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  • INTRODUCTIONSynchronous International Founded by young, enthusiastic entrepreneurial and engineers to

    provide specialist Engineering services for Energy & Environmental solutions to the South East

    Asian countries.

    The company is involved in Supplying & deploying products & services for Combustion, Energy

    conservation, waste heat recovery & pollution control systems.

    SIES is the one of the fastest growing Engineering company in south east Asia specializing &

    treatment of Biogas. We offers reliable solutions for Processing, cleaning and Utilization of Biogas.

    The equipment supplied by us meet the stringent CDM requirements & where users can earn

    valuable carbon credits.

    With the support by Principals SIES committed to provide unique, innovative Engineering solutions &

    services to meet the clients expectations.

    Our Products & solutions portfolio is powered by team of scientists & engineers dedicated to design &

    development of new technologies in our operative domains of energy conservation, pollution control,

    customized combustion Equipments, process control & Monitoring Equipments etc..

    Professionally quality products & solutions provided by highly motivated team.



    MISSIONOur mission is to provide our customers with high standard quality services at market competitive

    prices, whilst ensuring that they are delivered safely, within budget and on time.

    We will achieve this by:

    Establishing long-term strategic partnerships with our customers based on mutual understanding

    and collaboration.

    Continuously improving our abilities and investing in the training and development of our

    employees. Encouraging innovation and creativity to provide unique solutions that focus on the needs of the


    To achieve excellence in providing comprehensive solutions based on leading edge technology, costeffective system design and creativity by focusing on our customers' specific needs and achieve

    companys business goals with a view to contribute to the benefits of our clients, our stake holders, ouremployees, and the society

    OUR EXPERTISE & SOLUTIONSSynchronous International Engineering Solutions Co. Ltd. is involved in Supplying & deployingproducts & services for Combustion, Energy conservation, waste heat recovery & pollution controlsystems in Industries

    Petrochemical Industry Refineries Pharmaceutical Industry

    Biogas/Coal gas sites Water treatment plants

    Anaerobic Lagoons

    Chemical Industry Coal Mines Food Processing Industry Sewage treatment plant Effluent treatment plants Land fill sites

    SIES single-source approach is your key to full handling, from gas recovery & up-gradationsystems to flaring systems and waste heat recovery systems. With our remarkable innovativestrength, our presence and our obligation to act in a sustainable way, we provide answersto the toughest challenges of our time.

  • ADAVNCED COMBUSTIONFlares, Burners & Thermal Oxidizers

    The waste gases/Vapours from petrochemical,WWTP, chemical plants have very high potentialfor environmental hazards. If allowed to released unburned into atmosphere.SIES offers flares and combustion systems for safe disposal of gases with high efficiency andreliability.

    System Designed to meet the API 521/537 norms High efficiency Burners with up to 99% thermal destruction Flares operable on fully automated, SCADA based solutions Customized & Cost effective project specific solutions Installations of various types of flares

    Application Areas Biogas/Coal gas sites Chemical plants Landfill sites WWTP/WTP/ETP/STP Anaerobic Lagoons Petrochemical Industry Refineries Oil & Gas plants

    GAS LINE SYSTEMSFlame Arrestors, PVRV & Flow meters

    SIES offers Gas flow meter for flow measurement. Flame arrestor for gas group I, IIA, IIB as per BS7244/EN 12874. PVRV offered as per API 2000 withPRVs/BRVs/Breather valves & tested.

    Application Areas Flammable Gas/Liquid

    storage tank vents Coal mines ventilation

    systems Offshore drilling platform

    vents Flare stacks Vapor Inclination systems Feed to burners

    Provision for temperature sensor, draining, cleaning ports PVRV/Breather valve as per API 2000 with many material

    combinations Flow meter offered are Venturi type & thermal mass flow

    meter for gas flow only Flow meter design for high temperature applications

    compatible with all necessary pipes, fittings & Valves High efficiency Burners with up to 99% thermal destruction Flares operable on fully automated, SCADA based solutions Customized & Cost effective project specific solutions Installations of various types of flares

  • GAS TREATMENT & CONDITIONINGScrubbing & Dehumidification

    SIES offers scrubbing system removes H2S and toxic elements from biogas/LFG prior to gas usedfor utilization for power generation and upgrading to CNG for boiler.

    Our dehumidification has an advantage of utilization the biogas at higher efficiency which hasshort payback period in addition to low maintenance, as moisture may cause corrosion and otherproblems.

    Desulphurization of Biogas, flue gas etc.. Removal of moisture from any combustible gas Suitable for STP,WWTP and waste treatment plants Treatment of Smoke fumes, engine exhaust & flue gas


    Application Areas Biogas H2S removal Acid, SOx, H2S, CO, NH

    removal from gases for chemical, Petrochemical, food processing, pharma & related industries.

    BIOGAS TO POWER/CNGUpgradation Biogas for Productive use

    For any queries or further details, please contact:

    Synchronous International Engineering Solutions Co. Ltd.42, SOI UDOMSUK, 43, BANGCHAK PRAKHANONG,BANGKOK 10260Tel-Fax : +66 2 028 8197E-mail: sales@synchronousinternational.comWeb. :

    SIES provides most comprehensive total solution for Biogas upgrading. The membrane basedtechnology employed is highly reliable, fast active & give consistent output to the requireddesigned parameters.The upgrading module is containerized, compact, fully automatic & having good aesthetics. Italso has the good flexibility of adjustment to the requirement & incoming biogas quality.

    Capability to give high methane contents with low methane slip Instant starts-stop & high turndown ratio makes it most desirable

    upgrading system SIES also provide system to purify CO2 gas of industrial/food grade


    Application Areas Vehicle fuel Replacement of


    Product & Technology from