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Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston Neighbor with Neighbor and Neighbor with God VOL 20#2 Spring 2012 Connecting Office of Mission Advancement Cover story see page 9.

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Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston

Neighbor with Neighbor and Neighbor with God VOL 20#2 Spring 2012

Connect ing

Office of Mission

Cover story see page 9.

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Office of Mission Advancement

Mission Statement

The Office of Mission Advancement of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston

fully supports the mission and ministries of the Sisters. We raise

funds to support all present and future ministries and to continue the legacy of

the Congregation. We also provide funds through

donor generosity to care for our elderly and infirm Sisters. All donations enable

the Congregation to strengthen its mission of unity and reconciliation

among the people it serves. We thank our friends and benefactors who partner with us in this mission.

Connecting is published semi-annually by the Office of Mission Advancement of the

Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston.

Cheryl DugganCoordinator

Mary Black, CSJConsultant

Rosemary Brennan, CSJCouncil Liaison

Joanne Gallagher, CSJDirector of Communication

Darlene RogersGraphic Designer

Claire Archambault, CSJProofreader

We do not share, rent or sell our donor list.

The Office of Mission Advancement makes every effort to list accurately

all information from donors who have given to the Sisters of St. Joseph of

Boston during the year.

If you find inaccurate information or to notify us of a change of address, please

call us at 617-746-2114.

From the President

Dear Friends,“The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament

proclaims the work of God’s hand!” Psalm 19The universe speaks so loudly to us of the wonder of God. This time, this season proclaims that Resurrection, new life is possible and that the whole of creation is constantly changing, is ever new. During this time, this season - our Sister Ann Moynihan, after a brief illness, entered into the fullness of life. For several years Sister Ann served the Congregation faithfully in the Office of Mission Advancement. She loved this ministry and she often spoke of the wonderful donors with whom she related. Thank you for being among them. It is appropriate then that during this time, this season, that we remember and name all who share life with us, and those who are now enjoying fullness of life. It is also a time that we say thank you to the many families who have asked that in lieu of flowers donations be sent to the Congregation. It is this generosity that allows us to continue to provide for our elderly and ill sisters, and serve God’s people in many ways through our ministries. We thank you for partnering with us by helping to meet the many unmet needs within our society. Know that you and your intentions are remembered in our daily prayer. For the past six years it has been my privilege to serve as President of the Congregation. I am grateful for your supportive presence during this time. In June, Sister Rosemary Brennan will assume the position of President. I know she will be grateful for your support and care for the Congregation and our ministries. Know that I will continue to hold each of you and your family in prayer as well. May you continue to declare the glory of God as you live into this time, this season of new life, of Resurrection, of Easter possibility. May God our Creator, Jesus our Redeemer, and the Spirit who calls us to new life be with you.Sincerely,

Mary L. Murphy, CSJPresident

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Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 3

From the Office of Mission Advancement

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On March 29, 2012, the Sisters of St. Joseph and the Mission Advancement Team experienced a profound loss. Sister Ann Moynihan, director of the Office of Mission Advancement, passed away after a brief illness. Her final days were lived with courage, grace, and peace. Sister Ann Moynihan always had the knack of saying “Yes,” without saying so. She lived this way for 56 years as a Sister of St. Joseph of Boston. Sister Ann showed through her work, actions, and interactions with people that she believed in them. Her unspoken, yet ever-present trust in God never wavered and her daily presence created hope for the “Dear Neighbor.” During her illness, Sister Ann wrote, “One of the greatest joys of my life has been living it as a Sister of St. Joseph. Being able to serve God and those in need with my sisters, and more recently associates; working together with my coworkers, especially those at the Motherhouse, for the last six years has been a wonderful life. . .thank you so much for praying and accompanying me on the journey.” We honor Sister Ann’s beliefs about mission and ministry by continuing to be mindful of the needs of others. We celebrate her life and legacy by saying “Yes,” through our ministry. As we go forward with you, our donors, the Mission Advancement Team will carry on in the spirit and memory of Sister Ann.

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The following names have been given by donors through our cards for the livingprogram. Their lives are celebrated for a special occasion, need, accomplishment,

or because they have contributed to the lives of others through their daily work. All are remembered in prayer by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston and Associates.

January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011Mary BlakeAnn M. BlanchetteRev. Henry P. BoivinEmma BorregoClaire W. BosmanMarguerite Quill BosmanCarment BouchardNan BoucheRonald BourgeoisAnn BourgeonJane BoweOlivia BowmanJoseph BoyceTina BracelandMr. & Mrs. William BreenSister Mary Julia BrehenySister Rosemary BrennanIta BridgesCharles BrovelliLoretta BrovelliJoe BrownMr. & Mrs. Joseph Brown Chuck BruenJane BrunelleJohn BuckleyMargaret BulgerJohn BurgarellaMary BurgarellaMary T. BurgessRobert BurnsHenry BurzykThomas J. ButlerPolly Byrne’s 80th BirthdayJanice ByrnePaula ByrnesCDA Court #488CDA MA Board of OfficersCDA NH Board of Officers Faculty, Board, Students at CSHSCSJ Finance Dept.CSJ Party of 1951CSJ Party of 1955CSJ Party of 1961CSJs EverywhereCSJs From Regis College CSJs From St. Clement MedfordCSJs of WatertownThe Cadigan Family

John & Cynthia Cafferty’s 50th Wedding Anniv.Pat & Margaret CaffertyFriends & Family of Sister Mary CahillMary & Al CalelloPatricia CallahanSister Marian CallahanTom CallahanJoe Calnan & FamilyJane & Tom CangianoBernadette CanniffSister Donata Marie CardarelliJohn Carew Jr.’s 87th BirthdayJack Carew Mary CarneyLillian CarriereJames CarrollMargie CarrollMichael CartyDr. Philip CarusoHelen CaseyAnna CastignettiRosemary CataldoMaureen CavanaughSister Betty Cawley’s Nieces & NephewsSister Betty CawleyDolores CentolaBetty Shea ChapinThe Chorlton FamilySister ChristianaSister Lea CiarmelloJune Cieri & Tom BrownJune CieriNancy CieriMr. & Mrs. Bernard CincottaJames A. ClancyPriscilla ClarksonEileen ClougherAnne CoadyDiane CoeSister Helen Thomas ColbertMary ColeJack & Trudy Coles’ 40th Wedding Anniv.Linda ColettiDenis J. Condon DDS

Sister Dominic CondonSister Mary CondonMatt McGloin’s ConfirmationDorothy ConlonGerald ConlonPam & Vincent ConlonPaula ConneleyMary Paula ConnellyFlo ConnollyJoanne ConnollyMary ConnorSister Lois ConnorsFr. Robert ConoleJohn & Helen ConroyJohn I. ConroySister Betsy ConwayDiane CookJames & Diane CooneyAgnes CorazziniBette J. CorbettBryan L. CorbettLeonilla CorboDarcy CorcoranWilliam CorcoranAgnes CorraziniViola Corriveau’s 90th BirthdayGeri CostiganEleanor Coughlin Sylvia CoughlinKen CoullCourt of St. Joseph MedwayVery Rev. Arthur CoyleSister Anna CrannSister Margaret CrannSisters Anna & Margaret CrannSister Robard CravenM. & Mrs. Thomas CroghanEdward CrokeJune CrokeJames CroweElizabeth CrowleyLee CrumpCt. #1475’s 95th Anniv.Ct. St. Bernadette Ct. St. Francis of AssisiGerri & John CullRev. Robert CullenSister Josephine Cullen Sharon Cummings

A Sick FriendA Special IntentionSister Carmela AbbruzzeseGretchen AblondiRev. Romen AceroAmber AdamsPaula AhearnMary AhernMary Curtin AldenKatherine AlexanderRev. Alfred P. Almonte CSCarol AmarosoElizabeth Frances AmrockCarl AndersonRosie AndrosDavid Anjoorian & FamilyJean AnjoorianDelma AraizaJim ArgirElizabeth AveryGrace AveryKathy AveryMsgr. Stephen J. AvilaBetty AyersBr. Edward Babinski SJSister Stephanos BadessaSister Stephanos Badessa’s 100th BirthdaySister Barbara BaerMary BakerYvonne Balsamo’s 75th BirthdayPeggy BannonAnne BarbatoJoan BarceleauJerry BarkerRev. Fr. Giles Barreda OFMRuth BarrettSister Florence BartonLeo BeaneMr. & Mrs. Robert BeginBill BellLinda BergeronHelen Bernard Bethany Healthcare StaffBethany’s 50th Anniv.Catherine BevingtonElizabeth Russell BilaferClaire BitinasSister Mary Black

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Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 5

continued on page 8

Sister Margaret CunninghamJanet Murphy CurranMichael CurranKay CurrierSister Donna CurtainSister Donna Curtin’s 50th JubileeLuke & Judy Cyr’s 50th Wedding Anniv.Frances D’AmatoMariano D’AntignovaGrace D’AntignanaMariano D’AntignanaJacqueline D’AntuonuFrances D’ArcangeloRobert DaleySister Patricia Damian’s 70th BirthdaySister Eleanor DanielsDave & Ellie’s MarriageAndrew DavisMarilyn Davis Sister Rita Ann DavisSusan DavisMaking A Difference DayJoan DeAmicisBarbara DeCampSister Francis Marilyn DeCosteDr. & Mrs. Joseph DeMicheleShirley DeRosayPam DeSimoneThe DeStefano FamilyMitchell DembowskiWilliam DempseyJohn DenaheyElizabeth DensmoreThomas DerroCharles DesaulniersSister Eileen DeverMeghan DevinePatricia DevineRev. Bill DevineTom DevlinMr. & Mrs. Robert DiFazioSister M. Gervasi DiGregorioJohn DiMareJoyce DiNuccioPatricia Cruise DiPasquaLois DiamondCarmel DohertyCatharine DohertyBella DoironBeatrice & Lois Dondero’s Anniv.Patricia Donnelly

Teresa DonnellySister Ann DonohoeSister Mary Donovan SCCaroline Hayes DonovanJoseph DonovanMarguerite DonovanMaureen, Ken & Joe DonovanSister Kathryn DonovanSister Pauline Marie DowBill DownesJanice DoyleSister Marie DoyleCharles & Elaine DraneRev. Michael DreaRev. Lawrence J. DrennanNatalie DriscollAgnes M. DuffyBonald J Dunn Sr.Sister Margaret DunnLiz DurriganSusan DwyerHolly EndruschatCrystle EnricaJeff EnrightFrank & Miriam EstrellaMary EversonAntonetta FabrizioBill & Marie Fallon’s 65th Wedding Anniv.Eileen FarraherSister Charlene FavreauMary FeenerSister Helen Fenton’s 90th BirthdayThe Ferrera FamilyBarbara FinnJanet FinnSister Paula Finn

William FisherMargaret FitzgeraldSister Eunice FitzgeraldSister Helen Mary FitzgeraldPeggy & Michael FlahertyMichael FlahiveJoyce Ann Fleming & Nancy MeehanRoger FlinnJack & Melissa FlynnRev. James FlynnJudith FlynnHarry & Fran Foden’s 60th Wedding Anniv.George & Betty Foley’s 50th Wedding Anniv.Friends & Family of Mary Ellen FoleyLorraine FoleyMary FoleySusan FooheySister Julia FordIvy FosheyMillie FoxAnne & Billy Foy Audrey FrancisJesse FraserAl FrassoFriends & FamilyFriends & Family of Anne FallonFriends & Family of Arlene HatchFriends & Family of Joan TraversFriends & Family of Rosemary NicholsonFriends & Family of Sister Anne Duenas

Friends & Family of Sister Anne GavinFriends & Family of Sister Anne Marie GhiloniFriends & Family of Sister Barbara ReneyFriends & Family of Sister Catherine GormanFriends & Family of Sister Claire BlakeFriends & Family of Sister Dionetta McCarthyFriends & Family of Sister Ellen PumphretFriends & Family of Sister Gail DonahueFriends & Family of Sister Helen NoonanFriends & Family of Sister Helen SullivanFriends & Family of Sister Jeanne IbachFriends & Family of Sister Joanne SolariFriends & Family of Sister Kay GilmoreFriends & Family of Sister Margo SheaFriends & Family of Sister Marian FeeleyFriends & Family of Sister Marie Louise McDonoughFriends & Family of Sister Marilyn DeCosteFriends & Family of Sister Mary Lou McCarthyFriends & Family of Sister Mary Nagle

2012 - 2018 CSJ Leadership TeamL-R: Sisters Maureen Doherty, Gail Donahue, Patricia McCarthy, Roseann Amico, Peggy Sullivan, Marylou Cassidy, and Rosemary Brennan.

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Sister Regina Harrington Doing Something Worthwhile by Judy Wasserman

For Sister Regina Harrington, Brighton, MA, is not just home to the Sisters of St. Joseph, it is her hometown. Not only did

she grow up in Brighton, but her parents grew up there and graduated from Brighton High School. During a recent interview at the Motherhouse, Sister Regina recalled attending Our Lady of the Presentation School in Oak Square and then at Notre Dame Academy in Kenmore Square. “I remember driving by the Mount every day on my way to Notre Dame Academy,” she said with a smile. Her becoming a Sister of St. Joseph, it seems, was meant to be. Sister Regina has pleasant memories of how her vocation with the sisters began when she was studying at Regis College. “I met some wonderful women. I liked what I saw.” After talking with some of them, she made her decision. She entered on Sept. 8, 1946, and she has not stopped reflecting the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph through her various ministries. Her ministries have included elementary school teaching, religious education, pastoral work, and bereavement counseling. Looking back on her many assignments, Sister Regina believes they were all “ministries of presence.” And, even though she turned 85 this past July 4, Sister Regina does not see herself as retired; rather, “I just change ministries!”

In fact, for the past ten years, she has provided bereavement counseling for the Dolan Funeral Home of Dorchester/Milton, MA. She helps families cope with the death of a loved one and with the funeral, encouraging them to plan services that are uplifting. “It lifts my heart to know that as a Sister of St. Joseph I’ve helped a family through a difficult time,” said Sister Regina. She also contacts each family a few weeks after the funeral to see how they are doing. Known as aftercare, “it is important,” she said, “to re-assure them there is help available. You help by being a good listener, and they appreciate it.” This is what Sister Regina is doing now, but where did it all begin?

From 1949-1952, she taught second grade at Immaculate Conception School in East Weymouth, MA, where she had 63 students in her class! Then, she was promoted to sixth grade at St. Aidan School in Brookline, MA. Two years later, she taught sixth and seventh grades at St. Catherine School in Norwood, MA, where class size was as high as 50 students. For eight years, beginning in 1961, Sister Regina taught eighth grade at St. Ambrose School in Dorchester, MA, and then at St. Angela School in Mattapan, MA, where she taught eighth grade for five years. During her time at St. Angela School, she studied in the Master Teacher Program for Religious Education. Using what she learned from that program, Sister Regina then taught in the program at Aquinas in Newton, MA. By 1974, Sister Regina had been teaching eighth grade for 13 years so she decided it was time to move on. She wanted her next ministry to be in religious education. She said, “I saw a need to help children . . . and to introduce them to the Lord in various ways.” Her first assignment in religious education was at Sacred Heart in Newton, MA, where she taught from 1976-1980. The next 13 years were spent at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Quincy, MA, where she

“I saw a need to help children. . . and to introduce them to the

Lord in various ways.”

