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Transcript of Slide 1 Sugars & Sweeteners The range of sugars and sweeteners in food & beverage Sucrose...

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Slide 1 Sugars & Sweeteners The range of sugars and sweeteners in food & beverage Sucrose based sugars Starch based sugars Sugar alcohols and other sweeteners Properties and areas of application Lars Bo Jrgensen, Product Development Manager, Danisco Sugar Division, 2006 Slide 2 Slide 2 It all started with honey ! Slide 3 Slide 3 Sugar cane discovered in India Slide 4 Slide 4 Traditional European sweetening Slide 5 Slide 5 Developed into a broader range of sugars White granular Brown soft Demerara Muscovado Cubes Candy Syrup Slide 6 Slide 6 Low and no calorie options Aspartame Acesulphame Kt Sucralose Saccharin Maltodextrin Slide 7 Slide 7 Sugars and the Sweetener Family Slide 8 Slide 8 0,1 1 10 1001000 10000 Sucrose Cyclamate Aspartame Acesulfame-K Fructose Glucose Sucralose Sorbitol Saccharin HFCS Thaumatin Alitame Neotame Sweetness Glucose Syrup Slide 9 Slide 9 Basic Saccharides Monosaccharides (glucose, fructose, galactose) Disaccharides (sucrose, maltose, lactose) Trisaccharides (raffinose) Tetrasaccharides (stachyose) Pentasaccharides (verbascose) Glucose Fructose Slide 10 Slide 10 Basic Saccharides Monosaccharides (simple sugars) glucose (galactose ) fructose Disaccharides (two mono's) saccharose / sucrose, normal sugar lactose, milk sugar maltose Sugars Starch (>10 glucose units) Slide 11 Slide 11 Two Families of Sugars The Sucrose-based family Beet sugars Cane sugars Invert sugar Fructose The Starch-based family Glucose syrups Glucose/dextrose High Fructose Corn Syrup Isoglucose Slide 12 Slide 12 Beet and Cane Sugar Pure white sugar made from beet and cane is the same chemical molecule, the di- saccharide sucrose. Slide 13 Slide 13 Sucrose Production Cutting & pressing Extraction with hot water Juice purification with lime and carbon dioxide Filtration Evaporation / concentration Crystallisation Re-crystallisation Drying Raw juice Raw sugar Thick juice Slide 14 Slide 14 Denmark Nakskov Assens Nykbing Sweden rtofta Arlv Finland Salo Skyl Kantvik Germany Anklam Lithuania Panvezys Kdainiai Nordic Sugar factories Danisco Sugars head office Sugar factories Sales offices Other production Slide 15 Slide 15 Beet Sugar Products Beets White sugar Granulated Liquid Beet sugar factory Molasses Slide 16 Slide 16 Sucrose Glucose Fructose Invert sugar is a mixture of equal amounts of glucose and fructose. Invert sugar is a liquid product made from inversion of sucrose Invert sugar is a mixture of equal amounts of glucose and fructose. Invert sugar is a liquid product made from inversion of sucrose Invert Sugar Slide 17 Slide 17 Cane sugar products RAW SUGAR PLANT REFINERY RAW SUGAR REFINED SUGAR FACTORY MOLASSES REFINERY MOLASSES CANE MILL ING PURI FICA TION EVAP ORATI ON CRYST ALLISA TION "JAGGERY" CRYST ALLISA TION "MUSCOVADO" "TURBINADO" "DEMERARA" Slide 18 Slide 18 The Difference between Beet and Cane Sugar The difference is the quality of the syrup left on and in the crystals ! Syrup layer Sucrose crystal Syrup inclusions Slide 19 Slide 19 Where does the taste come from ? Components in the cane syrup/molasses define the taste. The syrup/molasses contain: Sucrose Glucose Fructose Salts Organic acids Amino compounds Other components from the sugar cane. Various caramel and