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Technical Class: Monday, March 4 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

Transcript of SharePoint Speedmetal for Admins by Chris McNulty - SPTechCon

  • 1. SharePoint SpeedMetal Admin 101SPTechCon San Francisco 2013Chris McNulty

2. 25 years Since 1987, Quest has offered a broad and deep selection of products that target common IT challenges100k 30Quest products provide overOver thirty acquisitions have100,000 customers with IT solutionsstrengthened our product portfolioevery day18%Quest has driven innovation by3,900Quest employees develop solutions in over sixtyregularly investing 18% or more inoffices throughout the worldR&D 3. Dell Software | SharePoint3 Confidential SharePoint 4. Chris McNulty SharePoint BU at Dell Software 10+ years with SharePoint 20 years consulting (led KMA SharePoint practice) and financial services technology (Santander, John Hancock/Manulife, GMO, State Street) MBA in Inv Mgmt from Boston College Write and speak often on Microsoft IW technologies (blogs & books) MCSE MCTS MSA MVTSP MCC Hiking, cooking, playing guitar, colonial history, photography My family: Hayley, three kids (18, 9, 6) and my dog Stan4 ConfidentialSharePoint 5. 5 Confidential SharePoint 6. 6 Confidential SharePoint 7. Hometown, Laurel, NY (from ConfidentialSharePoint 8. Key Topics8 Confidential SharePoint BU 9. Presentation Governance In scope 2010 Administration Core Out Of Scope 2013 Deep Dives Deep Dives (e.g. PowerShell, BI, Upgrade, SQL DBA) Development/Customization Power User (e.g. Library Customization, Designer Workflows, etc.) Rules Move fast, PowerPoint is shared Questions time permitting during session Any time after session email etc. - @cmcnulty20009 Confidential SharePoint 10. Congratulations! Youre the new SharePoint Administrator!!! But Youre still responsible for: Exchange Active Directory SQL Desktop Help Desk Network/Firewall Cooking & Cleaning Etc.10 ConfidentialSharePoint 11. The Dilemma SharePoint administration is often an add-on for other IT professionals (SQLDBAs, AD Admins, Exchange Engineers) Time and focus are scarce resources! Common pain points include Upgrades are complex and hard to monitor Dispersed workforce, little control of browsers and Office versions Hard to understand and troubleshoot behind the scenes performance and capacityplanning Best practices not always understood or compared to system health All or nothing administration means IT must be engaged for all admin responsibilities,even search11 Confidential SharePoint 12. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 the bright frontier12 Confidential Eastern Long Island, July 4, SharePoint2010 13. Architecture and Design15 ConfidentialSharePoint 14. Server Farm Web Front End Typical Roles: http services Search query Scaling Add servers to load balanced cluster Performance Optimization RAM Easily virtualized16 ConfidentialSharePoint 15. Server Farm - Application Server Typical Roles: Search index/crawl Excel calculation User profiles Managed Metadata Scaling Add search servers and partitions Move shared services to dedicatedservers Performance Optimization CPU1717 Confidential SharePoint 16. Server Farm - Database Typical Roles: Data storage SQL Reporting Scaling Add storage capacity Performance Optimization Disk I/O 1818 ConfidentialSharePoint 17. Sizing - Single Server Typical Roles: Small teams Small pools of documents Considerations Performance & fault tolerance less of aconcern SQL & Web on same system Search not a core function19 Confidential SharePoint 18. Sizing - Medium Farm Typical Roles: 100-10,000 users 10,000 1MM documents Scenarios Enterprise portal Large scale collaboration Broader applications platform Larger external search pool Mix and match internal external front endservers on common content databases20 Confidential SharePoint 19. Sizing - Large Farm Typical Roles: Large distributed enterprise users(10000+) Large pools of documents (>1MM)21 ConfidentialSharePoint 20. Sizing No Servers Office 365 Office 365 Enterprise Plans E1E2E3E4 Constraints/Unavailable Custom, non sandbox solutions SharePoint Online Power Pivot SQL Server Reporting Service Office Web Apps Integration Local Copy of Office Business Connectivity Services Professional 2010 Plus (OK for web services- basedremote data in O365 BCS.) FAST Search Server Integration Forms Services, Vision Web Analytics Services, Access Services Site collections greater than 100GB Monthly cost per user $10 $16 $24 $2722 Confidential SharePoint 21. Top Level Logical Components Farm level Web applicationsWeb Applications Independent top level URLs Run inside IIS pools Consume shared services and admin http://intranetSite Collectionsfrom the farm or other farms Site collections Security, branding, database frontierSite Hierarchies Sites Contain single sites or site hierarchies Lists Libraries Pages Web Parts http://centadminSingle Sites Sites (MySite) Group related SharePoint elements(lists, libraries, pages, web