Page 7: Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 2012-1... · Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston ... 2012, the Sisters of St. Joseph

Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 7

began as director of religious education, and then became a pastoral associate. “I did everything, and loved it. The people were so wonderful,” she said. Her parish work there and later at St. Elizabeth Parish in Milton, MA, from 1994-2002, confirmed her realization that she loved pastoral work. During her eight years at St. Elizabeth Parish, she also began her work in bereavement counseling. (Sister holds a masters degree in counselor training from Boston State College.) Sister Regina said that during her pastoral ministries she loved working with families and the local community. The people she worked with were “receptive, helpful, and sympathetic.” Seeing herself as a people person, she said, “I am more comfortable in my parish work. Connecting to the community is important, because you are doing something worthwhile, even if it’s just listening.” Sandwiched between her teaching and pastoral ministries, Sister Regina also enjoyed a sabbatical from 1993-94, when she spent time at the Mercy Center in Madison, CT, and at the Weston School of Theology in Cambridge, MA. She said it was a good change for her, and a valuable opportunity to relax and learn. Assessing her 65 years as a Sister of St. Joseph, she said, “I have had all kinds of opportunities along the way, and have been able to learn a great deal and share it with others. God has blessed me in many ways.” She has had many wonderful opportunities in her life, and she is grateful for that.

What does it mean to be a Sister of St. Joseph? With a smile, she responded quickly, “To live the vowed life, to be involved in different aspects of life, to have quiet time, and to be part of this Congregation.” Two excerpts from the CSJ Dare to Dream prayer are meaningful to Sister Regina and seem to sum up her commitment to the Sisters of St. Joseph. These excerpts are:

“…to keep our eyes and hearts open to your (God’s) daily presence in our lives,”

and “Enable us to dare to listen to signs of life and death in our own lives, in the lives of those with

whom we minister, and in the life of our world.Ӡ

- Judy Wasserman is a free lance writer who has written for the Allston-Brighton TAB, and writes for the Burlington Union.

Sister Regina with her mother, Regina.

Above: Sister Regina with Father James Curtin and Father Leonard McGrath.

Right: Sister Regina speaking with parishioners.

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continued from page 5Friends & Family of Sister Mary OlsenFriends & Family of Sister Marylena AveryFriends & Family of Sister Pat HoganFriends & Family of Sister Rose deLourdes Wall Friends & Family of Sister Thomasine KnowltonFriends & Family of Sister Virginia O’ConnellFriends of Sister Pauline CurleyFlorence FrostJoseph GaffneySister Bernadette GallagherBarbara Galuzza’s 50th BirthdaySister Mary Beata GalvinSister Camella GambaleHelen GannonMary GannonRev. Ronald GarabaldiClaire & Stephen Garvey’s 50th Wedding Anniv.Ann GarveyClaire & Steve GarveyLinda GautreauMarion GavinPatricia GearyAlex & Tammy GenereuxRene & Rita GeoffroyMarie GerhardJoan GianinoThe Giblin FamilyJilda Giles’ 87th BirthdayMaureen GillisJames GilmoreJames M. GilmoreManus & Mary Gilmore

Sister Catherine GilmoreEdward GilsenanJared Ginnetty’s ConfirmationJohn GirardLouise GisoldiVirginia GogginRita GomezElizabeth “Betty” GordonSister Marie Claire GoudeyChris GoudreauVirginia GraeberThomas GrahamRobert GrantMike GrayJohn GreeleyShirley GreenHarry GriffinAlice GrimesYvonne GrothuesLuciana GuerrioMarylee Guiliano & FamilyNancy GuinivanRose HaggertBarbara HalleranSister Helen HalliganMartie HamiltonMichael & Jean HanlonBunny HardingEllen HardySister Marilyn HarriganAnnette Harrington & FamilyAnn HarrisKatherine HartDoreen HatchCecelia HealyPatrick HealyRosemary HealyMr. & Mrs. John HeffernanEileen Heneghan

Mary Lynn HicheyMatt Hickey USMCCpl. Matt HickeyMona HigginsSister Katherine HigginsJudy HillMaureen HilliardRobert HirtleTimothy HonanMary HoranSister Margaret HoranSister Jeremy HorganWilliam Horne’s 90th BirthdayJohn P. HoulihanSister Marjorie Marie HoweKim HuangChristine HudsonRosemary L. HughesKrista HumannJoan HuntMatt HurlbutRita C. Hurley’s 90th BirthdayGeraldine HurleyPhyllis HusseyWesley McLeod HuttoVincent & Joan Iacono’s 40th Wedding Anniv.Dr. & Mrs. Vincent IaconoIll & Retired CSJsIn Gratitude to St. JosephBishop Francis IrwinJudy JacksonLinda JacobsEdward James’ 66th BirthdayJames & Carol JarvisJohn Jennings & FamilyJohn & Nancy JenningsNancy JenningsJessie & Bob Johnson’s 50th AnniversaryHelen JohnsonMaria JohnsonRichard JohnstonMary “Maura” JoyceCathy JudgeSister Florence KahlerPatricia KaneRev. Joseph KaneRuth KaneGreg KanelosKerrin KanelosJim KapollMargaret Kay Jeanne Kelch

Jean KelleherRev. John KelleherWilliam A. Kelley Sr.Lorna KelleySister Martha Ann KelleyJohn J. KellyRuth KellyRobert & Deborah KennedyCharles Kenworthy’s 80th BirthdayRodney KidderVirginia KiejnaSister Margaret KilduffAlice Kinchla John & Eileen King & FamilyClaire KingOllie KinsmanRobert KinsmanGerald KirbySister Thomasine KnowltonNancy Erickson KobiyadiSister Mary KrauseJoyce KulhawikMary Ann LaFondAnn LaGressaMarie LaPortaBarbara LaPorteRev. Victor LaVoieChuck LabrecqueEsther Lane’s 90th BirthdayEsther & Nancy LaneSister Doris LangloisKathie LanneyGeorge Lathurus’ 80th BirthdayDarren LeBlancRev. Harold LeBlancPatricia LeahyMary L. LearyMichael LearyHectarine LebeufMary LeesMary Powell LeesTheresa & Helen LenoxMaria LeoConnie LewisLouise LindquistThe Little FamilyJoanne Murphy LoftusSister Patricia LoganWarren LohnesMarion LombardoMary LombardoBill Looney Sister Barbara LoudLucille & JohnJames A. Lynch Jr.Marie LynchSister Nancy Braceland and friends receive Highland Street

Foundation grant from Noreen McMahon.

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Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 9

Sister Patricia LynchMary Shanley Lyon’s100th BirthdayMolly Lyons’ 100th BirthdayLydia LyonsMary Shanley LyonsMolly Shannon LyonsThe MacDonald FamilyLinda MacFarlaneAnne MacLeanDebra MackAndrea MackiewiczMarynia MackiewiczMolly & Timmy MaguireCharles MahoneyEd MahoneyKathleen & Dick MahoneyRichard MahoneyMary MalekEdward MalloyPatricia MaloneSister Mildred MaloneCatherine MaloneyMary MaloneyJulia MandevilleSister Janina Mangion’s 105th BirthdayBetty ManusKevin Markey’s 25th BirthdayJoan MarkeyJohn MarkleyTheresa MartellSister J. P. Martin SMSMSamuel Martin Virginia MartinSister Ann Marie MasoneMary MasseKate Mastors & FamilyDanny & Mary MatthewsJoanne MauldenDonald McAdamPaul McAuliffe & FamilyKay McAvoyAl McCallumEleanor & Robert McCarrickJanet McCarronHenry McCarthySister Mary Lou McCarthyThe Family of Sister Prudence McCarthyWilliam & Barbara McCarthy Sister Mary McCormackSisters Mary & Rita McCormackJudith Lavoie McCueDan & Joyce McDevitt

Paul McDonald’s 70th BirthdayPerry McDonaldSister Mary McDonnell’s 90th BirthdayJim & Barbara McEachernSister Patricia McEachernJohn McElhineyJohn McEwanRobert McEwanRev. Fred McGowanHugh McGranngihanEl & Connie McGreabRosemary McHattonCarol McInnisPatricia McKenzieChris McKeonMary McKinnonMary Fahey McKinnonFr. Patrick J. McLaughlin’s Golden JubileeCathy Milton McLaughlinClare McLaughlinFrank McLaughlinRev. Patrick McLaughlinJosephine McLeanChristina McMahonChristine McMahonMyles McMann’s 17th BirthdayEdward McNeil & Debbie CumminsNancy McNuttPat McShanePatricia McShane Father Richard MehmJohn MelansonSister Agnes MellyJoseph MercurioCornelia MerrittSister Rosemary MichalskiJoseph MiettLaraine MilauskasRobert MillardSister Mary MillsElizabeth MingolelliMary MobiliaPriscilla MonahanAnne MonteFreida MooreMsgr. John MooreDella MoranPaul MoriartyEvelyn MorriseyJoan MorrisseyAngela T. Mottola’s 93rd BirthdaySister Ann Moynihan

Debbie Keane MrozAngelo MulaLorraine MulreanSister Cecilia Agnes MulrennanAnn Murphy CSJASister Alvernara Murphy’s 90th BirthdayBonnie MurphyChris MurphyJanet MurphyKathleen MurphyMary MurphyMary J. MurphySister Mary L. MurphySister Rose Joseph MurphyBetty MurrayMargaret MurraySister Frances Marie MurraySister Virginia MurrayWilliam MyersAnn NagelschmidtBill & JoAnn NagleJoAnn NagleBill NallyJan NascarellaMargaret NaughtonDaniel NavinColeen & Charles Neault’s 25th Wedding Anniv.Colleen NeaultTheora NeaultCarol NeergaardRev. Thomas NestorRonald NewcombSister Peggy NicholsJoseph & Maria NicholsonJoseph Nolan

Sister Helen NoonanMargaret & Charles NorthJoe NortonNurses & Aides at BHCCTerry O’Brien & FamilyJohn & Mary O’Brien’s 50th Wedding Anniv.Francis & Nancy O’BrienJoann O’BrienKathleen O’BrienSister Anne O’Brien Sister Elizabeth O’HearnJames O’KaneJames & Madge O’LearyGriffin James O’NeilSister Margaret Ann O’NeilThe O’Neill FamilyMarion O’NeillSister Cathy O’NeillSister Patricia O’NeillSister Mary Theresa O’ReillySister Mary Theresa O’Reilly’s 50th JubileeSister Mary O’RourkeJohn Barry O’SullivanMartina Buckley O’Toole Bette O’Brien Mary Rose O’BrienCornelia O’ConnellConnie O’LoughlinJohn O’SullivanFrank OliverRay OrgeronDelores OrvisKathie Owen Connie PaganFr. Dick PankratzNancy Papp CSJA

(Pictured on the front cover: Sister Pat Andrews, Christela Louis and Mary Rita Weschler)

Our Cristo Rey Boston student, Christela Louis, who worked in the Office of Mission Advancement, became a United States Citizen on March 29, 2012. Christela, who is a native of Haiti, mentioned her dream of becoming a

citizen of the United States. This dream began to become a reality when Sister Ann Moynihan approached a donor and asked whether they would make a donation to help defray the fees involved. The donor agreed and Christela began

the process. Within six months her dream became a reality. Sister Pat Andrews, Director of The Literacy Connection, guided and coached Christela through the process. We are all very proud of her and congratulate Christela Louis on

this life-changing achievement.

Christela Louis Becomes U. S. Citizen

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Pam ParagonaBetsy ParkerRalph & Judy Pasquerella’s 50th Wedding Anniv.Sister Annette Paveglio SCDorothy PembrokeRose PerardConstance PetermanWalter & Nancy PetersonRoger PetrichKay PfeifferKay & Ralph PheifferCharlie PinkneyAnne & Bob PiscioneriAnne T. PiscioneriJoseph G. PlanteJanet Polillio & Janice CohennoAnna PollockMarian PottsWilliam E. PowerJeanne PowersSister Ellen PowersSister James Frances PowersVicki PowersWalter PremoCatherine PrestejohnThe Prior FamilyKimberly Malek PtakLinda PugsleyMary QualtersMary Lou QuealySister Ernestine QuealyJohn QuinlanSister John Mary QuirkKaren RabideauVery Rev. Joseph K. RaekeSusan & Terry RagonConnie RandalSister Josephine RealeSister Peggy Reavy

John ReceneNora RectorTom & Nobbie Reilly’s 50th Wedding Anniv.Sister Barbara ReneySue RennieEleanor ReppucciAnn Mary ReynoldsSteve RicarrelliJessie RicciElaine RichardsonJoan RichardsonPatty RichenburgMarion RileySonny RiveraThe Rizzo FamilyMary Beth RoacheMary Jane Robinson & Frank CollinsEllen RobitailleCamilla Rodger Albert Romano’s 90th BirthdayKevin & Nancy Ronayne & FamilyJohn Ronayne IIIArthur & Eleanor Ronayne’s 50th Wedding Anniv.Eleanor RonayneElaine Rossetti Lee RossettiPat RothFrank RouseRev. Paul RouseMary Magner RuscioGerald RussoLynne RussoRobert RutterGeorge RyanJoseph F. RyanRobert & Natalie Ryan

John Ryder’s 90th BirthdayJeannette SaittaDick & Nancy SamariaHelen SantaploLeo SavoySister Barbara ScanlonSister Maxima SchneiderGuy SchragRev. Salvatore Sciurba OCDCarole Anne Scott Carole Anne & Dana ScottMarian SearsMary St. SeaveurHelen SellewHelen A. SennaRobert ShareJack Shaughnessy Karen & Kendra SheaRev. Daniel SheehanSister Alice SheehyMargaret ShieldsMaureen Edgar ShilrentianJohn ShireJudith ShooterLarry & Theresa Shumway & FamilyPaula Silveira Sister Eulogius’ 75th JubileeSister Mary Pauline SCSister Mary TheresaSister UrsulaSister Kathy ShortJudy & Ray Smith & FamilyAnna SmithCatherine SmithCathy SmithEdward Smith Phyllis & Red SmithSister Patricia SmithMr. & Mrs. Peter Smith’s 50th Wedding Anniv.The St. CiriacosSt. Joseph Sally StankFriends & Family of Diane StelfoxPat StickneyPauline StonerJohn & Marcia Sulfaro’s Wedding Anniv.Joseph E. Sullivan Jr.George & Dianne SullivanJack SullivanNaomi SullivanRev. Eugene SullivanSister Declan SullivanSister Helen Sullivan

Sister Mary Blaithin SullivanGloria SummerlyJim & Pat SuretteCarol & Jim SuslowiczJean SweenyPearl SylviaPhyllis TallutoRev. Patrick TarrantJames & Katherine Taylor’s 50th Wedding Anniv.Robert ThadeioThanksgiving For BlessingsDr. Katharine TheodaryBarbara & John ThielenPaul & Sheila TigheJoanne TomassiKathy TraficantiSister Nanine TullerRita TurnerElaine Twohig Mary TynanMr. & Mrs. Charles UptonRalph VacceRev. George D. VantzelisKristie Lee VasquezFrances T. VenturaCarol VeraSister Carol Verville SCSister Teresa VeseyGregory VialpandoEmilia VicenteAlice VigneauClare VillaPeg VinciullaEileen & William Waldron Steven WaldronEd WalserPatricia WalshSister Mary K. WalshVeronica WalshGerard Ward’s 60th BirthdayJoanne Crowley WatkinsRobert WesterlandFrank H. Whelan & FamilySister Eleanor WiegandMary WilkasLindsey WilkinsonMary Will Joanne WilliamsJennifer WintonRichard WymanKristen Hayes YearickJonathan YoungJeanette ZieglerBuddy ZinnSister Eleanor ZitoEric Zwacki †

CSJ Associates Olivia Armato (L) and Josephine Cushing (C) assemble Valentine gift bags for Hastings House.

