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Business Boost International We help you grow your international turnover and profits Company presentation
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Transcript of Company Profile Business Boost International Company Profile English FINAL

  1. 1. Business Boost InternationalWe help you grow your international turnover and profitsCompany presentation
  2. 2. WelcomeBusiness Boost International supports you in your international business development strategy, plans andexecutionWe help you realise your potential international turnover and profit
  3. 3. Welcome Business Boost International B.V. assists SME-companies to: Internationalise your business successfully Identify opportunities Accelarate the growth in your turnover and profit Realise a quicker and more effective market entry Avoid the pitfalls Become a better and more equal partner of your agent/distributor Increase the transparancy of emerging markets for you
  4. 4. Contents Clients Who we are Method Team Services References Contact
  5. 5. Clients SME-companies that supply to companies (B2B) Equipment manufacturers that supply to agribusiness, foodbusiness or related sector Turnover between EUR 2,5 - 50 mln and profitable 5-500 employees International experience and looking for further growth Contact persons are decision makers and open minded Used to work with experts because you focus on your business Looking for professional and practical support and strive for longterm partnership/cooperation
  6. 6. Who we are Entrepreneurial and practical advisory firm Sparring partner Highly committed, professional and creative Specialised and experienced in market entries in high growth markets Significant network mainly in agribusiness, food business and related Network in high growth markets (Central & Eastern Europe, India) with local people From strategy to execution
  7. 7. Method Face to face meeting to get to know one another better Mutual confidence and understanding You will receive a proposal containing a comprehensible description of the assignment,timing, methodology and deliverables We work on fixed fees, hourly or day rates, combination with success fee are possible. One point of contact during the project Together with you we shall make the project a success!
  8. 8. Team Eric OvingKerst Doornhof Masters degree in business Masters degree in economics (Groningen). Chemistry (Utrecht). Nine years at a large Dutch financial MBA at Brunel University, London. institution workin with SMEs. Four years senior project manager Ten years at Ministry of Economic and associate at Larive International, a Affairs, responsible for all incentive Eric Oving business development consultancy firmprogrammes focused on emerging with focus on emerging Manager of [email protected] programme Eight years Managing Partner at Larive with focus on food processing sector inInternational, supported many India ( companies investing in emergingmarkets. Beginning of 2011 entrepreneur Kerst supports among others Partner advising among others companies in Logistics Europe BV structuring their strategy and ( in their international expansion plans. international business developmentKerst Doornhofand other companies that invest inemerging markets.
  9. 9. Services (1)StrategyMarket Structuring andOperationalFinancialdevelopment research finance research assistance participation We help youWe help youWe helpWe provide We can help you developing the acquire thestructure your local support. attract growth internationalrelevant marketbusiness abroad capital for your business information. and acquire expansion plans. development needed strategy. financing. We check the We cooperate We cooperate We work with We can provide opportunities, with you and with you inwell established financing identify and with the bestfinding theand reliable solutions to reduce risks and localfinancing of the local people.facilitate your check if yourprofessionals in international international company is specific fields. expansion.expansion. ready.
  10. 10. Services (2) Internationalisation Scan Back ground &reputation check Package 4 Growth China & India Sparring Consult Voucher Partner Search for foreign companies Private Sector Investment Programme
  11. 11. Services (3)Internationalisation scan (1) Internationalisation scan helps you answer: Is my company ready for international business development? How do I turn my international business development from a reactive into a pro-active approach? In which regions/countries are there oppotunities for my company? How do I identify and select reliable partners abroad? What are the pros and cons of outsourcing, shifting production, developing new markets? How do I implement it successfully? et cetera
  12. 12. Services (4)Internationalisation scan (2)The internationalisation scan has been developed to support you in this process. The scan is based on your company information, interview with management and productionplant tour. A concise and tailor made report will be presented to you face to face. This report containsyour company profile, opportunities abroad for your company and conclusions andrecommendations (approach, points of attention and next steps).
  13. 13. Services (5)Internationalisation scan (3)The following modules have been developed for next steps:1.Company preparation module2.Market research / business intelligence3.Preparation of integrated market entry plan4.Implementation and support of market entry plan5.Partner search (suppliers, JV partners, clients)6.Structuring abroad (green field, M&A, strategic alliance, JV, distributor, agent)7.Financing of the foreign investment8.Financial and operational check on existing foreign companies incl own branches9.Legal or fiscal advice and checks (due diligence, HR contracts, IPR, retention of title,local tax regimes)10.Clustering of companies to jointly achieve objectives (joint outsourcing ofproduction, joint investments)
  14. 14. References Agricultural sector (Russian Federation, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Poland, China and India) Poultry/red meat/Horticulture/Feed/potatoes, vegetables and fruits/renewable energy/dairy. Bread production (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, India and Russian Federation) Metal processing (Bulgaria, Romania and Russian Federation) Wood processing (Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Russian Federation and Bosnia Herzegovina) Construction sector (Russian Federation, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Croatia, Serbia, Kazakhstan and India)
  15. 15. References Logistics and warehousing (Russian Federation, Romania, Bulgaria and India) Software (Bulgaria, Ukraine and Russian Federation) Entertainment (Romania and Russian Federation) Education/vocational education (India) Experience with multiple countries in Central and Eastern Europa and Asia Experience with multiple projects (over 100 projects) Experience with multiple sectors Specific and detailed references can be provided on request
  16. 16. Are you interested in our services? Lets meet! Business Boost International: Office+ 31 35 5431561 / [email protected] Eric Oving+31 6 38894483 / [email protected] Kerst Doornhof+31 6 20033002 / [email protected] Address: Het Tolhuis Tolweg 3-1 3741 LM Baarn