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Should Dementia be diagnosed in primary or secondary Care?

Should Dementia be diagnosed in primary or secondary Care?Dr Seamus V McNultyConsultant Psychiatrist andChair, Faculty of Old Age PsychiatryRoyal College of Psychiatrists in Scotland

Secondary Care

Secondary Care

Secondary Care

Primary Care

Primary Care

Primary Care

New GP ContractWe are arguing for a physican-led primary healthcare team it doesnt mean youre the boss because you dont employ the team but you should be leading how to achieve the outcomes, providing expert medical support to those team members Allan McDevitt, Chair Scottish GP committee of BMASpecialist Generalist :

Old Age PsychiatristsLead multidisciplinary teams in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of Dementia

Primary vs Secondary CareArgument should not be about primary versus secondary care but about a deliberate blurring of the distinction.

Move more of secondary care services into the communities they serve!