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Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 11

2012 Jubilarians75th


Eileen Dever (Faber)Margaret Ginty (Dorothea)

Corsini Ivers ((Corsini)Mary Frances Mahoney (Adeltrude)Frances Marie Murray (Campion)

Margaret Perrow (Nolasco)Stella Sabini (Stella)

Eleanor Zito (Bobola)


Helen Callahan (Leo Francis)Marie Patrice Carr (Marie Patrice)

Anne Conway (Eileen Clare)Pauline Curley (Edward Marie)

Anne D’Arcy (Jane Marie)Marie deSales Dinneen (Marie deSales)Martina Marie Kelly (Martina Marie)Mary Joan Lofgren (Elizabeth Ann)

Lois Lyons (Ida Marie)Catherine Nevin (Catherine Therese)

Mary Oates (Norbert)Joseph Francis Salter (Joseph Francis)

Barbara Scanlon (Patricia Mary)Dorothy Welch (Marie Frances)

Barbara Whelan (Theresa Joseph)


Marylou Cassidy (Marian Joseph)Leila Hogan (Marie St. William)

Martha Ann Kelley (Marie Annunciata)Jacquelyn McCarthy (Jeremiah Marie)

Virginia O’Connell (John Maria)Lorraine Quinn (Joseph Helen)








55 6







































Page 12: Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 2012-1... · Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston ... 2012, the Sisters of St. Joseph


Sister Terry Jardin Riding on the Wind. . . by Patricia J. O’Neil

It might be said that Sister Theresa Ann Jardin came to the

novitiate of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston riding on the winds of a hurricane. Sister Terry and 57 young women began their studies at the novitiate in Framingham, MA, in September 1954. A hurricane preceded their arrival and another followed shortly after they entered. “They called us the hurricane postulants,” Sister Terry said in a recent interview. A native of Stoughton, MA, Sister Terry is the youngest of eight children of Portuguese immigrant parents, who hailed from the Island of Madeira off the coast of Portugal. “My parents spoke Portuguese at home, but I always answered in English.” Her education began at St. Mary Elementary School, followed by four years at Stoughton High School, since her parents were unable to afford Catholic high school tuition. “I was very active in drama, glee club, the dance committees, the school newspaper, etc.” Little whispers nudged her to enter the convent. But, Sister Terry decided to attend Bridgewater State Teachers College instead. After a couple of years, when she was 19, and despite strong resistance from her parents, Sister Terry acted on her desire to become a Sister of St. Joseph. “My first trip on the subway was to visit Reverend Mother to apply to the Congregation.” Her former English teacher and drama coach, Mary Jane Commane, a Regis graduate, was tremendously supportive of her entering religious life. Given the religious name Sister Marie Emmanuel, she pronounced first vows in 1957 and continued her college education, receiving her bachelor degree from Regis College. She later returned to Bridgewater State College for her Masters in Math Education.

Her first mission was to Our Lady of Grace School, Chelsea, MA, where for six years, she taught first and fourth grade. Then, during a classroom visitation, her community supervisor asked if she liked math. Her “yes” answer resulted in being sent to teach seventh grade math at Immaculate Conception, North Cambridge, MA, for three years and eighth grade math at St. John the Evangelist, Canton, MA, for nine years. “I was so involved there…teaching, directing plays and working with the junior singers, as well as overseeing the yearbook.” She also taught math and computer classes at St. Clare High School, Roslindale, MA, for four years. When her mother died she moved back to the family home in Stoughton to care for her father. “My parents had come around to my entering the convent, so it was a delight to see a plaque on the living room wall: ‘I am the proud father of a nun’.” For nine years, she commuted to work and spent Tuesday and Thursday nights at the convent to participate in community life. In August 1988, ready for a change in ministry, she went to work in the Office for Pastoral Ministries of the Archdiocese of Boston. To her amazement, she said, “The director pulled gifts out of me that I didn’t know I had. . .things like creative publishing and planning liturgies.” At the same time, as an offshoot of the group C.A.R.E. (Charism and Roots Experience), and under the leadership of Sister Julie Harkins, she joined four sisters in an Intentional Community, living together based on the charism of their French founder, Jesuit Father Jean-Pierre Médaille. Her six-year “itch” led to another ministry when Sister Terry joined Sister Barbara Reney on the retreat team at St. Joseph Retreat Center, Cohasset, MA. “My title was Registrar/Bursar, but we did everything that was needed.” In addition to daily and weekend retreats, she helped to host parish groups, Holy Week services, quilting prayer sessions, and mornings of prayer where she led the music for liturgy. “Sometimes, at a morning of prayer, we had nearly 60 people attend, their chairs spilling out into the hallways. All the creative things I did in high school were put to use there.”

Page 13: Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 2012-1... · Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston ... 2012, the Sisters of St. Joseph

Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 13

The retreat center was scheduled for a new administration team, so Sister Terry went on a well-earned sabbatical attending Berakah, in Pittsfield, NH. The mission of Berakah is to provide a holistic renewal program for women religious, allowing them to recognize their own uniqueness and gifts and to provide the tools to do this. Over two sessions, she participated in every possible class, as well as music and drama. “I even did solo liturgical dancing,” she said delightedly.

In September 2007, she became the administrative assistant in the diocesan Office of Child Advocacy. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops had issued a document: “Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People,” providing directives for a safe environment for children by educating adults and children on the signs and symptoms of child abuse. Currently, part of her duties involves maintaining a database of some 75,000 adults who attend Protecting God’s Children sessions, which train participants in the task of child abuse prevention. Along with her ministry work, Sister Terry is a member of the CSJ Chorus. Not to be outdone with singing, she was also a member of the CSJ Orchestra. “Never having played the trumpet, I was handed one and learned to play it to enter into the orchestra.” In addition, she was on the Liturgical Commission of the Congregation for over twenty years. With such full days, Sister Terry said: “I’m not ready to retire yet.” She enjoys reading, knitting prayer shawls for hospital patients, helping out at Casserly House, listening to music, and visiting family. She also hosts an annual Jardin Family Christmas celebration, where, with numerous siblings, nieces and nephews, they gather yearly for a day of laughter, food, and fun.

“The whole point of ministry . . . is responding to the needs of

the Dear Neighbor . . .”

Would she enter religious life again? “I sure would. Maybe I’d do a few things differently - I am basically pretty shy.” For Sister Terry, her call to religious life is a privilege. “The whole point of ministry,” she said, “is responding to the needs of our Dear Neighbor, which is the bedrock of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston.” Sister Terry Jardin lives that daily. †

-Patricia J. O’Neil is a freelance writer who lives in Rockville Centre, New York.

Sister Terry, while on sabbatical at Berakah, performs a solo liturgical dance.

L-R: Sisters Terry, Eleanor Wiegand, and Barbara Reney at St. Joseph Retreat Center.

Page 14: Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 2012-1... · Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston ... 2012, the Sisters of St. Joseph


Memorials - Listed below are the names of those who have gone before us to new life, for whom the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston and Associates have been asked to pray.

January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011Geraldine AbbanCarlo AbbatinozziJoan E. AbbertonSasha Gabriella AbitawteMary AbramsAngela AdamsAnn J. AdamsLinda Adams Marjorie AdamsRusty AdamsFrederick AdgateLana AgirJenna AguleDorothy V. Ahearn Mark AhernAnthony AielloSalvatore J. AlaimoClaire Alba Marilyn AlbrechtDomenic AlfanoMario F. AlfanoPatricia AllainJack AllanMerrill AllenSebastian “Bill” AlliaCharles G. Allison Chuck AllisonSteven AlmodvarStephen R. AloisePeter AlterioCarmella “Millie” AluVincent Alvaro

Adeline AmbessiSamuel J. AmeenDante AmicangeloBarbara Sullivan AmicangioliRobert Amico & FriendsRobert AmicoMyron “Jim” AmmannSalvatore L. AmonteSam AmonteHenry AmorosoEleanor AnastosJerry AndersonTreva AndersonWilliam “Bill” AndersonEvelyn AndrewsRalph “Gus” AndrewsCatherine AnglandAntonio AntetomasoJacobus AnthonyB. AntonellisJulia AntonellisElena AntonettiVictoria AntonnuccioFrancis M. ArcariJohn A. ArcariJean ArchambaultAnna ArdolinoJoseph ArlauskasMichael ArlauskasWalter ArmstrongJohn Arnold

John C. Arnold Paul ArsenauSean ArudaElaine R. AthertonFrank AtkinsonNora AttridgeAlphonse AuclairPaul R. AugerJohn J. AugustThomas AugustinMichael Austin Jr.William P. AustinWalter J. Avery Jr.Debbie AyerAngela AyoobBeverly BaacconnierMadeline BachelderSister Barbara BaerGerry BagleyJoanne T. BagleyRobert BagleyRuth BahoshCynthia BaileyFrances E. BaileyOrestes BainoDominic BaioBrooke BakerEdward BakerJames BakerJane B. BakerLawrence BakerRoland Lawrence BakerSarah BalchLeo BaldwinDonald BanMadeline BanksSameul BaptistaAlvino BarbatoGuy BarcaMitchell BarczykowskiJerry BarkerJill BarkerJoan BarnesJoe BarnesAnnaMarie BarnhartMargaret “Peg” BarnicleFlorrie BarrettPhilip J. Barry Jr.Ann Marie BarryPatricia BarryPeggy BarryThomas Barry Ken Barth’s Mother

Gerard J. Bartholomew Beverly BartinelliRaymond G. BasickJennie BasileZelinda Noel BastienMarie C. BatemanEugene BatesThe Batsch FamilyColumbia BattistelliJames BattlesSister Mary Clara BattlesKathleen BavineauMary Sally BaxterAgnes & Edward BayerFederico BaylusterAlan BealeMargaret BeanFrancis BearfieldLiberata Antonetta BeatriceAnna T. BeaudryClaire C. BeaulieuHelen BeauregardEleanor M. BechetGuy BedrosianJudy BeemanEdward BeginDerek C. BegleyStephen BeisheimGeorgette C. BelangerRaymond BeliveauCharlotte BellTimothy J. BellBella Salvatore BellantiRudy A. BellefeuilleGerald BelliveauGerard BelliveauJoseph BelliveauAnthony Benedetto Rose Marie (Rock) BenitezRobert BennettBill BerardiSylvio BerardinoRita BergeronJane V. BerginJerry BerkowitzFelicita BerminghamSister Madeline BernsteinElaine S. BerryMary Alice BerryRobert BerryHelen Best Joseph Beswick

Sisters Frances Wool and Pat Quinn during Chapter 2012.

Page 15: Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 2012-1... · Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston ... 2012, the Sisters of St. Joseph

Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 15

John BettleRoger M. BettleRobert W. BettsShirley A. BevilacquaLucy D. BibboCatherine BigwoodAnn BirminghamAlice BironDorothy BishopElizabeth BishopHarold BishopPaul BishopBeatrice BlackmanDr. Adrian BlakeDiane M. BlanchardFred BlanchardNorman BlanchardPaul BlanchardRene L. BlanchardAnn BlanchetteMarie BlaserJeffrey BlumsackSister M. Hughita BluntElaine BoasJudith BobolaJoseph BodellMargaret M. BoganDr. Joseph A. BogniSister Catherine BohanDonna BoisseYvonne BoisvertHeba BojanovskiClaire BolandCatherine BoldiBrian BolgerHarry BolgerFrank BollmeyerDorla BombardAbby BonelliRita BongJoseph BonicaJames A. Borden Jr.Michael BorkeJohn BornasMarion F. BorrazzoMel BorrinW. Fred BortolottiDana BossaKenneth BossaMrs. Dana BossaPierre BothaEdward BotschPauline BottariRichard M. BottorfClaire BouchardEdmund BoucheThomas BoucherRichard Boudette

Anne M. BoudreauMaureen BoudreauSister Patrona BourneufJoseph L. Bourque Sr.Nicole Fletcher BowdenLinda Wayne BoweArte BowenEdna (Joyce) BowenEdward BowenFredson T. Bowers Sr.Bernadette BoydGeorge BoydAnna BoyleAnne BoyleEdward BoyleSister Bonitus BoyleSister M. Reinette BoyleHeather BradfordJoan BradfordElaine Bradley James BradleyThomas BradleyJohn J. Brady Sr.Theresa BrasnanGeorge L. BrawleyRobert L. Brawley Barbara BredaSister Paulin BreenSister Theresine BreenWendy BreenEileen BreenonSister Mary Julia BrehenyMary K. BrennanSister Albertus BrennanThomas G. BrennanAntonette M. BrewsterElizabeth BrianaMary BrianaJoseph (Briere)Carmella G. BrilloRobert BrinkleyHenry BrochiMartin BroderickThomas C. BroderickWilliam BroderickThomas BrodrickPhyllis R. BrognaCarol M. BrosnanJohn J. BrosnanThomas K. BrosnihanEva BrousseauCharles BrovelliBette A. BrownErnest BrownGeorge BrownJames BrownPatrick BrownStella Brown

Mr. BrundeauJoseph A. BrunoRosalie BrunoSister Merona Bruno Ezio C. BucchianeriVincent BuccieriMichael BuchananAlice BuckleyBette Ann BuckleyMarcia M. BuckleyMargaret M. BuckleyMichaline BuckleyPhilip BuckleyHildegard BuczynskiSister Gerald BuginskiGenevieve E. BuhlWilliam BunyardCamillo & Rose BuonaugurioMarian BurchillMary L. BurgessMary Rose BurgoyneArlene A. BurkeDaniel BurkeJacqueline BurkeJohn BurkeJoseph M. BurkeKathleen BurkeLaura BurkeMadeline T. BurkeMary BurkeMaureen BurkeMichael BurkeMichael L. BurkeSister Dorothy BurkeVirginia G. BurkeJacqueline BurnhamJack BurnieikaLorraine Burns

