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    OUR COMPANY Euro Pipeline Equipment design, manufacture and export a full range of pipeline equipment well known in the most important onshore pipeline projects around the world.

    OUR MISSION: CUSTOMIZED MACHINES Euro Pipeline Equipment stands out in the market as a reliable partner able to design customized machines satisfying contractors specific needs. Thanks to a team of skilled technicians and engineers the Company is able to deliver bespoke equipment to the Customer, matching all the requirements for the best performance at site.

    MORE THAN A SUPPLIER: A REAL PARTNER Our unique capability of customization makes our products operating in the biggest onshore pipeline projects around the world. Euro Pipeline Equipment is actually a key partner of the most important onshore pipelines contractors working globally: this allows our Company to benefit from fresh feedback from job sites to constantly improve the quality of our products.

    A GLOBAL SOLUTION Our strength is the flexibility and the control of the whole product development: R&D, design, manufacturing, testing, delivery and technical assistance. This ensure our Customer to have one single focal point providing a complete solution for their jobsites: Pipelayers, Pipe Bending Machines, Hydraulic Wedge Mandrels, Multipurpose Tractors, Line-Up Clamps, Roller Cradles, Vacuum Lifter, Test Pumps.

    WHERE WE ARE The facility of Euro Pipeline Equipment is located in the Oil & Gas valley of Italy (between Parma and Piacenza) in the town of Carpaneto Piacentino (80 km South-West of Milan). The offices and facilities spreads out on a total area of 53.000 m2, of which 20.000 m2 completely covered and equipped with all the machineries, lifting devices and tools to efficiently manufacture heavy and light equipment.

  • OUR TEAM 13 professional experts employed with an expected growing till 21 in the next two years.


    Riccardo Franchini provides general oversight of all Euro Pipeline Equipment activities, manages the day-to-day operations, and assures smooth company processes and efficient organization. He assures program quality and organizational stability through development and implementation of standards and controls, systems and procedures and regular evaluation of the performance.


    Matteo Dondeo is an expert Corporate Sales Manager in charge of Sales Department and coordination of Euro Pipeline Equipment branches. His experience has roots in EPC contractors of the Oil & Gas sector. He also covered the role of Sales and Marketing Manager in large scale worldwide multinational with full autonomy on markets, agents, contract prices and negotiation.


    Nicola Iapozzuto covered the role of Production Director for a renowned player in the pipeline industry and worked also as Plant Director for 6 years. The skills he gained are related to the management of the workshop, the organization of buyers, direct staff and evaluation of the suppliers.


    Filippo Fantini is a Senior Engineer involved since long time in the Mechanical, Electrical and Hydraulic design of heavy equipment. Starting from electrical and electronic design he expanded his knowledge to Hydraulic and HVAC systems, then focusing in designing lifting systems. His expertise includes: Container handling equipment, warehouse equipment and pipeline equipment.

    FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS 2015 turnover: 7,7 million Euro with an expected 2016 turnover around 15 million Euro based on actual clients portfolio. In 2017-2018 Euro Pipeline Equipment forecast a turnover increase of further 20-30% thanks to a consistent R&D investment plan and an expanded commercial network.

    INNOVATIVE COMMERCIAL FORMULA: SALES AND LOCAL RENTAL Euro Pipeline Equipment fully satisfies Contractors needs with an innovative and flexible commercial strategy. For the first time in the pipeline market, our branches will promote locally the sale and the rental of our equipment, directly from the manufacturer to the customer without any intermediation. Full warranty and technical assistance will be available in the main regions where Oil & Gas project are ongoing such as Middle East, Latin America, Russia and North Africa.