parts) 2323 Confidential SharePoint 22. Logical Components High capacity! Maximums 250,000 sites per site collection 5,000 site collections per content DB 200GB max content DB (single sitecollection) >200GB post SP1 300 Content DBs per web application 30MM documents/library 2GB document size 2011 News 14TB Demo 2013 Notes Shredded storage?25 Confidential SharePoint 23. Disk Sizing Content Search Initial Content SizeXXX GBExternal Crawl Size YYY GB Initial User Pool U User Collab Size.25GB n YR Growth Rate Archive Rate G% End Content SizeXXX (1+G)n = ECSEnd Search Size YYY (1+G)n = ESS End User Collab Size.25 * U * (1+G)n = EUCS Content DBs ECS + EUCS Search DBs.05 * (ECS + EUCS + ESS) Search Index Files.05 * (ECS + EUCS + ESS) Content of SharePoint content anddisk dumps (if used for backup) which can add 1-3X.Inputs: Size will grow!non-SharePoint content included in search For DBs, dont forget transaction logs, Searching remote storesneed be provisioned early isnt free. In SAN or virtual environments, not all disk saves disk but26 Confidential SharePoint 24. Database sizing Automatic database growth: 50-100MB clumps not by percentage. Using a small size leads to more frequent, but smoother, steady state growth. Presize tempdb to about 20% the size of the single largest content database.27 Confidential SharePoint 25. Psstabout SQL Sidebar on SQL Disk optimization RAID 1: Mirroring (Wastes disk) RAID 5: Parity Bit (write performance hit) RAID 10 Stripes across mirrors (costly) Physical location of data, log, temp and/or backup files. If virtualization or SANtechnology doesnt isolate the disks, not much performance gain, Performance optimization/fault tolerance by: RAID1 on boot disks RAID5 on data disks RAID10 on log disks No RAID, or RAID 5 on backup disks RBS reduces size (and count) of content databases but doesnt reduce size oftotal storage IOPS, IOPS, IOPS!30 Confidential SharePoint 26. Internet Topology Edge Firewall Traditional Inexpensive Simple Edge Firewall WFEApp SQLAD Only one firewall Internet External traffic comes insideinternal network Internal Network34 ConfidentialSharePoint 27. Internet Topology Perimeter More complex Duplicative networks, backup, ADEdgeRouter/ WFE App SQL ADFirewallFirewall External traffic is reserved Internet Larger server foot print (exposure) inperimeterPerimeter NetworkInternal Net Internal users need domain trusts Internal users access site acrossfirewall35 Confidential SharePoint 28. Internet Topology Split Back to Back Most complex Intricate firewall rules Edge Router/ App, AD and search roles Firewall WFE FirewallApp SQL ADoptionally in perimeter Internet Optional internal WFE or internalusers always cross a firewallPerimeter Network Internal Network Crawl topologies important toavoid overtaxing the firewall36 Confidential SharePoint 29. Internet Topology Enhanced Techniques Multi-farm SSA farm Content publishing38 Confidential SharePoint 30. Platform Basics SharePoint 2010 is a 64 bit only platform. Direct upgrades from 32 bit to 64 bit require prep work. Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2 X64 SQL Server 2005 x64 SP3 CU3Or SQL Server 2008 x64 SP1 CU2Or SQL Server 2008 R240 ConfidentialSharePoint 31. Shared Service Applications 2007 Shared Services Providerhas been broken up; each of itselements is now a Shared User ProfilesService ApplicationSearch Metadata Mix and match them singly or ingroups, to match farms needs.Excel Calc Visio Crawl/index no longer a singleserver role In 2010, administration can bedelegated Key targets: Enterprise search,metadata, user profileshttp://globalwebhttp://itportal41 Confidential SharePoint 32. Client/Browser Technology Internet Explorer 7/8/9, Firefox and Safari are all supported. Some support for Chrome IE6 is not supported Most other browsers are still supported for Internet configurations Office 2010 includes optimizations for the new platforms Offline Access 2007: used Outlook 2007 and Groove SharePoint Workspace 2010 integrates offline documents and lists42 ConfidentialSharePoint 33. Office Web Applications SharePoint 2010 provides a server version ofOffice applications Office Web Access, orOWA. In part, this enables simultaneous multiuserediting of Office documents: Excel in OWA, not client Word/PowerPoint on client only if file opened from a shared document library OneNote client or OWA43 Confidential SharePoint 34. Installation and Upgrade44 Confidential SharePoint 35. Installation - PrerequisitesServers: Windows 2008 R2 X64 Enterprise Edition SQL Server 2008 R2 x64Service Accounts spfarm (Farm acct; local admin on the SharePoint servers and either sa or dbcreate, dbowner and security adminon the SQL server.) svcsql (SQL Server service acct) sppool (IIS pool acct) spcrawl (Search accts) spadmin Interactive admin (install account; local, site collection and farm admin privileges)Install as SPAdminInstall Software Prerequisites - Checks for following elements: Application Server Role, Web Server (IIS) Role