Louise BurnsPaul BurnsRobert BurnsRobert P. BurnsWilliam J. BurnsLouise BurtWilliam James BurtonVincent BuscaneraRonald BusconiAnn ButlerAnne & James ButlerEdward ButlerMarie Butler Thomas ButlerRosalie ByrdaJanis ByrnePatricia ByrneSean ByrneElizabeth J. ByrnesDr. Benjamin R. Byron Jr.CSJ Party of 1951CSJs From St. Charles WalthamArlene CabralIsabelle CabralMaria CabralMadeleine CacyAndrea Hickey CadyRobert CaggianoCatherine CahalaneAgnes CahillElizabeth CahillHenry CahillJohn CahillKathleen CahillLouise CahillSister Mary F. CahillLouise CalcasulaPaul Calello

Dear Sisters,This quote, these words, remind

me of you: What the fight against poverty needs are men and

women who live in a profoundly fraternal way and are able to

accompany individuals, families and communities on journeys of authentic human development. (Pope Benedict XVI World Day of Peace 2009)

- Barbara McDaniel - The Literacy Connection

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Deceased Sisters of St. Joseph of BostonJanuary 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011

. . . the mercy of God will gather us together again in the joy of

eternal life . . . Sisters:

Anne CallahanHelen CallahanRita CallahanThomas CallahanJames CallananMike CamerlengoFrank CampanellaCatherine Cook CampbellDaniel CampbellFrank CampbellHolman CampbellJean CampbellKay CampbellPelagio CamposAlan & Nora CampsSharon Casey CanaleJudith A. CanavanFrances Ann CanditoRita CanillasElaine CannistraroDanny CannyRudy CaparrotaAileen CapitanioAntonette CapobiancoDamiano CapobiancoElena CapobiancoRose CapodilupoMary M. CaponeJohn A. CaporaleMildred R. CappelloLaurie CapraHeather Thomas Capriulo

Marjorie CapuaMary CarchediJohn CardelliEdward CardilloEdward A. CardilloDomingos CardosaJames CarewCatherine CareyMary C. CareyMeg CareyPaul CargillBarbara Carl Edna A. CarliMary CarlinHugh CarneyJohn Paul CaronAlfred CarpenitoJohn Carr IIConnie CarrDaniel CarrDavid CarrDenise CarrDennis CarrRobert CarrRose CarrWilliam E. CarritteCharles CarrollVirginia M. CarrollDavid CarrozzaCass CarsonBarbara CarusoDominic Caruso

Helen B. CarusoConstance CarussoSalvatore CascioJoseph D. Casey Jr.Richard Casey Jr.Joseph D. Casey Sr.Alice CaseyDaniel M. CaseyRita A. CaseyRosemary CaseySister Gemella CaseyJohn CashmanEdward CassidyAl CastelliAlbert CastelliArthur CastrabertiKass CastreeMargaret CastreeAngelo CaterinoJill CatonJoseph CatroneJohn CaugheyJack CawleyJames CawleyJames & John CawleyJohn CawleyWinifred CawleyClaire CawthroneJacklyn CebelakMary CelataCharles CelefaloGeraldine CensabellaMary CerasuoloEda CerboneMaureen CeroliaJosephine A. CerroneMary ChaneJesse ChapinDiane ChapmanFritz ChapmanBarbara Ann ChappelleTheresa ChapskiJean CharethProf. Ernest CharrierDr. John E. ChateauneufJames ChekaresRev. Clyde ChelwyndeArlene ChiassonGuido ChilanteBette Anne ChisholmAlfred “Mark” ChristiansonMark ChristiansonEvangeline Christopher Kathleen B. Christopher Paul CiaciaSebastian CianciIrma CiannaveiMary Ciano

Peter CiccarelliTed CiccarielloMichael CielloKimberly CinaMichael CirieiloTheresa CivettiCharles M. Claffey Jr.Jeanette ClaffeyEdward ClancyElizabeth ClancyJ. Edward ClancyMarian ClancyMatthew ClancyJoseph ClarkJoseph “Joe” ClarkMary ClarkPat ClarkPatricia Holmes ClarkSister Edvardas ClarkVeronica ClarkMary ClausmeyerMary R. ClayWilliam A. Cleary Jr.Kathleen F. ClearyMary ClearyAnn Marie ClericuzioLillian ClerkinJames D. CliffordPaul CloosMartin Clougherty Edith ClucasMary CoakleySarah L. CobbanMary Jane CoburnOttavio CoccimiglioGary CoeLena CoelhoWilmor CoelhoSister Elizabeth Coffey OSBKatherine CoffeyRoy CoffinVirginia L. CoghlanMichael “Mike” CogliandroJoseph CoglianoFred J. Colangeli Jr.Clarence ColeJack ColeJune ColellaMartin J. Coleman Jr.Marguerite Coleman Kathryn ColganSally ColleranChristopher J. CollinsEleanor B. CollinsGeneva G. CollinsGeorge CollinsHelen CollinsRoss Collins

Margaret Ann O’NeilEleanor McCarthyMerona BrunoCatherine BohanRosalie McKenzieMarlena HurleyDorothy Fitzpatrick Barbara KingGemella CaseyChabanel DinnCatherine LaneEdnata SullivanCatherine MellyMaxima SchneiderBarbara JoyceLoretto Hegarty

Mary DelaneyJulia BrehenyAlbertus BrennanPauline Marie DowEtheldrita ShayHildegarde McDonaldLillian McDonald Aileen Marie MurrayRose deLourdes WallHelen Mary FitzgeraldMary Loretto NortonAlice Elizabeth SheehyMargaret DunnBernadette GallagherDorothy HartMarisol Gallagher

Page 17: Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 2012-1... · Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston ... 2012, the Sisters of St. Joseph

Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 17

continued on page 20

Sister Olivia CollinsSister Jeanne CollinsPhyllis CollucciJosephine ColluraSteven ColmerAgnes Colpoys Janice ColumbusAnna ComeauMary ComstockBridie ConcannonDonna ConcentinoAlyce CondonWilliam CondonRuth CondryMarie ConleyFrancis J. ConlonMichael ConlonMichelle J. ConlonThomas ConnaughtonBridget ConneelyMr. ConneelyHarry ConnellRobert ConnellJames P. ConnellyJudy ConnellyChristopher ConnollyDavid ConnollyElaine ConnollyElizabeth ConnollyHelen ConnollyJohn ConnollyMadeline ConnollyMary ConnollyPatrick ConnollyThomas W. ConnollyWilliam J. ConnollyEleanor ConnorVirginia Connor John J. Connors Jr.Bill ConnorsCatherine ConnorsEllen ConnorsGerald J. ConnorsJames ConnorsJoseph ConnorsChristine Murphy ConoleRev. Robert ConoleMartin ConroyDonna ConsentinoMrs. ConstantinoHelen ConwayLeroy CookJeffrey CooneyRick CooperJoseph A. CoppolaAgnes CorazziniJohn CorbettWilliam Corbett

A. Josephine CorcoranMichael CorcoranP. Leo CorcoranSandy CorcoranShirley Corcoran Margaret CoreyJoseph & Bridie CorkeryPaul J. CorkleyJosephine A. CorleyXiaoyan CoronityDr. Raymond CorpeMary T. CorradiHelen F. CorriganKevin CorriganMarion CorriveauLivia CorsettiVincent J. CosgroveElvira E. Costa Gwendolyn P. CostaAnn CostelloE. Joan CostelloJim CostelloJoseph CostelloM. Joan CostelloMartin CostelloRaymond F. CostelloRobert H. CostelloSheila CostelloAnna CotoulasAnn CotterEsther CotterGerald CotterLois CotterNancy CotterVirginia CoughlanCatherine CoughlinJeremiah CoughlinJoyce A. CoughlinMarianne CoughlinMaryann CoughlinMaryanne CoughlinSister Anne Marie CoughlinMichael CouliseIris CovinoScott CoxallBrad CraneLouis M. CreasiaJennie CreditCarole CreedMark CreedonMary L. CreedonMichael CrehanThomas CremensThomas CremmsMargaret J. CrimmingsCatherine CrockettJohn CroghanDoreen A. Croke

Joan CroninJohn F. CroninJoseph CroninMary CroninMary Beth CroninMary E. Cronin Mary Elizabeth CroninMichael J. CroninNeal CroninSister Ann CroninVictoria CroninJill Marie CrosbyMargaret A. CrosbyJohn CroweThe Crowley FamilyAnna Crowley Brendan CrowleyBrendon CrowleyCharles H. CrowleyDavid CrowleyElaine CrowleyJerome CrowleyRita CrowleyNicola CrugnaleJim CrumpSister Bernadette CrumpJoan CruninSalvatore J. CrupiConcetta CucinottaEdward J. Culhane Sr.Edna CullatiDawn CullenSister Serena CullenVirginia CullenWilliam J. CullinaneGloria CummingsJoseph CummingsMargaret T. Cummings

Bridie CunniffeBeatrice CunninghamCatherine I. CunninghamFrank CunninghamFrank M. CunninghamGrace CunninghamHelene CunninghamJoseph P. CunninghamEva CuraDave CurleyDavid G. CurleyAnne CurranGeorge V. CurranMary Louise CurranPaddy CurranPaul CurryThomas CurryHelen & Michael CurtinHenry J. CurtinPaul CurtisVera CusanoMary K. CusickOlive CyrHarold CzasnetkiTheresa D’AlcomoNan D’AlelioMildred D’AmbrosioJoanne M. D’AngeloFrancis D’Arcy Maria DaSilvaDaniel & Mary DaceyEdmund DaignaultWilliam DaignaultEdmond DaigneaultMarion DaileyJennie DalessioAmy Daley

Sister Ann Marie O’MalleyPeace Vigil Good Friday, 2012

Page 18: Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 2012-1... · Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston ... 2012, the Sisters of St. Joseph


Sister Barbara Reney believes that the “seed was planted”

back in the seventh grade for her to become a Sister of St. Joseph. And, since then, she has been growing, teaching, learning, and connecting to her ministries and the Congregation. Her ministries have, in fact, taken her to the

classroom, the Sisters of St. Joseph Retreat Center in Cohasset, MA, pastoral service in a parish, and work on the CSJ Leadership Team. During a recent telephone interview, Sister Barbara said that all along the way she has made many friends, learned a great deal, and has always been thankful to God for guiding her. “I always seem to find things (to do) easily. God has always opened doors for me,” she said. Sister Barbara grew up in Dorchester, MA, and for eight years attended St. Ambrose School, and later, Mount St. Joseph Academy in Brighton, MA. When she was in the seventh grade, she remembers attending the wake of a Mount teacher, and seeing the sisters in a different light. There they were, taking care of everything, talking, planning, and not being teachers, she recalled. “It made an impression on me, and I went home and told my mother I wanted to be a nun tomorrow!” Tomorrow came in 1950 when entered the Congregation and received the name Sister Michelle. For her first several years as a Sister of St. Joseph, Sister Barbara taught at various local parochial schools. She also attended a government-funded summer program at Elmira College in New York, where she studied French. She believes that program helped change her life. “I asked to go, applied for and received the grant, and went to Elmira,” she said. Through that whole process, she realized, “I could do something on my own.”

In 1967, she began the first of many eight-year-long assignments, this time at Fontbonne Academy in Milton, MA. At Fontbonne, she taught English and French, and has “happy memories” of that time, even though there were the social challenges of changes in the Church, Congregation, and the Vietnam War. In 1973, the sisters opened the Retreat Center in Cohasset. Sister Barbara began a new ministry there. She then attended a one-year spirituality program at the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkley, CA. She said she appreciated the opportunity to study theology, discuss spiritual direction, and meet people from all over the world. She returned to the Retreat Center after the program was completed, working there for eight more years. With a chuckle, she noted that many of her ministries have lasted eight years.

Sister Barbara Reney God Opens Doors by Judy Wasserman

Above: Sister Barbara (R) at a Retreat Center fund raiser with singers John Raitt and Ann Marie Alberghetti.Below: CSJ Associates walking the path to the labyrinth’s center.

Page 19: Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 2012-1... · Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston ... 2012, the Sisters of St. Joseph

Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 19

Then, in 1983, Sister became pastoral associate at St. Patrick Parish in Stoneham, MA. Calling it a “vibrant parish,” Sister Barbara enjoyed her years there, working with the elderly and various groups in the parish. Reflecting the sisters’ mission to connect with the community, she also taught poetry-writing at the Stoneham Senior Center. Sister Barbara described the experience as “very rewarding,” especially helping people express their feelings through writing. She particularly remembers a retired engineer and a widow who both gained much from thinking about themselves and then putting their thoughts into poetry. Sister Barbara spent the next eight years as a CSJ Leadership Team Area Councilor, and then returned to the Retreat Center for another eight years. This time, with help from friends, neighbors and townspeople, a labyrinth was built adjacent to the Retreat Center and overlooking the water. It took a long time to complete, but is now a peaceful and meaningful part of everyday life at Cohasset. Sister Barbara explained, “It’s not a maze, but rather a definite path which includes a walk to and from the center. It’s a place of prayerful experience.” Sister Barbara said the Retreat Center is “very special and meaningful to me.”

Despite her love of Cohasset, teaching called her back, and in 2002, she joined the staff of Ursuline Academy in Dedham, MA, first as a student supervisor, and then as a seventh and ninth grade English teacher. This year, she is teaching seventh and eighth grade English. Sister Barbara said she is grateful to God for the diversity of her ministries, and believes she has often been in the right place at the right time. She also appreciates the connection to people and community she has experienced. She recalled meeting a former student from St. Patrick in Stoneham, MA, whom she had not seen in 30 years. She also was able to counsel one former student through an illness. She said she loved her parish work in Stoneham, but that every community “is an important part of my life.”

In fact, for Sister Barbara, “being a sister is my life. It’s in the fiber of my being.” She is also a member of the 57 Poets & Writers group in Brighton (named for the #57 bus that travels through Brighton Center), which has been very rewarding. How did she find out about it? From a friend she met at her water aerobics class at the Brighton YMCA. “When you reach out to the community and become involved in activities like writing and swimming, you become one with the community and you understand it better,” said Sister Barbara. When she is not in the classroom, she likes to write, especially poetry and memoirs. She reads mysteries, as well as current and classic fiction. Despite her varied ministries, Sister Barbara is glad to be back in the classroom. “I like associating with the young people and passing on knowledge to them.” Her wide range of experiences enables her to pass on her knowledge and wisdom to young people. †

“God has always opened doors

for me. . .”

Sister Barbara (R), with Margerie Owen Driscoll (C), and Sister Catherine Gilmore (L) at the Mount Saint Joseph Academy 125th Anniversary celebration.

