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Social Media Outlook

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This presentation aims at exploring the wide range of opportunities that recruiters/company can get through the use of social media in the process of recruitment.

Transcript of Social Media for Recruitments - SKOPE

  • Social Media Outlook
  • Available Branding Mediums TV & Newspaper ads Outdoor branding Sponsorships Social Media
  • Why it is important?
  • M A R K E T T R E N D S
  • 95% of companies use LinkedIn 70% are active on Facebook 60% use twitter for recruitments
  • SKOPE Why are we looking at it? 23 active accounts/clients Catering 8 industries 13 people We are already working with 23 + 13 = 36 brands
  • Our Objective SKOPE Clients Candidates Future Employees Current Employees
  • H W ?
  • Social Media Platforms Facebook LinkedIn Google+ Twitter Talent Now Slide Share You Tube
  • LinkedIn Connect yourself to the above account Like each and every post & also share jobs on your personal wall. Groups - Specified Job Posting into niche groups ex.: Hospitality jobs in India, Jobs in Insurance
  • Job Postings
  • Link & Follow Official Company Page for Skope Link your account to it & follow Ask your connections to follow
  • Facebook Fan page Daily unique updates or post Quick Recruitment Tips, Interesting articles, Videos, Inspirational Quotes, Job Updates etc. Eye catchy info-graphics Increasing Visibility likes, fb ads, interactive conversations Page analytics data management
  • Job posting in various fb job groups
  • Page analytic reports
  • Twitter Company Profile Tweets Jobs, Discussions, Interesting Facts and Figures, Info- graphics, Articles linked to our Blogs Increasing Followers Promote & run #hashtag campaigns
  • Slide Share One of the best tool to get online visibility. Has a great tracking system Presentations on various methods and processes can be made uploaded and tracked It also directly connects your posts to Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • You Tube YouTube Channel Official Interviews Industry Updates, Testimonials, Recruitment Process, Motivational Speeches Recruitment Tips Short Clippings (30 to 60 sec) Company Corporate Video Increasing Subscribers and Viewers
  • Google+ Company Page Linked with You tube & Blogger Helps in Google search Updates similar to Facebook Interesting info-graphics.
  • Blogger Blogger can be linked with all the Social Media Platforms and also with our Website: Content of the articles will be Industry based.
  • Other Job Posting Portals http://connect.talent
  • Benefits for the Recruiters Individual branding for the recruiters Much more interesting and easier apart from the conventional methods of recruitments Time saving (simultaneous sharing) Recruiters will have a larger data base apart from the daily use job portals The data available from these portals is generally not fake The brand name of the company reaches the larger audience For employees seeking better opportunities the hiring company will be able to relate/associate with the brand name of Skope
  • Thank You Contact Info: M: 09560596375, 09811141379 E : [email protected], [email protected] W: