To tweet or not to tweet 2

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An introductory look at Twitter before a practical workshop on the computers with a class studying Social Media in Business

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  • 1.TWITTER FOR BUSINESS, STUDY OR PLEASURE A workshop with Louise Stansfield on 25 Sept 2013 Senior Lecturer, Business Communication Metropolia Business School, Finland TO TWEET OR NOT TO TWEET?

2. FOR BUSINESS Events Customer engagement Customer service News Jobs 3. FOR CONNECTING WITH PROFESSIONAL EVENTS 4. TWITTER WALL 5. . FOR CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT 6. #Possibilities 7. Promoted tweets 8. PROMOTING CONTESTS 9. Free Cone Day photo comp engagement with website 10. FOR JOB SEARCH #rekry 11. Follow @Finnfield List: Career Orientation 12. HS 3 Aug 2013 13. FOR STUDY Following your research interest 14. #custserv 15. Following your interests, joining the conversation FOR PLEASURE 16. NEWS IN REAL TIME / CONNECTING WITH REAL TIME EVENTS Case Boston Image courtesy of coverage/Gw0x9JKTNPwJAfJgihSSmO/blog.html 21 Sept 2013 = #Westgate 17. For fun 18. Joining the fun 19. CONTESTS 20. FOR NETWORKING 21. INTERACTION WITH TV PROGRAMMES IN REAL TIME 22. Try #docventures tonight (25 Sept 2013) 23. DANGERS influence_b49197 24. TO TWEET OR NOT TO TWEET ??? Check Twitter accounts are verified Filter carefully Wait for confirmation of news items Use common sense