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continued from page 17John F. DaleyJames DaltonBarbara A. DalyEleanor T. DalyJoan Daly Rev. Thomas DalyThomas & Kathleen DalyLawrence DamicoEugene Damore Sr.Paul DanahyRobert V. Dandrow Jr. MDJohn DanehyCatherine DanfonthSarah DansonSultana DaoulasNancy DarbyMary DarcyThomas DarcyMarianne DargonSara DargonMichael F. DavenportStephen DavenportGarfield DavidsonThe Davis FamilyJoseph DavisJoseph E. Davis SrKatherine DavisMarie DavisMarilyn G. Davis Paul V. DavisRichard J. DavisWilliam & Agnes DavisDavid DawleyBen DayCharles DeAngelisClare DeAngelisDorothy DeAngelisJohn DeAngelisAnna Rose DeCainFlorina DeCenzoArlene DeCesare

Robert DeChristofaroJeanne DeClerkEllen (Terry) DeCourceyDavid DeCourcyLydia DeCristoforoPam DeDeckoFrances DeFeoHelen DeFlurinAnthony DeFuriaBernadette DeGrandisFrances DeGraziaRonald DeGruchyPaul DeJesusFrances DeLeoAngelo DeLucaMadelyn DeLucaJames J. DeMaioCatherine Rose DeMartiniHelen L. DeMilleGeorge H. DePauloNancy DePauloRoland DePauloJohn P. DePlacidoMary DeRomaDonald DeRosierKathleen DeSantisMartin DeSantisEugene DeSimoneVincent DeSimoneJosephine DeTommaseoViola DeVastoDesta DeVincentisMary DeVirgilioAdele DeYulusJohn C. DeadyDeborah Anna A. DecembreleVera deDomingEdmund DeeAnthony A. Defeo Jr.John Dei

Albert F. DeinesAudry DeitcheGloria DelBereRuth T. DelDottJoan E. DelMonicoEva M. DelPreteTerry DelTortoBirttany DelVecchioGerald DelaneyJames J. DelaneySister Mary DelaneyJoan M. DeloreyGerard DembowskiRose A. DemeoSister Anne DemeoRobert DemersEdward DemlingTeresa “Terry” DempseyMichael DenisioBeatrice DennenJames DennisJimmy DennisJohn Dennis Charles L. DesaulniersPaul DesharnaisJoseph DesimoneLouis L. DesmaraisSister Joan Desmond SNDDonald DesrosierCarl DevastoThomas DevenportJohn B. DeverMary Dever Elizabeth DevinRobert J. DevinePhilip DevlinArlene M. DiCesareAnn Marie DiFronzoDedra DiFronzoJohn DiGiamarinoGert & Ernie DiMarzioNicholas DiMauroRalph DiNapoliFrances DiNicolaAnn DiNunnoCharles A. DiPerriCarol Anne DiPesaNicolina DiPierroJoan DiPietroMary DiPietroJoan DiPitroOrlando “Turk” DiRomaAntoinetta DiSistoAlfred J. DiTullioEros DiTullioMargaret DiVitaJacqueline DiVitoPamela DiVito

Alec DiZazzoMaria DiamMaurice DiBlasiAlbert DickinsonDennis DicksonWilliam J. DignanGregory DiliantoJames DillonKathleen DillonMarco DimareKathy DinanAvis DininioSister Chabanel DinnMarie T. Dionne Frankie DispensaJ. DittmeyerJohn DixJack DixonEdward W. DockrayBernadette DoeJohn E. Doherty MDPhilip J. Doherty MDBabe Doherty Bernard DohertyFran DohertyFrances DohertyGeorge DohertyRaymond DohertySister M. Anna Elizabeth DohertyTeddy DohertyAgnes DolanDorothy C. DolanJoseph DolanPaul DolanThomas J. DolanDorothy DolbeareJan DomagalaEleanor DonahueGeorge & Helen DonahueJanice M. DonahueJoseph DonahueLouise DonahueRobert E. DonahueRussell DonahueSister Mary Charles DonahueThomas DonelanCarol DonellonPaul DonlanChristopher DonlonGenevieve DonnellanCara DonnellyJean DonoghueJohn DonoghueFrancis J. Donovan Sr.Beatrice “Bebe” DonovanDr. Alfred Donovan

Sisters and Associates celebrate St. Joseph Day 2012.

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Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 21

Francis J. DonovanJames DonovanJohn DonovanMary Lou Canniff DonovanMary W. DonovanRita DonovanSister Amadeus DonovanSister Anne DonovanTheresa H. DonovanTimothy DonovanTimothy Emmett DonovanWilliam DonovanPeter DoodyCoraline Dooley’s DadJames Doonan Jr.Eleanor DoranJohn Doran Maddie DoranRonald DorePaulette DorsainvilRobert DotenTimothy J. Doty Ruth DoucetThomas DouganSister Andrius DouglasSister Pauline Marie DowBill DowdJames DowdWilliam H. Dowling Jr.Bill DowlingJane Marylena DownesJohn DownesJohn DowneyRita DowneyCharles DowningKathleen DowningJohn DownsThomas DownsNoreen DoyalDavid F. Doyle Jr.Barbara DoyleCathleen DoyleCharles E. DoyleChristine E. DoyleDorothy DoyleDorothy F. DoyleFr. Francis DoyleRobert DoylePaul & Carol DoyonDr. Francis X. DrewSister Falisa DrewCornelius DriscollImelda DriscollJames DriscollJohn DriscollMarie T. DriscollMary DriscollMary “Mai” Driscoll

Mary C. DriscollScott DriscollRobert Paul DromgooleFred DuffGeorge P. DuffyGerry DuffyPauline R. DuffyCatherine E. DuganUrsula DuganieroDennis DugasBrigid DugganFrancis Duggan Maureen DugganPatrick J. DugganPeggy DukeMargaret DukeshireRaymond W. DunbrackWilliam R. DunhamClaire DunleavyAnne Dunn Diane DunnHelen DunnLeo DunnMargaret Irene DunnMarita DunnMary Margaret DunnMr. & Mrs. James DunnSister Margaret DunnSister Therese DunnRichard DuntonThomas DuranAnn DurantDominic DurkinHelen DurkinJames DurkinAnna DussaultGerard DussaultMary DussaultChristopher D. DutileCathy DwyerJohn DwyerVivian DygowskiPeggy DykeHonorata E. DziuraAlice T. EatonJill EavesWilliam Thomas EdgeBernadine Edwards Pamela EdwardsBrian EganDonald E. EganLarry EganDave EliasTadeusz “Ted” EljaszukAnne Marie ElkhillRose ElliottHelen EllisJoseph Embretson

Ann Marie EmersonRichard EmmaMargaret EndicottEdward EnglishJames EnglishEverett L. EreksonMary ErtiCamille M. EscottPatricia EtlingEvelyn EuartGeorge F. EvansEllen EversAnn FabianoHelen FaganMary Ann FahertyMary Fahey RNSister Rosanna FaheyJulie FahrenholtArthur B. Fair Jr.Robert E. FairAnna Marie FalkowskiSister Annata FallaFrederick FallonJosephine FallonPatricia FallonDonald B. FalveyFamilyThe O’Neill FamilyEdward FannonEunice FantasiaEileen FardyRobert FariaEllish FarleyHenry FarleyPamela J. FarleyTeresa FarmerDomenic “Nick” FaroGail F. FarrarHelen M. FarrellJames FarrellAlfred FarrianDorothy FasbenderJoseph FavaroSister Rose Therese FavazzaAlfred R. FavreauLorraine FaxonCarol Fay

John Joseph FayDorothy FeeleyAnna FeelyBeverly Feeney Lois FeitelsonLawrence Fennessey Georgia FennessyErnest P. FenochettiLaura Fenton Donna FeolaThomas FergusonDiana R. FernandesFrances Potts FernandesMary FerreiraAlfred J. FerreraTimmy FerrisLucia L. FerrulloAnne FerzocoPatricia & Barbara FettersAnthony FicichellaLouis FicocielloLenore FidlerRuth FidlerStanley FieldLori FieldsMary C. FindleyRichard FinertyCharles FiniSister Marcella FinlanJohn F. FinnJudith FinnJudith McKinnon FinnJudy FinnLynn Marie (Murphy) FinnPaul FinnJane & Francis FinneranRosemary FinneranSister Mary Cajetan FinneranDolores FisherBobby “Fitta” FitzgeraldGeorge FitzgeraldMaura J. FitzgeraldMoira FitzgeraldRichard FitzgeraldSister Helen Mary Fitzgerald

Sister Barbara Joyce and I have been friends since the 6th grade at Gate of Heaven in South Boston. We

graduated together in 1949, and have always remained friends. It was a special

time when she visited me in Florida. Margaret Bosman, Fort Myers, FL

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Thomas J. FitzgeraldVirginia FitzgeraldSister Patricia FitzmauriceGary FitzpatrickJoseph A. FitzpatrickSister Dorothy FitzpatrickThomas Fitzpatrick Paula Fitzsimmons John FlahertyLawrence J. FlahertyRobert FlahertyVirginia FlahertyJackie FlanaganJane Kennedy FlanaganMary FlanaganMary T. FlanaganSylvia FlanaganSusan E. FleckFrances FlemingPeggy FlemingRev. Thomas FlemingEdward Flood Jr.Rory FloodEsther FlynnGenevieve FlynnIrene FlynnJoseph FlynnLoretta FlynnMargaret FogartyAlice FoleyHazel FoleyJim FoleyJoseph E. FoleyJulianne FoleyJulie FoleyMartin FoleyMary FoleyPatricia FoleyMidge FollettVincent J. FontanaAda G. FordAlice FordJoseph ForgeronSarah FormanJoseph Forni

Michael Forrestall Jr.David ForresterMarie ForryAnn FortunoTodd FournierJohn FoxMillie FoxSister Dionysia FraherRosemarie FranciosoMildred FrankJean FraserJanice FratolilloGerald F. Frazier Mary Bridgit FrazierRita Frazier Maureen J. FredetteArthur H. FreelandPhyllis Farrell FreerDorothy FregosiMary FreitasMary FreneyPhilomena FrezzaAnthony FruciMuriel FryeEileen McDevitt FucileDavid FullerLauren FuloneMarie FunkSanto FurfariDorothy Anna FussaStephen GabrickRichard Gabriel Joseph GaffneyRobert GaffneyRobert GaitesThe Gajewski FamilyCorinne GalanteBrendon GallagherDon GallagherEdward GallagherGerald Gallagher Mildred GallagherMillie T. GallagherSister Bernadette GallagherSister Marisol Gallagher

Thomas GallagherBernice Spooner GallantJean GallantJoseph GallantMary GallantJohn “Jack” GalvinKeith GalvinMary GalvinSister Mary Andrew GalvinWilliam J. GalvinNancy GamboneFrancis & Mary GammonMary GandolfoLanie GaneyThomas GangerJan GanhantAnna Crowley GanleyWilliam P. GarbettJohn GarbielEvangelista GarciaBenjamin GardinerMatilda GardnerAngelina GarfagnaAngelina E. GarfagnaDonald GarninJoanne GarveyDonald GastonRichard GastonguayThomas GatterJoseph GaviganRichard D. GavinEdna GayMarguerite GayErvin L. GemkowAnnette GeorgeHenry GeorgeCarl Gerhard & FamilyJohn R. GermanoJoseph P. GermanoShirley GerstnerJanet M. GhiloniDiane GhiozziGuy J. GiacobbeSam GiacobbeSanto GiacobbeeJames GiammarcoMary GiangregorioBarbara GibbonsJudy GibersonReynold GiereJohn GillMargaret M. GilleoPeggy GilleoSharon Faye Irving GillespieRobert GilliganEdwina M. GillisMuriel C. Gillooly

Edward GilmoreEdward P. GilmoreSister Joan GilmoreDorothy GilroyThe Gilson FamilyMary C. GiniewiczMargaret GinleyMary T. GinnettyMary GinsburgMitchell GinsburyAntionette GiordanoJoseph GiordanoVincent “Jim” GiordanoRose GiovinoJohn GirardKenneth GirouardCharles GiudiciBernardo GiulianoRichard Glavin Sr.Louise GleasonDr. Jim GlennonJoseph GlennonMargaret “Sis” GlennonDonald GlosterMartin D. GlynnClarise Althea GnerreMargaret GodfreyRobert GodfreyDr. Norman GoguenSonny GoldenMarcelline GoldsteinMarcy GoldsteinTerri GommTerry GommsJohn GoncarMaureen GoodingFred GoodsellBarbara GoodwinDavid GoodwinMarilyn GoodwinDonald GormanDorothy V. Gorman Gertrude GormanMadeline GormanCatherine GormleyRichard GormleyDonald GostlerRichard J. GostonguayAnna Rose GouveiaCatherine GouzouleGrace Joseph C. GraceClara GraceffaJohn GraceffaClare GraciffaFrancis GradyGertrude GradyHelen Graham

Just this morning I read of Sister Ann’s passing. I am so sorry for our loss – I never met her, but we expressed our friendship

through notes. Recently Sister Ursulina, the eighth grade teacher of most of my children passed. She, too, was a lovely person. Please accept this donation in

both of their names. Eileen Burke, Dorchester, MA

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Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 23

Rita GrahamStephen D. Graham Mary J. GramzowGrandma Stephanie Charles GrangerMatthew H. GrapeDonald GravelineJohn GravinaGeorgia GrayDiane GrazianoBrian GreeleyBenjamin Snyder GreenChristine Rull GreenJeanne GreeneJoe Green John GreeneJohn W. GreeneJoseph A. GreenePauline A. GreeneWilliam GreeneSheila A. GreerLouis GregorioHans GriegerAnna & Michael GriffinArthur GriffinBeulah GriffinDavid GriffinMary GriffinMichael GriffinFlorence M. GriffithsE. Theresa GrigasJoseph A. GrimaldiAlice K. GrimesLaura GrimesMary GrinhamRobert GrossRobert GroverDavid GuardEdward GuenMaria GuerraAnne M. GuertinEmery (Chick) GuertinMargaret GuestAnthony GuglielmoDonald GuilfoyleSalvi GuilianoTimothy J. Guinee Jr.Timothy GuineeLawrence GuineyJoseph P. GuliziaRalph GullaJoanne GullifaLouise GurdoboniJohn GurrySteven GutowskiJeanne HacheFrederick HackettVirginia M. Hagerty

Jacalyn HaggartyAnne HaggertyLouis HaigisFr. William HaleyMarguerite HaleyBob HallKara O’Brien HallMarion HallJames HalleyJames E. Halloran Jr.Robert HamelMary A. HamillKermit G. HamiltonJohn HamrockArthur HandrahanDavid G. HandyJohn HaneffantEdward HanleyJohn HanlonJohn Hanna Edward HansburyRuth HansenGeorge & Hilda HarkinsJames A. HarkinsSister Sarah HarkinsCourtland L. Harlow M.DEugene “Gene” HarnanDorothy HarneyDorothy V. HarneyFlorence HarriganJohn J. Harrington IIIDr. Francis J. HarringtonJames P. HarringtonKathleen HarringtonNorene HarringtonPatrick HarringtonRosemary HarrisSister Mary Hart RGSGrace HartSister Dorothy HartAnne HartnettJames HartnettSister Lillian HartneyRobert “Bob” HartonJames R. HartyFrancis HarveyMarian HasenfusMaureen HashawatyRita L. HauserSister Edwardette HaveySteve HawkinsCatherine HawleyCatherine T. HayerDonna HayesFrancis HayesGertrude HayesMargaret HayesMary A. Hayes

Peg HayesPaul Hayward Maura HeafeyLawrence HealeyWilliam HealeyEdmond Healy Sr.John HealyJohn F. HealyPius HealyRichard HealyPatricia HeenanJohn J. HeffernanPaul HeffernanFrederick C. Hegarty Sr.Al HegartyAnn HegartySister Loretto HegartyRichard HeidlbrederDale HekdmarCharlotte HemmertMary HenaghanAnthony HendersonClare T. HennesseyM. Marie HennesseyAnne HenryDorothy HenshonDiane HerbstRonald HermansonAnn Herrick’s MotherEdwina HertachSister M. Padua HesselschwerdtSean HickeyDiarmuid HigginsDonald HigginsFr. John HigginsFrancis Higgins

M. Rita HigginsSister Katherine HigginsSister Therese HigginsGeorge HillMarianne HillMichael HillWilliam Hill Charles HindsThomas Hoban Sr.Robert HobanLouise HobsonEd Hodge’s DadRobert “Guy” HoeferFrancis HoeyFrancis M. HoeyDebra Brady HoffmanChuck HoganJohn & Mildred Hogan Mildred HoganNora HoganEdward HogartyMel HohmanEdward James HolewiakLouise HolickAgnes HollandBarbara HolloranLeif HolmIsabelle R. HoltSister M. Paula HopkinsNatalie HopleyMarilyn HoranBobbie HorganDaniel HorganGertrude A. Horgan Michael HorganRuth HoriganThe Horne Family

Sister Kathleen Hagerty with New Mexico Associate Grace Chavez.

