing white and blue clothes sing and play the tambourine. The procession continues in the sea. The image of the virgin is taken on board a fishing boat decorated with leaves, flowers and colourful flags. Other boats follow it along the bay.
  • 9. Around St. James Day on 25th July, there is a week of celebrations in our city with different types of activities which citizens and tourist enjoy every year. There are Bullfights, concerts, traditional music and dances
  • 10. A funfair and stalls in different squares where people meet to have a drink and a snack. And a great fireworks display at the Sardinero beach.