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  • Mobile App SalesHANDBOOK

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    The purpose of this guidebook is to provide concise, step-by-step directions on how to maximize your sales efforts selling apps and mobile websites to business owners. Through easy to follow guidelines, you will be able identify needs, satisfy delivery of those needs, and efficiently capitalize on your opportunities.

    MOBILE APP Sales Handbook

    Mobile Sales Methodology

    Mobile Sales Life-cycle

    Qualifying Questions

    9 Pitch Ideas

    Common Objections

    Small Business CRM

    Mobile App Specific Terminology

    Target Verticals

    Table of Contents

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    While a standardized sales methodology has been proven effective, depending on your customer, it is best to nuance your process in order to suit each individual client. The following tips are meant to serve only as general guidelines to approaching your clientele.

    BENEFITS OVER FEATURESEmphasize the importance of mobile apps and mobile websites for a business, and you'll be more likely to catch the interest of decision makers. If you are not generating a positive response, then you are more than likely describing a feature instead of a benefit. Its not the number of features, but added value of them. Tell your client how the app can relate to their success, rather than listing off each individual feature.

    INSIDE, OUTEmphasize targeting your immediate social circles, or professional networks first. You want to work inside out. Go with what you know in order to maximize your efforts. By using this method, you will be able to see a larger return on your most valuable assetyour time.

    LET'S USE THE RIGHT BRAIN APPROACH...When decision makers weigh cost and benefits in the purchase decision making process, the best tactic is to fully utilize emotional elements. One of the best ways to inject emotional content into your sales approach is through storytelling.

    ...BECAUSE EVERYONE LOVES TO HEARA STORY!Use of testimonial storytelling can increase sales by as much as 700%! Your prospects expect you to play the role of a salesman, but they generally trust their peers to be realistic about their product experiences. Use quotes from satisfied customers and include statistics that highlight the benefits of using mobile apps for their business. Remember to always be specific, citing verifiable source data.

    MOBILE Sales Methodology

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    WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME?In order to generate strong responses, it's important to give your prospects compelling reasons why mobile apps and mobile websites solve problems, fulfill needs, and most importantly, benefit the financial health of their organization.

    Remember to offer demo apps and case studies of how mobile apps have improved similar organizations. This will establish, in the decision makers own opinion, that your product will positively affect their business.

    COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR PROSPECTAnother important process in sales methodology is listening. Some decision makers may have preconceived opinions about the mobile app landscape and value, and you will need to listen to those viewpoints. By listening and understanding, you will be able to effectively educate your clients about the value of mobile apps. Remember to give both verbal and non-verbal acknowledgement that you are listening and understanding. If you need to, repeat what they have said in order to verify complete understanding.

    Secondly, relate to your client that you understand their concerns. Use your storytelling. Emphasize both emotional and quantifiable results.

    ASK FOR THE SALEFinally, it's important to ask your client for the sale. This is a crucial step and many sales can be lost because the step is neglected. If you have built an effective narrative, with quantified benefits and emotionally resonating features, the decision to purchase a mobile app will be quite simple!

    MOBILE SALES METHODOLOGY Stress benefits rather than features Capitalize on emotional elements Tell stories to engage prospect Explain how mobile apps will positively affect their business Communicate effectively by listening and offering your own take Ask for the actual sale

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    Examining the sales process for mobile app sales is a very useful tool in maximizing your efforts. There are four essential stages in the mobile app sales cycle: Acquisition, Installation, Usage, and Renewal.

    ACQUISITIONThe acquisition stage of the app sales life cycle can be the most intimidating. This is where new clients are obtained using resources found in your CRM. However, as your business and clients grow, a majority of your time will be spent managing and maintaining your customers through the remaining stages of the mobile app life cycle.

    INSTALLATIONThe installation of the mobile app to your client is the second stage of the app sales life-cycle. During this process, the app is being built, customized, and deployed according to your customer's needs. Some customers may want specialized features, additional capabilities, and even nuances such as font changes! With this stage, it is important to validate and positively reinforce your clients purchase decision.

    USAGEDuring the usage stage, your client is actively using their app and paying monthly fees. Again, your main role during this stage is to reinforce the value of their mobile app. If there are any issues or training requirements that your customer needs, create time to fulfill those needs. It is always more expensive to obtain new customers than to maintain current ones.

    RENEWALThe final stage of the app sales lifecycle is the renewal stage. During this process, an app may need to be rebuilt to accommodate changing technology, or even a changing business. Ask questions about their business performance, and provide them with tools to measure business performance before and after the app deployment. These tools are all available in the Small Business CRM.

    MOBILE SALES Life-cycle

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    MOBILE SALES Life-cycle















    Manage and maintain your new client While app is being built, validate and

    positively reinforce your clients purchase

    Reinforce the value of your clients app Rebuild to accommodate changing

    technology or change in business


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    Lastly, in order to quickly identify a compelling business prospect, a few questions should be asked to determine if a mobile app would fulfill their needs.

    QUESTION #1 DOES YOUR BUSINESS CURRENTLY HAVE A MOBILE APP OR WEBSITE OPTIMIZED FOR MOBILE DEVICES?The answer to this question should be known before you approach your prospect. A simple internet search for their business will show you if they have a mobile app, a mobile website, or even an online presence. If the answer is no, then continue to pursue the prospect. If the answer is yes, determine if their current solution is effective.

    QUESTION #2 WOULD A MOBILE APP PROVIDE TANGIBLE AND SIGNIFICANT BENEFIT TO THE ORGANIZATION? Determining if spending time on the account would offer benefits not only to your customer, but to you, is very important. If a business has limited potential business expansion in the mobile web space, then you have a greater advantage moving on to your next prospect. This would be a rare occurrence however, as most businesses have customers that use cell phones.

    QUESTION #3 DOES THE BUSINESS HAVE THE FINANCIAL CAPABILITIES TO ACQUIRE THE SERVICE? This question may seem obvious, but it is often overlooked. If a business is not financially qualified to receive the services and products you offer, then you will never benefit from your efforts. Remember to do ample research on your leads before you begin the sales cycle.

    Three MOBILE APP Qualifying Questions

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    Here are some examples of how to share the benefits that mobile apps can provide.

    1 SHOW THEM AN ALREADY BUILT EXAMPLE APPThe most effective way to impress a potential client is an in-person example. Knowing the desired industry, show the potential client an app that would be similar in nature to theirs and give them a brief walk through. Display all of the relevant features that could improve their customer retention and the endless possibilities for inbound marketing.

    2 CREATE A CUSTOMIZED APP DEMO FOR A CLIENT IN 15 MINUTESWith the way our system works, you wont be charged for the number of Apps you make, only the ones that are uploaded to the App Store. So a great way to impress a client is to create their app before you try to sell them on it. Usually when a business owner already sees their app built out, they can gain a much better idea of what youre offering and are usually impressed with your companys quick turn around time. You can easily set up a demo for each client that you speak with in 15 minutes. Offer to complete the demo if they agree to purchase the app.

    3 PUSHING PUSH NOTESExplain the use of push notifications and their use in getting customers inside their business. For a restaurant during a slow period, they can send out a push notification for a food special and get people in the doors. This can be a very powerful selling point for businesses as it can directly help bring customers into their business! You can also compare these in-app push notification messages to text message marketing - which is extremely expensive! A typical SMS plan can cost upwards of $500/month and with your service, push notifications are included with each app free of charge.