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George HornerMary HornerSister Carla HornerJohn HorriganSister Alberta HorriganMrs. HortonThomas HorvaticSteve HossGrace HouleLamont HoustonMargaret “Peg” HoutenCarol Howard Elizabeth N. HowardGrace HoytRita Meara HubbardDoris M. Hubert Joseph HughesRichard HughesRobert HughesJoan HumeRichard HuntFranklin HunterMary HunterCatherine HurleyDaniel HurleyJames HurleySister Marlena HurleyJames HuseTimothy HuskinsEthel Myers HusseyMargaret HyderJohn HyndsFrank J. Hynes IIChristie Grande, IIIJimmy IannacciPaul IannacconeAgostino IannaroneJosephine L. ImbrianoStephen ImposimatoJane InauenCarolina IndicianiPhyllis M. IngaciolaJennie IngrassiaRaymond InnisAnne InscoeJoseph IoanilliLydia IrwinGina IudicianiMadge IversMargie IversAnna IversonJean JacksonJeane H. JacksonJeanne JacksonGerard JacobsMichael JacquesMyda JaffarianEdward James

Rita JamiesonMailyn Ann JancsyMarilyn Ann JancsySophie JaniecJohn Jannell Antoinette JanuarioAlbert JardinAnthony JardinJoseph JarosGladys T. JasinMaureen Jay John JennetteJennie JezakIrene M. JohnsonMilly JohnsonRaymond JohnsonWalter JohnsonWinnafred B. JohnsonArlene JonesPaul JonesRon JonesTerri JonesJackie Jordan Virginia JosephJoseph G. JoyalNoreen JoyalThe Joseph Joyce FamilyAllison Joyce Edward C. JoyceSister Barbara JoyceJeannette JozapaitisMilton Judd Shirley I. JudgeTerese JudgeAlice Julian Anthony JulianoQuinlan JuntaJames JurczekTeresa KaliszewskiCharles KaneJoseph KaneKevin KaneMary A. KaneSteve KaneEdward KasleNancy KavanaughMalcolm KayThomas Joseph KeadyFrancis KeaneRev. Thomas KeaneAldona Keaney Larry KeaneyLawrence J. KeaneyCatherine & John Keating Francis J. KeatingJohn & Paul KeatingPatricia F. KeatingSharon Keating

Adda S. KeefeMary Norbert KeefeTim KeefeFrank G. KeeganWilliam KeeganWilliam M. KeeganIrene KeenanHelena KeeneKaren Anne KelblePaul KeleherMary KellandLawrence J. KelleherRev. Robert KelleherSister Paula Kelley SCAlice L. KelleyDaniel KelleyElaine KelleyJames KelleyJames F. KelleyJohn KelleyJoseph KelleyKevin KelleyMrs. Jerry KelleyPatricia KelleyPatricia McSorley KelleyPaul KelleyRuth KelleySusan A. KelleyTheresa & Joseph KelleyAnne KellyCharlotte R. KellyDr. Joseph E. KellyElaine KellyJames KellyJames P. KellyJane Ann KellyJohn J. KellyJohn “Jack” KellyJudy KellyMarguerite L. KellyMary KellyNeil KellySister Anna Mary KellyThomas V. Kelly Sr. Megan KenealyGerard KenneallyRichard Kennedy MDDick KennedyJames M. KennedyJean KennedyMary KennedyMary Cruise KennedyMary T. KennedyMrs. KennedyNancy KennedyAnn KenneyCarolyn KenneyCatherine V. Kenney

Francis “Bud” KenneyJames KenneyJohn & Betty Kenney Joseph P. KenneySister Marie Assumpta KenneyTeddy KenneyWilliam J. KenneyCathleen M. KennyJohn KentJoseph KeohaneSandra KeohaneA. George KerrCatherine S. KerrDorothy KerrSister Kevin KelleherJohn KierceSean KierceJohn P. KiernanWerner KiesslingAnn KileyJohn “Bill” KileyMary KileyMary Beth KileyCharles KimballAlice KinchlaCarol M. KingKevin M. KingLarry KingLawrence C. KingLillian KingSister Barbara KingSister Gladys KingAlice KinohlaSister Catherine KinsellaRobert KinsmanNora KirbyGerald KirwinBobby KleeKay KlineNicholas KnappEdward KnisellCourtney KokeAudrey KondratDr. Anthony KouryLinda KowalewskiGreg KrascoMarian “Honey” KuhlEdward A. Kukstis Jr.Edward KulaczDavid KulischDavid P. KunzeElena KupcinskasEllen KupcinskasDavid KuprisPauline KurlitisRosalie KurpielRaymond Kwart

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Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 25

Sisters Marian Batho (left) and Maureen Joseph Hunt (right) received the Archdiocese of Boston Cheverus Award. Chosen for “their service to the Church and God’s people,” Sisters Marian and Maureen Joseph were nominated by their area vicars. Their nominations were approved by their regional bishops, and the awards were given by Cardinal Sean O’Malley. These Sisters were among many recipients of the Cheverus Medal, which was presented for the first time during a celebration of the Archdiocese of Boston Bicentenial. The medal is named for Bishop de Cheverus who oversaw the diocese from 1808-1824.

CSJ Awards and Honors

Sister Marie Claire Goudey (L) received the CARE Award from Newton Wellesley Hospital for her quality treatment and service to patients and their families. Her reputation of working with the staff, families with ill members, or friends who are ill, is outstanding. She strives to give support and comfort in times of emotional stress.

The late Sister Stephen Marie Driscoll received a citation from the mayor and the Board of Alderman of Somerville, MA, recognizing “all of her efforts to care for the spiritual and corporall needs of parishioners and the children of St. Benedict Parish.” Connected as Principal and instructor of Little Flower School, Sister Stephen Marie devoted her energy to students for over 40 years.

Sister Laura Turbini (R) was recently honored with the Surface Mount Technology Association Founders Award. Sister Laura, who holds a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from Cornell University, has been a SMTA member for many years. The award is presented to a member who has made exceptional contributions to the industry, and provided ongoing support and service to the SMTA. Sister Laura is a champion of students, a mentor, and author who has worked in her field for over 30 years. She has also served on the Board of Directors of SMTA.

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Therese L’HommeKevin LaBonteFrancesco LaCivitaRaymond LaCoursiereGerard LaFleurMichael P. LaFosseAnn LaLumiereMary M. LaRosaBr. Richard LaRoseJoan (Hobin) LaRovere Charles LaSalaLawrence LaceyAnthony B. Laconti PhDMadeline LaffinMary LahyAdelaide M. Lalli Catherine B. LalorCatherine LamadoreJuliette LamyThomas LandolfiWalter Landry Sr.Edward LandryCatherine LaneJames LaneJohn LaneMary LaneSister Catherine LaneTerrance LaneEdward LangMary A. LangRuth M. LangSister Marie Barbara LangLetitia LanganAl LangevinLeonard J. LangillMildred LangleyLeonard LangloisJames LangmeyerHelen LangoneFlorence E. LangtonLaura LangworthyEdward LansRichard LapaineSister Thomas Marie Lapsley SSNDChristopher LarkinEvelyn Larkin Helen Larkin

Paul E. LarreyLorraine LarveyBarbara LaskeyLawrence LasurdoMary LasurdoRobert LaubingerRocco LaugelleAlfred P. LauraBill LaurendeauClaire G. LauroGerald (Ruty) LavalleeEdward J. Lavin Jr.Sister Margaret Mary LavinJacqueline LawlerMichael LawlerRobert E. LawlerSister Elizabeth LawlessBertha LawlorEd LawlorEdward LawlorMichael LawlorRev. Robert LawthersPearl LeBelClaude LeBlancHenry LeBlancJoseph LeBlancMary LeBrasseurRichard LeClairJackie LeMarroSister Wendrona LeachWilliam LeachVirginia LeahyCatherine LearyMaureen LearyPatricia LearyThomas LearyAnn & James LeeMargaret L. Lee Mary LeePatrick LeeRichard Lee Robert E. LeeSister Agnes LeeJeanne LeibyMary Jean LemeriseSylvia LemireDavid LenaneThomas P. Lenane

Beatrice LennonRuth Ann (Bernard) LennonMaria LeoJohn LeoefferJohn G. LeofflerPeter LeonardRobert LeonardTheresa LeonardGerard T. LeoneEleanor LeporatiAlice LeporeAngela LeporeMary Pearl LevanchyMary LevesqueWilbur LewisFrank LibardoniDonna LindNorman LindAlvin H. LindahlFrancis LinehanSean LinehanFrank LinnehanJennie S. LinskeyWilliam LionettaJoseph D. LittlefieldJames LiveseyRachel LizotteElizabeth Hayes LockeTheodore T. LockwoodMatthew LockyerAnne LofgrenElizabeth LofgrenJoanne Murphy LoftusDeirdre LogueEva & Leon LojkoAddolorata Lombardi Americo LombardiEdward P. LombardiWilliam LombardiElaine M. LongJoseph LongSheila LongAnne LooneyEmily Zacher LooneyEvelyn LooneyWilliam Looney Adeline LopezCatherine LorenceThelma LormanFrancis LoscoAlfred LoterroPeter LottiStephanie LoughraneMary LovascoGary LovejoyFrances LowensteinRita LucenteDorothea Luchette

Edner Lucien Joseph Lucy Robert LuddyRonald Luippold Sr.Stephen F. LunettaThomas LunneyBlanche LuongoAmelia LutrzykowskiHerman LutzEileen LuukkoAdrian LuzStephen LydonChristine LynchDrew LynchHarvey LynchJames Lynch Margaret LynchMarie Lynch Paul J. LynchPeg LynchRobert J. Lynch, JrSister Ann LynchWalter LynchFrances M. LyonsJohn Lyons Laureen LyonsLouise LyonsMary C. LyonsMary Louise Fallon LyonsPaul LyonsPaul E. LyonsTerry LyonsKathryn LysakowskiBrian MacDonaldColin MacDonaldImelda MacDonaldJeanette MacDonaldMalcolm MacDonaldGerald MacDougallLinda M. MacFarlaneHelen MacGillivrayLawrence MacGilvraySister Marilyn MacGregorCaren MacInnisDouglas MacKinnon Ellen MacLuskyDonna MacMinnSister Elizabeth Clare MacMurrayPatricia MacallisterAlbert MacciniRobert MacDonaldElena Jean MacenatArnaldo Machado Francis McComb MacintoshAnna F. MackRita T. MackenFrederick T. Mackey

Please accept this donation in memory of Dear Sister Ursulina. Sister was my cousin, yet more of an aunt and I always

referred to her as “Sister Virginia.” May God continue to bless you and the work

you do helping others. Susan Setterland, Hanover, MA

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Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 27

Theresa MackeyFrank MackiewiczTheresa MackinPasquale MaconeJosephine MaddenThomas MaddenMarie MaddoxSister Bernadette MadoreAfisa MagamboJimmy MageeStephen MaglioccaBetty MaguireFrank MaguireFrederick F. Maguire Jr. George MaguirePatrick MaguireThomas MagureRuth MagwoodDoris T. MahancyPamela MaharCandi MaherBarbara (Fontaine) MahnJames MahoneyMargaret MahoneyMary MahoneyPaul MahoneyPaula MahoneyRobert MahoneyWalter J. MahoneyRobert MaihosCheryl MainwaringThomas MalafronteAnthoney MalesAnthony MalisPatricia MalleyJames MalloyJohn MalloyPhyllis MalloyBrenda MaloneyEdward MaloneyEdward J. MaloneyFrancis MaloneyHelen MaloneyJohn J. MaloneyJudith MaloneyMary MaloneyMichael J. MancusoSister Phyllis MandaBetty MandaranoAlbert MandrafinoAdele ManfrediHeather ManleyMichael ManningPat ManningSiobhan MannionClaudia ManoliCatherine Brogan MansfieldJames Mansfield

Kay MansfieldKenneth F. MansirPhilip J. MansourNick MantasDan MarachawskiPatricia MarcealeVincent A. Marcellino Jr.Kathleen MarchandAnthony MarcioneBarbara Cloherty MarkBarbara MarksRita MaroneyJohn D. Marotta IISandra Elizabeth MarramaMark G. Marrone Sr.Elaine MarsellaRobert L. Marshall Sr.Richard MarshallWinifred MarsolaisCharles MarstonRoland MartelPhyllis MartelliGeorge O. MartinMae MartinSean MartinThomas Martin Nicholas A. MascioliKatherine MasonRosemarie MassaNicola MastracolaNicholina MastrainTheresa MastrangeloAnn MastroianniMr. MathiasGeorge MathiesonGloria & William MattaLorraine MatteJames MatthewsCarol MattuchioSister Mary Thaddeus MatusieskiJames F. MawnJames J. MawnKathleen MawnSister Modwena MawnKenneth MaxwellWalter Mayer Jr.Walter MayerLamar Clifford MayfieldMargaret M. MazierskiEric Mazzio Sr.Domenic MazzolaIzabella MazzoneSalvatore MazzottaLoretto A. McGowanLouise McAlpinDoris McAnultyMarjorie J. McArdle

Dorothy McAreePatrick J. McAuleyPaul McAuliffeThomas McAuliffeMary McAvoyArthur McBainRobert & William McBrideCharles P. McCabeLucille McCabeWilford Gerald McCabeDavid McCaffreyHelen McCainDr. Paul McCannWilliam McCannBill McCartCatherine P. McCarthyCharles McCarthyDr. Hank McCarthyEdward McCarthyEugene E. McCarthyHenry W. McCarthyJames Russell McCarthyRussell McCarthySister Eleanor McCarthyThomas McCarthyVera A. McCarthyNina McCartyFrank McCauleyDennis J. McColganIrene McColganJoan C. McColganSandra McCormackMarion McCorvelleEileen McCrossenEd McCullumFr. James McCuneRev. James L. McCuneTeresa McCuskerBud McDermottMarilyn McDermott

Patricia McDermottStephen McDermottJudith McDevittRichard McDevittBeatrice McDonaldJennifer McDonaldJim McDonaldMargaret Caffrey McDonaldPatricia McDonaldRita McDonaldSister Hildegarde McDonaldSister Lillian McDonaldSister Richard McDonaldJames McDonoughJoan McDonoughJoan Helen McDonoughJohn & Ann McDonoughJoseph P. McDonoughKevin McDonoughLouise McDonoughRobin A. McDonoughMary T. McEachern Mary McEachrenJohn McElheneySister Madeline McElhennyJohn D. McElhineyDavid McGearyKatherine A. McGeeAlice McGettiganCharlie McGettrickLois McGilveryJohn Barry McGlewLeo V. McGonagle Jr.Peggy & Andy McGonagleRita McGonnigleLorraine McGoriahalMary McGovernSister Mary Patrick McGovernShirley McGrail

Sacred Heart School of Lynn honored Sister Theresa Pond (C) at a farewell celebration in honor of

her retirement after 44 years of service at the school. Principal Joanne M. Eagan and eighth grade students are pictured with

Sister Theresa.

