Festivals in Britain What do people celebrate?. Celebrations and Festivals There are a lot of...

download Festivals in Britain What do people celebrate?. Celebrations and Festivals There are a lot of celebrations and festivals. They have changed over time

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Transcript of Festivals in Britain What do people celebrate?. Celebrations and Festivals There are a lot of...

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  • Festivals in Britain What do people celebrate?
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  • Celebrations and Festivals There are a lot of celebrations and festivals. They have changed over time. Some festivals are the same as in Europe, but some are just British. They tell us what is important in a culture. Families and friends have opportunities to get together to visit, eat, exchange good wishes and enjoy each others company and hospitality.
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  • Can you name these celebrations and festivals? ChristmasEasterNew Years Eve Guy Fawkes Night Pancake DayHalloween
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  • Queens birthday St Valentines Day St Patricks Day
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  • Christmas Christmas is the most important, biggest and best loved festival in Britain. Schools, businesses and offices are closed. Its a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. People decorate their houses and couples kiss under a mistletoe.
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  • Mistletoe Kissing under a mistletoe is a traditional custom.
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  • Easter For Christians its the most important Christian festival. Easter commemorates: the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus the promise that those who believe will die but theyll be resurrected to live with God in heaven forever. A lot of people attend church and celebrate the secular things gifts, candies, Easter bunnies, etc. commemorate /k,memreit/ pripomna si, slvi crucifixion /kru:si,fikn/ ukriovanie resurrection /rez,rekn/ vzkriesenie
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  • crucifixion resurrection
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  • Its the last festival of the old year or the first festival of the new year. The Scottish call it Hogmanay.There are parties throughout the country and at midnight people sing a traditional song Auld Lang Syne. The first person to visit your home brings you luck. Young, dark haired and handsome person brings extra good luck. New Years Eve
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  • Guy Fawkess night (Bonfire Night) In 1605, Guy Fawkess plan was discovered. Together with other Catholics, Guy Fawkes wanted to blow up the British Parliament and kill the king. It was called the Gunpowder plot. The plan failed and they were executed. blow up /blou ap/ vyhodi do povetria gunpowder /,ganpaudr/ streln prach execute /,eksikju:t/ popravi
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  • Today its a very noisy festival. Its held on 5 November and people burn a model of Guy Fawkeswhich is made of old clothes. There are lots of fireworks, too. A model of Guy Fawkes
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  • Pancake Day Its in February. People race with frying pans and pancakes. They throw them in the air and eat lots of pancakes, of course.
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  • Halloween Its a great feast of Pegan Celts. Some people believe they can commune with the dead. The feast is full of mischief, fortune telling and masquerades On the 31 October children dress up as witches, ghosts and monsters and people have parties. feast /fi:st/ sviatok fortune telling /,fo:tu:n teli / vetenie osudu commune /k,mju:n/ komunikova mischief /,mistif/ hunctstvo masquerade /ma:sk ,reid/ makarn ples
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  • Queens birthday The Queen celebrates two birthdays each year. Her actual birthday is on 21 April and her official birthday is on a Saturday in June because of better weather for the Birthday Parade, also known as Trooping the Colour.
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  • Saint Valentines Day St Valentines Day, also known as Valentines Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated on 14 February. The day is associated with romantic love. People send cards and gifts like roses and chocolates in a red satin, heart-shaped box to someone they are in love with. The cards are not signed.
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  • Saint Patricks Day The first St Patricks Day took place in the USA. St Patricks Day is a time for parties. Its also a time for fun celebrations. People often dress up in green on St Patricks Day. We celebrate this feast on 17 March and the symbol for St Patricks Day is gold or leprechauns.
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  • Video Festivals in Britain
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