Roman Festivals and Celebrations

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Roman Festivals and Celebrations. By Molldogger. Capitoline Games. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Roman Festivals and CelebrationsBy MolldoggerCapitoline GamesThe Capitoline games day is an international multi games festival, that starts on the 13th of July and the events lasts 17 days. They are held in the honour of Jupiter Capitolinus. Jupiter Capitoline was the Roman God of the Pantheon.LemuriaThe Lemuria festival is a festival of the dead. It is held on May the 9th, 11th and 13th. On the nights of the festivals the dead ancestor ghosts (lemures), would visit their relatives. Some people think that the festival started as a way of showing what Romulus did to his brother Remus. ArmilustriumThe Armilustrium festival is a celebration of Mars, the god of war. This festival is celebrated on the 19th of October. On this day the weapons of the soldiers are stored for the winter. During the ceremony the priests of Mars, called the Salii do a series of dances.