Maillard products from the sugar processing step Slide 20 Slide 20 Sugars from starch Starch (wheat, maize,..) Glucose syrups, Low DE Acid, amylase Glucose syrups, High DE Glucoamylase Glucose + Fructose syrup 42% Fructose, 54% Glucose Isomerase High Fructose syrup 55% - 90% Fructose Chromatography Glucose syrup Glucose, dextrose Slide 21 Slide 21 Basic Sweetness of Glucose Syrups STARCH MALTODEXTRIN DE 4-20 GLUCOSE SYRUP DE 30 GLUCOSE SYRUP DE 40 GLUCOSE SYRUP DE 60 GLUCOSE SYRUP DE 90 GLUCOSE / DEXTROSE DE 100 Slide 22 Slide 22 AA DE 0-55 DE 42 DE 63 Maltodextr. Enzyme Very high High dext. high High low DE high maltose liquor Maltose Maltose glucose maltoseSlide 23 Slide 23 Sugar alcohols (polyols) Production routes for sugar alcohols Properties of sugar alcohols : low energy 40-100% sweetness of sucrose oral health (xylitol) neutral taste with cooling effect laxative in bigger doses Slide 24 Slide 24 High Intensive Sweeteners CYCLAMATE ACESULFAME K SACCHARIN SUCRALOSE ASPARTAME Slide 25 Slide 25 Sugars from other sources Palm sugar Maple sugar & syrup Birch sap Slide 26 Slide 26 Summary of basic properties SweetenerRelative sweetness Energy value, kJ/g Energy per sweet eqv, kJ/g SE Fructose1,0-1,31715 Glucose0,6-0,71726 Tagatose0,967 Invert sugar1,017*17 Sucrose1,017 Lactose0,41743 Trehalose0,4-0,51738 Maltose0,51734 Glucose syrup0,4-0,617*34 Isoglucose / HFCS0,8-1,017*19 Mannitol0,6-0,71015 Xylitol0,9-1,01011 Sorbitol0,61017 Isomalt0,5-0,61018 Lactitol0,41025 Erythritol0,5-0,711,7 * dry basis Slide 27 Slide 27 Functional Properties of Sugars Slide 28 Slide 28 HFCS / Isoglucose Offers sweetening, bulking, and preservation Adds water Glucose syrup Bulking, but half sweetness of sugar Sugar Alcohols Special sensory effects Bulking Reduced calorie effect High Intensity Sweeteners Only sweetening Varying stability with pH, time and heat Off-taste and after-taste Blending improve taste profiles No effective calories Functionality highlights Alternatives to Sucrose Key Issues - Not 100% sugar-like taste - Bulking effect is calories Key Issues - Not 100% sugar-like taste - Bulking effect is calories Slide 29 Slide 29 Key figures from the sweetener market Estimated Sweetener World Market 2004 Total 170 mill. Tonnes Sugar Equivalents Source : LMC International Annual World Market Growth Slide 30 Slide 30 The Nordic market for sugar and sweeteners (2004/05) Source: Statistiska Sentralbyrn Norge, Danmarks Statistik, Statistiska Centralbyrn Sverige, Danisco Sugar * Crystalline fructose, polyols, excluding honey Slide 31 Slide 31 Application of Sugar and Alternative Sweeteners EU 15 Estimate Source : LMC International Slide 32 Slide 32 Application of Alternative Sweeteners in Food and Beverage EU 15 Estimate, Total 5 mill. Ton SE Source : LMC International Slide 33 Slide 33 Sugars in Fruits and Berries Slide 34 Slide 34 Sugars in Vegetables Slide 35 Slide 35 Whole Beet Sugar Brown beet sugar with a pleasant taste and flavour like sugar cane. A series of sugars with all the good stuff from the beets sucrose Arabinose, low GI beet pectin, pre-biotic Beet fibres Molasses minerals With a little cane syrup to boost taste/flavour Slide 36 Slide 36 Exploratory Competition origin of 4 sugars Of the four syrup samples A-D presented in this box, please identify which are made from either sugar cane, sugar beet or wheat ! Fill in the form : SampleCane based Beet based Wheat based A B C D Your name :