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How brands can monetise Twitter communications through personalisation

Transcript of SocialBro Twitter report - From tweet to ka-ching!

  • 1.Presentation sub-title How brands can monetise communications through personalisation From tweet to ka-ching!

2. The power of personalisation is well understood and acknowledged by big business. Online customer experiences are now precisely targeted to the individual thanks to data driven automation. This personalisation is driving conversion. The trend is happening across website, email, mobile, advertising and search. But social is the odd man out. Today, most brands are not as good at delivering a personalised experience on Twitter. Personalisation Monetisation 3. You may use Twitter for customer service, but beyond this how often do you have real conversations? Twitter is still used by most brands as a global megaphone; to yell about products, services and all things sales. This approach will not increase your engagement and relationship with your community, it just builds white noise. Source: Brandwatch 2013 The mistake is made by many, but its a major surprise since Twitter can unlock an intensely rich profile of your customer. Pinpointing even greater personalisation than can be achieved through other channels. 4. Automation of user profiles, interests and relationships is simple and low cost. So efficient personalised targeting is in reach for small businesses and large enterprises alike. Your customers want to hear from the individual, to the individual. Obtain greater insights about your customers on social, and employ this intelligence across all channels. Its time to get personal on Twitter and make money. 5. SUPER INFLUENCERS PRECISION PROSPECTING PEOPLE ARE PERSONAL PARTNERS IN SUCCESS NAMING AND FAMING This report will take you through FIVE trends that are shaping the face of monetisation through personalisation: 1 2 3 4 5 6. A vital factor in personalisation is understanding who your customer is listening to. Who influences their purchasing decision? Celebrities and celebrity experts have a growing voice in this area, for all types of business. Social media has blurred any boundaries between professional and personal selves, to leave just one self and one set of influencers. 1. SUPER INFLUENCERS Giving rise to a core of individuals, this is a trend towards the super influencer. Brands must look at who has the ear of their customers and take advantage of this reach. By engaging 1:1 with your customers super influencers, you can rapidly distribute your brand in a way that is personally relevant and interesting to your target audience. 7. When a major tech update is released, every man and woman has an opinion. Nokia knows how to turn these opinions in to opportunities by offering disgruntled consumers a solution to the problem. Cleverly, Nokia only targets the very top influencers with this tactic. The Nokia Lumia 1020 is aimed at teens and young professionals. Miley Cyrus certainly has profile among this group. This tweet jump on the right was seen by Mileys 14,106,521 followers and retweeted 122 times. Excellent revenue potential through a single tweet. SUPER INFLUENCERS - in action 8. 2. PRECISION PROSPECTING Customer communications data is expanding. And with it comes huge opportunity to mine the parts that are relevant to your brand. Giving you the power to not only engage with existing customers, but grow your interaction with new faces that demonstrate a personal interest in your market. Among the millions of tweets each day, no matter who you are, there are hundreds of key words in use that could alert your brand to a sales opportunity. And its so easy to find them; all you need to do is search, listen and personally engage. 9. Dove, in a bid to spread #hairtherapy, has searched for anyone mentioning hair. Banishing bad hair days, Doves keyword search and tweet jump is warmly received with retweets. A great way to show you care in a timely and relevant fashion. PRECISION PROSPECTING - in action 10. 3. PEOPLE ARE PERSONAL Gone are the days when employees were afraid to tweet about their professional lives. Social communications are an accepted part of your colleagues lives. There are social stars sitting in every company; listening to customers and prospects, and communicating every day on behalf of the brand. These employee relationships are personal. As adoption of twitter evolves and brands feel more comfortable with the open company environment, the corporate selves are reaching out to offer up more faces to the brand on twitter. These are usually the guys on frontline sales with the direct relationships with customers, and its more authentic for a human face to engage personally than a corporate feed. 11. Stibo Systems follows its employees, so that whenever they post a positive tweet about customers or growth, Stibo can jump on it and retweet. By sharing positive news via the eyes and ears of employees, Stibo is able to prove it is in touch with customers. PEOPLE ARE PERSONAL - in action 12. A trend is emerging towards more visible brand affiliation. This means more personal affiliation with customers. Twitter offers up the perfect communications environment to bask in the aura of success that your customers enjoy, and allow them to bask in yours. These warm and frequent communications demonstrate that you know your customer and what matters to them. This positive news and support builds customer relationships and is helping brands to upsell. 4.PARTNERS IN SUCCESS 13. Oracle follows its customers, so that if they have some positive news or are speaking at an event (#oow13), the technology provider can champion the client. Sharing the news ties Oracles name with the impressive work of its clients. Make sure that you follow the lives of your existing customers too, to build brand loyalty and recommendation. PARTNERS IN SUCCESS - in action 14. Customers expect more direct engagement with brands. There is an acceptance that brands will be listening, so if youre not, youre missing out. Whether you serve businesses or consumers, anyone that expresses interest in your company is likely to be open to hearing from you. So when individuals talk about you, its fine to jump in and even better if you can reward them with a retweet and a personal message. Kudos for you, and it helps reinforce their brand loyalty. 5. NAMING AND FAMING 15. Popchips scours the twittersphere for brand mentions, rewarding tweeters with retweets and interaction. In this example, Laura (@Chez_Mummy) had just 2,370 followers. Any brand who retweets her will boost her twitter influence and goodwill. Popchips is also expert at responding to @mention opportunities, including heartfelt pleas for snacks! This simple approach enables the brand to show off its personality and build loyalty. NAMING AND FAMING- in action # ### 16. How can you achieve this? Competition Sector Adjacents Your @Community Target by: Twitter accounts @ Retweets of URLs Hashtags # Keywords even from a tweet! Segment/Filter by: Influence Gender Location How active on Twitter Following/Follower/Lists base TWITTERSPHERE 1. Analyse your community and know WHO they are 2. Engage the right people within the twittersphere, at the best time 17. Understand your Community 18. 18SocialBro 1. 3rd party Twitter Accounts: Analyse a Twitter account belonging to a competitor or a 3rd party of interest. View stats and compare their community to your own, follow their followers and gain an understanding of how your competitor is performing on Twitter Target the Twittersphere 3. Lists: Analyse members of your Twitter lists, your customers or event attendees to view stats and find ways to engage with them 4. Geolocated search: Find users to target nearby, tweeting about a word or phrase relevant to your business. Use this information to engage with them directly and promote your business 5. Email distribution list: import your current email newsletter distribution list; from here you can view stats about them, whether you have had any interaction within Twitter in the past (e.g. mentions, retweets, follow you, you follow them,) 2. Twitter Search: Search for users tweeting a keyword ( e.g. marketing ) about your brand or industry, a hashtag ( e.g. #myevent ) of an event you are hosting or attending, a URL ( e.g. for your blog or a news story relevant to your business, or even a tweet ( e.g. Text of the tweet ). This helps to pinpoint users to target and engage with 19. 19 Who are they? segment and filter them! Who are the super-influencers? Have you engaged with them in the past? Are they in your region? What topics are relevant to them? Target the Twittersphere - in action 20. Engage them at the best time. With the right message! 21. 21 because it is all about the people behind the content of the tweets! 22. Copyright SocialBro, October 2013 Follow these simple steps, or get in touch with SocialBro for expert advice at: Jos Benavides, Head of Sales, Getting personal is simple!