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Operating System Functions

Function of Operating system

by Sheraz hussain khan Roll no, 4616 BS-IT 1st semester(M)O/S FUNCTIONSThe process of starting or restarting a computer is called booting2


3344Operating System FunctionsAn operating system includes various shut down options

55Operating System FunctionsA user interface controls how you enter data and instructions and how information is displayed on the screenWith a graphical user interface (GUI), you interact with menus and visual images

66Operating System FunctionsWith a command-line interface, a user uses the keyboard to enter data and instructions7

7Operating System FunctionsHow an operating system handles programs directly affects your productivity88Operating System Functions

99Operating System FunctionsMemory management optimizes the use of RAMVirtual memory is a portion of a storage medium functioning as additional RAM10

10Operating System FunctionsThe operating system determines the order in which tasks are processed11

11Operating System Functions1212Operating System FunctionsOperating systems typically provide a means to establish Internet connections13

13Operating System FunctionsA performance monitor is a program that assesses and reports information about various computer resources and devices14

14Operating System FunctionsOperating systems often provide users with the capability of:1515Operating System FunctionsAutomatic update automatically provides updates to the program16

16Operating System FunctionsSome operating systems are designed to work with a server on a networkA server operating system organizes and coordinates how multiple users access and share resources on a networkA network administrator uses the server operating system to:Add and remove users, computers, and other devicesInstall software and administer network security1717Operating System FunctionsEach user has a user accountA user name, or user ID, identifies a specific userA password is a private combination of characters associated with the user name