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We would like to thank the families and friends of the following, for requesting

that donations be made in their memory in lieu of flowers to the

Sisters of St. Joseph of BostonJanuary 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011

. . . my soul has been freed from death, my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling. I shall walk before

God in the land of the living. (Psalm 116: 8-9) Dorothy V. AhearnJill BarkerLinda BelangerMargaret BoganVirginia G. BurkeGrace CunninghamMary DarcyThomas DarcyChristopher DonlonEunice FantasiaAlfred FarrinAlfred R. FavreauAnna Crowley GanleyPatricia GearyDonald GlosterMary J. GramzowAlice K. GrimesMary GrinhamDavid G. HandyClaire T. Hennessey

Anna IversonRuth KaneJohn “Bill” KileyChristine KinnallyElizabeth LofgrenEvelin LooneyEmily Zacher LooneyGrace MarianoEsther T. O’SullivanEdith PerrySally Kelly PorterRobert ReneyAnna RouseElinor RyanArthur SheaLillian SullivanLillian E. SullivanEmilia VincenteSheila Noreen Young

John McGrathMichael McGrathPeter J. McGrathSister Marilyn McGrathTerri McGrathTherese McGrathEllen McGuinessElizabeth McGuireAnn McGunnigleDavid P. McGurlJames McGurlSusan B. McGurlJohn McHugh Jr.Barbara McHughJohn McHughThomas McHughMary Catherine (Silk) McInerneyTricia McInerneyMary F. McInnisLynne McKeeverSister Rosalie McKenzieWilliam McKeonJoseph D. McLaughlin Jr.Amy P. McLaughlinDorothy McLaughlin

Edna McLaughlinMargaret McLaughlinSister M. Benedict McLaughlinSister Maruna McLaughlinThomas McLaughlinThomas “Toddy” McLaughlinWinifred McLaughlinJosephine McLeanMarlena S. McLeanAnna Mae McLellanEarl A. McLellanJames McLoughlinTom McLoughlinJack McMahonJames McMahonWilliam McMahonAlice G. McManusArthur McManusEleanor McManusMarjorie McNallyHarry McNamaraJames McNamaraJim McNamaraRobert McNamara

Ruth McNamaraThomas McNeeleyArthur McNeilClaire McNugeDorothy McNultyMary McParlandAnn McPheeOlga McPheeRichard McQuaidHarry McQuatPaul F. McShaneMary McSorleyMichael J. McSweeneyJames McVannJohn J. MeadeFrederick MeagherFrank MealloVeronica MeaneeAl MedaAbel MedeirosAnthony MedeirosMarie MedinaEleanor MeehanMr. MeehanEarl MeierdiercksTess MeiselCesar Mejia Jr.Chester Melanson Chester & Elizabeth Melanson Hank MelansonRoger MelansonJennie MelchionaSavino N. MeleArthur MeliaMary MeliaKathleen MelinBill MelloCatherine MellonSister Catherine MellyRosalie MelodyLouis MemmoloSister Theresa Menard Ezaura MendoncaKathleen MenenoresMargaret MeninnoMary T. MentonJoseph MeoliMonika MerceviciusDr. Emma (Varvaro) MerolaLawrence T. MerrillEd MessinaCarol MeunierBernard MeylerGertrude MiccoloBeatrice & Edward MichalskiSeta Michaud

Thomas Middleton Jr.Paul MieleMaria MieuGilda MignoneAnna MignosaRocco MihaichLaraine MilauskasElizabeth MilesDagney MillerHelen “Lynne” MillerMaureen MillerMary MillsLeo MinerMargaret MiodzlonsFrank Martin MirabelloHelen MirabilePatrick & Margaret Mitchell & FamilyHerbert L. Mitchell Jr.Michael MitranoLee MobiliaLeonard J. MobiliaBernadette MoeschMary Louise MohydeJames MoloneyEllen “Helen” MonaghanGregory MonaghanMary MonaghanMarie MonagleMary (Burke) MonahanDr. Robert MondouLouis MontaganoMargaret MooreThomas MooreEdwin Moores Jr.Joanne MoraJohn MoranJoseph MoranMary T. MoranThomas Edward MoranAlbert C. MorelliJeanne MorganMichael MorganRev. Thomas MorganClaire MorinLaraine MorinFlorence MoritzJeanne MoroFrank MorobitoAlfred T. MorrisKathleen MorrisM. MorrisJohn MorrisonWilliam H. MorrisonBarbara MorrisseyKevin MorrisseyMary MorrisseyRowland Morrow

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Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 29

Jon MorseMarilyn MortonKatherine E. MosherMadeline MoulisonAnne MoultonMarguerite MousseauThomas P. Moylan Jr.Annmarie MoynihanLillian MulattieriJoan Carole Mulcahy Dorothy T. MuldoonAnne (Harrington) MulhollandCarol MulhollandFlorence A. MulkernFlorence Seaver MulkernMary MulkernBrenda MulkerrinSister Catherine E. MulkerrinLaurentine MullaneCharles MullaneyDorothy E. MullenThomas MullenThomas MulliganThomas MullinsWilliam MullowneyMary MulreyJulia MulveyMary MulveyMary Catherine MulveyPaula MunozGeorge E. MurdockThe Murphy & Hayes FamiliesAndy MurphyCarol MurphyCatherine MurphyCharles MurphyChristopher MurphyDorothy G. MurphyEdward L. MurphyElaine MurphyJames MurphyJane B. MurphyJane Birmingham MurphyJean MurphyJeanne A. MurphyJohn MurphyJoyce E. MurphyJustine P. MurphyKathleen MurphyMargaret MurphyMarie MurphyMary E. Murphy Maureen Smith MurphyNeal MurphyNiall Murphy

Rev. Charles J. MurphyRobert MurphySheila MurphySister A. Catherine MurphySister Catherine E. MurphySister M. Bernarda MurphyTimothy R. MurphyWilliam MurphyAndrea MurrayCarol Doran MurrayCaroline MurrayDamon MurrayEdward MurrayElizabeth Crann MurrayHarold MurrayKathleen MurrayMaura MurrayNeil MurrayRichard B. MurrayRita MurrayRussell MurraySister Aileen Marie MurrayJoseph MurthaGreg MusaFrank MuseCarlo MustoMy FriendsOlivette R. NadeauAnnie & Patrick NagleJohn N. NajarianMary NaniaLaura NannicelliMarilyn NapierskiLouis J. Nardone Sr.Salvatore NardoneNicholas NastutiBea NaughtonBeatrice NaughtonJean Shanahan NavickyEdward NazzaroMichael A. NazzaroDonald P. NealonThomas M. NeeDonna NeedhamJoseph NeitlichPauline NemesNicholas A. NeroEdmund J. NevilleMary P. NeylonFrances E. NicholsRev. Francis J. Nicholson SJJohn NicholsonPaul NicholsonStephen NickersonJoseph T. Nickley Sr.Paul NicoliArthur NigroPeter Niland

Joseph NisbyGeorge NobleJames NoeEban J. NoelArthur NolanJames NolanPhyllis NolanSister Anne NolanEleanor J. NoonanSister Aimee NoonanJameson P. NorrisBen NortonFlorence NortonSister Mary Loretto NortonJames NotopoulosFrancis NovelloLillian NovelloElwood “Al” NoyesMary NuhnElizabeth NutterGlea O’BrienEdward O’Brian Elizabeth “Beth” O’Brien Elizabeth “Betty” O’BrienFrancis O’BrienJames O’BrienJean O’BrienJohn O’BrienJulie O’BrienMarilyn O’BrienMary R. O’BrienPatrick J. O’BrienSister Agnesca O’BrienSister Marinus O’BrienThomas O’BrienBernadette O’CallahanJulia E. O’ConnellMaria O’ConnellMarie O’ConnellBatt O’ConnorDan & Mary O’Connor David O’ConnorJohn O’ConnorKatherine T. O’ConnorKathy O’ConnorPaul B. O’ConnorRita O’ConnorMarie & George O’Dea Jr.Frank O’DeaJack O’DonahueMartin O’DonnellSister Joanicius O’DonnellBunty O’DonoghueMichael O’DonovanEd O’HalleranJean A. O’HalloranFrancis O’HanleyMargaret O’Hara

Sister Claire O’Keefe SCEileen O’KeefeMargaret O’MalleyNoreen O’MalleyRichard J. O’MearaM. Lorraine O’NeilMarie F. O’NeillMarion O’NeillMichael O’Neill Alice O’ReaganSally Manning O’ReaganJoseph O’RourkeMichael O’RourkeRichard O’RourkeJames O’SheaEsther T. O’SullivanLawrence O’SullivanMaureen Nolan O’SullivanTimmy O’SullivanTimothy B. O’SullivanCapt. Kevin J. O’Toole USN Ret.Mary C. O’TooleMrs. O’BrienMark F. O’Brien Jr.Arline O’BrienHelen M. O’BrienJeanne O’BrienJohn O’ConnellJohn J. O’ConnellJohn P. O’ConnellJoseph T. O’ConnellThomas O’ConnellJohn G. O’ConnorMary Doyle O’ConnorSister Enessa O’ConnorBill O’DonnellMary O’DonnellJohn O’MalleyMarguerite O’NeilBeverly O”RiordanDmytro OcrynaJudge Robert W. OliverClarisse OliveriaOliviaRose M. OlivoEdward OlsonRuth Ann OlszowyBernadette OnuboguDavid OrchardBarbara OrtEarl OsbornGeraldine OswaldOvidio OttinaKaren OueletteJohn OverbaughJennifer OverstreetMary Owen

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Ruth OwensSheila OxbtinJose Moniz PachecoMariana PachecoDwight PageRussell PalmaRichard PalmerDonald PalmucciJo-Anne PalombraJoseph PalumboRosa PalveyBruce PankauskiDorothy PannesiConstantine (Kostis) PapaconstantinouElaine PapandreouLouis A. PapettiStamatia PappafotopoulosLaurann Romano ParagonaJoseph ParkerRev. Jean Russo ParksSandra Elisabeth ParriottAnn PastorCarmella PastoriWilliam PattenAnn Marie PattersonDarry PattinsonSeymour PaullSy PaullGeorge R. PearsallWilliam PecukonisEstelle PelletierJacqueline PelletierRoger PelletierDante PepeGaspare PeracchiJoanne PerccocoLucy PercyocoMary PereiraRichard J. PerruzziEdith Perry Warren PerrySister Claire PetersBetsy PetersenRita PetersonRobert PetersonEdward PetitSgt. Jason PetoMary J. PetteeFrancis PettepitGrace PettepitRobert PettepitMary PhalenJohn PhelanRichard PhelanCynthia Kenney PhelpsPalma PhilipsEugene Phillion

Grace PhillipsLee PhinneyLuigia PhrippJean PicozziFrancis PierceDavid Pierre G. Madeline Pike George PiliogiliosLouise PinardBeatrice PinetMary B. PinoRonald R. PirreraSpencer PiscioneriPatricia PitellaEdmund Maurice PittsGladys PittsLaura PlaisimondCheryl PlanteDoris PlanteCarol E. PlummerAlfred L. PodolskiSteven PodolskiMarjorie PoirierRalph PoirierRita PoirierRobert A. Poitras Sr.Richard PolatanoMr. & Mrs. Edmond PolchlopekPage PolisenoMichael A. PolizziRichard J. PomellaRafael PonceMargo PopkenWilliam PorcelloNancy S. PorterSally Kelly PorterFrances PotitoRonald PouliotAlbert PowellMargaret PowellMargaret & Paul PowellSheila PowerDavid PowersHelen PowersMary PowersRobert PowersWilliam PowersLorraine PrairrieHelen Carroll Pratt Joan Hughes PrecopMichael PrendergastAnn (Gilmore) PrentissEric J. PrestonNorma PrestonHelen PreviteRichard PriestJoan Procopio

Walter J. Pszenny IIIGiuseppe PuccioGerald PucilloStella PuleoCatherine Renee PumphretStephanie PutzGerard QuereuxJosephine QuigleyDoris QuillEugene QuinlanDorothy QuinnFlorence QuinnKathleen QuinnLuci QuinnLeonard & Catherine Rabideau Betty Jean RaffertyJohn RaffertyRichard RafteryMary RaineriMargaret R. RamageRemigijus “Ray” RamanauskasAnne Ballotti RamseyPeter RandallBetty RangerFlorence E. RaponeWilliam T. RatiganMartha RattoMerlyn RawlinsCorinne RayburnPatricia (Burke) Raymond Linda ReaConcetta ReaganGladys ReardonKathleen ReardonMartin RedingtonSheila RedmondAlice ReenMargaret ReenDonald ReenstiernaStanley ReganArmando ReggianniBarbara ReichertJohn W. Reid Jr.Eleanor M. ReidyGertrude ReilCatherine & Leo ReillyColleen ReillyFrancis ReillyJohn Reilly William ReinboldStephen J. Remmes Robert ReneyRobert & Alice Mary ReneyRobert J. RennieMary Renzi

Anna & Eugene ReppucciErnie RepucciJohn RettaliataEdward ReuschMary V. ReynoldsPaul ReynoldsVirginia ReynoldsPauline RhoadsPaul RhodeSister Mara RiccaSister Paola RiccaLucy RicciardiSister Angela RicciardiSteven RicciarelliBeverly RiccioMary RiccoHelen J. RiceJames RiceKen RiceMary Hurley RiceThomas RiceThomas E. RiceMarion M. RichAdam RichardMuriel C. RichardsJoseph J. Rico Helen RidderThomas RiellyEleanor RileyJohn RileyMarie RileySister M. Fides RileyWilliam RileyWilliam J. RileyJohn RinaldiRebecca “Becky” RinellaRobert J. Riordan Robert C. RitchieFrances RivelliGerardo RiveraAntoinette C. RoachStephen J. RoachEster RoacheCecile RobbinsAileen RobbleeEileen Hanson RobbleeRojane RobergeDavid RobertsBarbara RobertsonNancy Ryan RobertsonLucy “Lee” RobinsonNoel RobinsonPaul RobinsonJerry RoccoNorma C. RochaJohn S. RochePatti RocheRose Rock

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Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 31

Raymond RockwoodJohn J. Rogers Jr.Ann RogersMargaret A. RogersPaul E. RogersRet. Lt. Col. George RohdeWalter RomanJohn RomeoJosephine RomeoJoseph P. RonanJoseph RonayneCatherine RonchettiCatherine L. RooneyPatricia RooneyLorraine RorfPasquale Rosa Julian H. RosadioRosemary Margaret Ross Mildred RossRosemary RossJoe RossettiDenise RossiMichael RossiMichael RotchfordLena RotelliMary Louise RothAngela RotondoThe Rouse FamilyAnna RouseJoseph RowanMargaret RowanTheresa “Pat” RoweFrances J. RowenJoseph E. Rownywe Jr.Lorraine RoyRaymond Roy Rose P. RoyCatherine Shea RoycroftEdwina RuaneJoseph Rubbico Sr.Edward S. RuffMarie RuffinoRuth RuggChristopher RuggeriGeorge V. Rull Sr.Michele RumplashCaroline RuoccoJoseph RuppJames T. RushJim RushBarbara A. RussellCarol Fitzsimmons RussellMary Russell Dorothy RussoEugenia (Jennie) RussoGaetana Russo

Jim RussoJosephine M. RussoLinda RussoCecelia RyanEleanor RyanElinor RyanElizabeth Ryan Frances M. Ryan Helen RyanHelen F. RyanJames RyanJohn “Skip” RyanJohn J. RyanMargaret RyanSean RyanSister Ada RyanSkippy RyanWilliam Ryan Mary Louise RyderShirley RyderJim SabourinMary J. SaccoQuintino SaccoRose & Salvatore SaccoTom SalemyRose SalernoRose SaltonEleanor D. SalutiAlice Salvatore Mario SalvucciMary SampsonGloria SanellaConcetta SantacroceJack SantamariaRose SantamariaHenry SantangeloMarguerite SantoroAntonio Santos Joseph SantospiritoMaura H. SargendSarofeenRuth SarroFrancis SatrialeJulia M. SaulnierMaureen Walsh SaulnierEugene SaundersMary E. Savas Marie P. SbardelliNicholas ScaliMary ScanlanJohn P. Scannell Sr.Elba ScareboroughAnna ScaringGeraldine F. ScheibertThe Schindler FamilyBarbara M. SchindlerCrocetta SchiovoniTheodore Schipani

Mr. SchneiderSister Maxima SchneiderAnna SchnitzleinEmma SchroederGerard SchulzeSalvatore ScimemiScott J. ScimemiVirginia ScolleyAnn Mary ScopiesiakSister Marius ScottMary ScottonRobert SenierRobert SeniorJohn & Paul SenkJoseph E. SennaMarie SerettoDolores SerinoRichard SerioGrace SextonRed ShanahanPhilip ShannonFrank M. SharpeMarie ShaunessyJohn ShawRuth ShawSister Etheldrita ShayArthur SheaBilly SheaDorothy SheaGertrude SheaJudith A. SheaLisa M. SheaMargaret SheaMichael SheaNancy SheaSister Jeremine SheaSister Mary Anastasia SheaModelyn SheahanJohn SheedyCornelius & Marguerite SheehanEd SheehanGene SheehanHelen V. SheehanJeremiah J. SheehanJo SheehanMarguerite G. SheehanMary Sheehan

Mary T. SheehanSister Alice SheehyRuth SheeranCarol Crowley SheridanRichard SheridanRev. Edward SherryDonald ShineMarie A. ShinkwinJohn D. ShirePamela ShultzPhylis ShultzJoyce SianoRoberta Ahearn SianoConstance SicoDotti SiftarAnthony SignorettiNicholas SignorettiPatricia A. SikoraMary SilvaShauna SilverLouise SilvestroMarjorie SimbliariasMary SimbliasWilliam SimmonsWilliam B. Simon Jr.Joseph A. SimonelliPeter SimpsonThomas SimpsonWendy SinclairHenry SingerJames SingletonSister BonaventuraSister Brenda’s CousinSister Denise Sister GabrellaSister Georgine Sister John JosephSister John VianneSister Justinian Sister LeonidasSister M. BrigidSister M. CelestinaSister M. FaustinusSister M. FrancescaSister M. GonzalesSister M. MatronaSister M. PancratiusSister M. Remegius

Please accept my most sincere condolences on the passing of our beloved Sister Ann.

It was a privilege and honor to work with Sister Ann on the Annual Luncheon.

She will be dearly missed. Rep. Kevin Honan, Brighton, MA

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Sister Marie AncillaSister Maristella Sister Mary Paul OSFSister Mary Virginia OSFSister Miriam ClaireSister PancetaGladys SittigRobert H. Slamin Dudley “Jim” SlaterlyMary SlavinMarguerite T. SlyneCarl SmithClaire Colomey SmithConnie SmithDr. Daniel J. SmithGeorge SmithIrene SmithJames “Jimmy” SmithJames Francis SmithMelburn SmithPat SmithPatricia SmithFrancis SmolinskyVictoria SnigierJean SnyderMildred Bonsera SnyderJames J. SoaresMary SoeldnerLt. Peter Sohm USAFPicasso SojournerJohn SorleyFrancis SoulorJoseph A. SousaFrank S. SpadaLila SpaldingRichard SparveriDonald SpellmanPaul E. “Red” SpellmanAnn SperandioJames Michael SpiceRobert SpinaleBob SpinneyKevin SpinneyCatherine A. SpinosaBarbara SpiridigliozzoMichael SpiritoJeff SpittelVincent SquillaciotiCarol SquillanteCharles W. St. GeorgeSister John Marie Stack Susan J. StanewickLillian & Harold StanleyEdna Louise StantonEdward StantonSarah StapanonLena StatenMary T. Steele

Mary StefanoniGenevieve SteffansChristine “Pat” SteilRussell A. Steinbach Sr.Carol StensonSteve Christine StevensRobert StevensRichard D. StevensonMary E. StewartThe Stinson FamilyLeroy StockEdna StockerGrace StoneMichelle StoneMargaret C. StonehouseRaymond StosteJohn David StrazzulloLouise StromrolAlfred StruzikRichard StucchiRichard SubiloskyFrancis J. Sulfaro, JrFrank SulfaroFrank J. SulforoKathleen F. Sullivan RNBarbara Mae SullivanBridget Catherine SullivanC. SullivanCatherine SullivanDaniel SullivanDanny SullivanEd SullivanEdward SullivanEleanor SullivanElizabeth Sullivan Helen “Lovey” SullivanHelen K. SullivanHelen T. SullivanHon. William SullivanJames SullivanJames P. SullivanJim SullivanJoan SullivanJohn & Mary SullivanJoseph SullivanJoseph A. SullivanKathleen F. SullivanLarry SullivanLeo SullivanLillian E. SullivanLillian F. SullivanMary SullivanMary E. SullivanMary S. SullivanMaureen SullivanMichael Sullivan

Patrick SullivanRaymond A. SullivanRichard SullivanRichard “Dick” SullivanRita SullivanRobert SullivanRose A. SullivanSister Ednata SullivanTimothy G. SullivanWalter J. SullivanWilliam Sullivan Mary SuretteErnie Susanin Edward SuslowiczJ. R. SutherlandSister Dorothy Grace SwaffieldVirginia SwallowDavid SwansonElizabeth SwantonEllen J. SweeneyJohn J. SweeneyMichael Mac SweeneyMrs. SweeneyNorma SweeneyPatrick J. SweeneyTerri SwiftJanet SwindlerMildred M. SylvesterJulie SymesNeil TaborRichard TabouriniCatherine TackneyJoseph P. Taffe Jr.Adele TamagniJohn C. TamboliJohn TamboneJohn TangneyNatalie Payaslian TarabelsiSarah TaschettaBarbara TatumRobert G. TauteMary TavalottAnita TavellaYolanda TaylorMargaret M. TeagueFrances TeixieraJoan TempelmanElio “Al” TempestaEric TempestaFrank F. TempestaJoseph A. TempestaThomas TempestaFrank TempesteGertrude TenorioSister Dorothy TerminelloViola Terrasi

Terry Edmond S. ThadeuHelen ThayerJean TherrienRosemary ThomasWilliam G. ThomasMichael ThomasettiDoris ThompsonFrank ThompsonGrace ThompsonCarol ThomsonDavid ThorpSeth TiberioDonald TiceZachary TiernanTheresa TierneyThomas TierneyWinifred TierneyPete & Bridget TigheElvira TimperioPatricia TineRichard L. Tirnan Sr.Dorothea M. TirrellRobert P. TisdaleElinor TobinJoseph TobinElaine TocciFran TocciRoseanne TolandSalvatore TolloMichael TomasettiDeborah TomsKatherine (Josie) TonraLillian TooleCarmen TorresTorrey’s GrandmotherErnestine TortorellaAnn M. TosoneSister Rita TouetSister Catherine Siena TraceySister Mary Myles TracyKathleen Traficanti Carlo TramontozziRyan Patrick TrantEdwin TraskHarry & Helen TraversJohn F. TraversMargaret TresselVincent TringaleDiane TrioJerome Patrick Troy Margaret TulisAnna M. TurcoWinnie TurkewiczGreg TurnerO. Turner Vincent Turturro

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Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 33

Edward TwohigChristopher TyrellTheresa TyrellEvelyn UguccioniJohn UmentumCathy UnislawskiAdelle S. UrbanHelen UrbanMary Ann VaccaroAngela VadeboncoeurAttilio ValchuisHenry ValcuzuelaSister Pauline ValdayMary Ann ValentiKelly ValentineDr. John Van TasselJames VanEckoArdelle VanderaardeCindi VannostandMichael Varda’s MotherMary VealeLeo VecchiarelloLewis VeneziaAraceli Sario VenidaElizabeth E. VentrescoAlbert VenturaFrank VenturaArthur VenutiBarbara VenutiMartha VerekerMary VestaMary VialpandoJeanne E. VidoliRoland VigeantLorraine VincentRalph VinciguerraNellie VinciullaCatherine VincolaAnna VivoloMary A. VogtJennie VolpeWilliam C. VolpeRobert VuillemenotSuzanne Waddick

Gail WagnerMargaret WagnerAngela WaldronStephen E. WaldronChester WalenskiFrances & Vincent WalkdenKathleen WalkerLinda J Foley WalkerNorman WalkerEsta Gendreau Wall John B. WallRalph E. WallSister Rose deLourdes WallWilliam R. WallGeorge Wallace Jack WallaceLois M. WallaceMarilyn WallaceMichael Wallace Richard T. Wallace Claire WalshClaire Flynn WalshDorothy F. WalshMarilyn WalshMichael WalshPriscilla WalshThomas WalshVirginia WalshMary WaltersMichael R. WaltonDaniel C. Wandell Sr.Dorothy Morgan WardDr. Clifford WardJoanne WardJohn WardMary & Michael WardThomas J.WardanBud WarheimTed WashburnRita WatersArthur WatsonBetty WattonBridget Agnes WattsRobert Watts

Helen WaylandMargaret WaystackJohn WebberFr. Charles WeberNorman WebsterAnne WeirElise WelchPaula WelchWilliam B. WelchMichael WellsRita WellsJune WenningMargaret T. WentzellGuy WernerFrank H. Whelan & FamilyBarbara WhillhiteAngela WhiteJean WhiteJohn WhiteJohn A. WhiteThomas “Pete” WhiteVeronica WhiteWilliam WhiteWynnie WhitePaul F. WhitleyAlan WhitneyBetty WhittingtonLeonard WholeyJohn WieczorekMarie WiemertAnne M. WilcoxPaul WilkasJulianne M. WillettTheresa WilletteBarbara WillhiteMargaret C. WilliamDenise WilliamsEd WilliamsFrancis WilliamsHerbert “Red” WilliamsMargaret Dunn WilliamsSusan WilliamsGeorge WillisGeorge Willwerth

John WilsonMary WilsonBarbara Kane WindsorAlan WisneskiChester WojcikBarbara E. WojnerFremont E. WoodPhillip WoodRichard WoodKevin C. WoodmanNorma WoodmanRuth WoodsZachary WoodsPeg WoodworthJames WoolaverLarry WorobWilliam WortowiczRita Marie WrightHelen WyseBarbara L. YakavonisWanda E. YelmokasGloria YonkersHenry YoungLester YoungMargari T. YoungMarilyn Rose YoungSheila Noreen YoungMary ZaccariniMadeleine ZaherJames ZahnJohn ZaiaChester ZakrezewskiMaria ZamarribaJohn ZamperelliSally A. ZanninoJohn ZiadyWalter ZielskiBarbara ZingarelliJohn ZinnaRobert ZolliEdith ZonaAnna ZonpantiAntonio Zullo †

A silent vigil was held outside the Motherhouse during the 5th Annual National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

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Our All Occasion Card Program has expanded to include a selection of holiday cards and cards for honoring the living.

Choosing our cards is a generous way of celebrating the lives of relatives and friends. Throughout the year, those you wish to remember through our card programs are

remembered in prayer by the Sisters of St. Joseph and their associates. All donations are acknowledged by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston

Office of Mission Advancement. If you wish to make a donation, know someone who would like to, or are in need of

cards for a relative or friend, please contact Cheryl Duggan, Mission Advancement Coordinator, at 617-746-2114

or email [email protected]. To make a donation online, visit

Thinking of youand wishing you well.

Thinking of you.Know that you are in my

thoughts and prayers.Get Well Soon.


All OccAsiOn cArd PrOgrAm


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Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston 35

-Specialty Cards Order Form

Please enter the number of cards you are ordering on the line next to the card.

Name _________________________________________________(Please print clearly)

Address _______________________________________________

City ______________ State ______ Zip _____

Page 34Ships in Harbor _____ Father’s Day Card ____Thinking of You #1_____ #2_____Page 35Happy Birthday #1_____ #2_____Get Well _____ Congratulations _____ Please mail to the Office of Mission Advancement 637 Cambridge St., Brighton, MA 02135

cArd PrOgrAm

Each card also reads:You will be remembered in

prayer by the Sisters of St. Joseph

of Boston and their Associates.


May the New Yearbring you many new vistas.


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If it Doesn’t Say Boston,It’s Not Ours

We have, once again, received phone calls and notes from our friends, relatives, and donors saying that they have received solicitations from the

Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield.

We share many things with our Springfield sisters: history, tradition, friendship, and a passion for mission. We do not share finances. We do not share our mailing list with any other group. Though we

do not, some nonprofits purchase mailing lists from magazines and companies.

Our mailing address is always:

Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston637 Cambridge StreetBrighton, MA 02135

Please check to make sure your gift reaches its intended designation.

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