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  • 1. Imagine Imagine a world of e-commerce opportunities that carries No Logistical worries: all the best suppliers are brought to you, already checked, and with products that were already tested. Imagine a world of moving straight forward with your online stores while taking care of nothing other but selling your products. Imagine a world where you don't need to import and store and ship and track and you dont need to pay for all these expenses. Imagine a world where all you need to do is sell. We will supply Imagine the world of supply and sell

2. Where you can find your messages from and to us Orders that have been pending for over a week Funds available to your account, Indicating Blue Level & Red Level Communicate directly with our live support Dashboard page contains quick glance sight summery of your accounts status. Each indication in this page performs as navigation to the relevant module in the system. Blue level indicates that your account has reached dangerously low level of funds, and compromising your future orders Red Level - indicates that your accounts balance has crossed the funds level that allows orders, and you will be required to add more funds in order to place more orders in the system DashboardDashboardDashboardDashboard 3. Orders page contains information about the orders you transmitted to Supply & Sell system, regarding your orders status, tracking number if available, and origin details. You can filter your orders list to view orders of certain criterions such as: pending orders in a specified timeframe. Or search your order list to find all the orders from Australia, or a certain order ID. Each order contains comments area which perform as a message board between you and Supply & Sell system for this order From this screen you can export your orders list, and import your new orders for transmission to Supply & Sell Set the criterions which filter your transactions list view Detailed order view Customer details Opens detailed view for this transaction Comments area To import orders page Orders pageOrders pageOrders pageOrders page 4. To register your orders on the system you will be required to fill in the orders uploading form. Please download the form with the Download XLS button on the import orders page, or from here. The form contains a detailed yellow header which will guide you how to fill the orders form. Please delete the entire header before uploading 4 Upload the filled form here 1 Download the orders form here 3 Follow the instructions on the Yellow header guide on the orders form 2 Orders form XLS ImpoImpoImpoImport orders pagert orders pagert orders pagert orders page 5. The Messages center is designed not only to provide you the best accessibility to your messages in the most intuitive fashion. But also to keep your messages logs for future review. Each ticket in the message system contains all the back and forth correspondence regarding the tickets topic. This makes it easier to conduct several conversations, on several subjects without loosing the thread. Navigation bar Messages List Messages Frame Answer Frame Messages centerMessages centerMessages centerMessages center 6. Comparison of sales conducted on the last 24 Hrs. / 7 days / 30 days Detailed transaction view Finance screen contains information about your financial transactions with Supply & Sell. It contains date amount and source of each transaction that was made, to provide you with more information regarding your money. Each transaction is assigned to it's originating order ID, which can lead you to the order details of the desired transaction You can export your transactions to excel worksheet. Or update funds transfer to Supply and Sell when your funds level becomes lower. Originating order ID Opens detailed view for this transaction Set the criterions which filter your transactions list view Finance screenFinance screenFinance screenFinance screen 7. Account balance and levels summary At the Add Funds page, you can notify the Supply & Sell system of funds transfer you made to your account balance. Your add funds transaction will show immediately at the finance page under pending status until a Supply & Sell representative will clear your transaction. Then it's status will be changed to approved, and the funds will be added to your accounts credit. It is important that the transaction details should be very accurate in order for the system representative to locate it and clear your funds. Funds depositFunds depositFunds depositFunds deposit Transaction details 8. Products section of Supply and Sell is a highly sophisticated online products catalog for multi supplier platforms. It was developed to be as intuitive and easy to use as it is powerful. Products page is a dynamic interface branch structure, where you can arrange your view according to category or supplier, and then choose products from the desired branch, or sub branch. Clicking the product title will allow you to view its description Category Tree Products listed under the selected branch Supplier code Products catalogProducts catalogProducts catalogProducts catalog 9. Once selected the category or supplier, you will be displayed with list of products that are listed under that category / Supplier, along with supplier statistics and all other information that you may need in order to list in your online store. There are several advantages to selling products of the same category and supplier in your store. You will get to save shipping fees for combined shipping orders, and your product supply will be coherent in terms of quality, pricing and shipping periods. Product description Products catalogProducts catalogProducts catalogProducts catalog 10. Account settings page is where you can watch your personal information as it is registered in the Supply and Sell system, and other detail regarding your account, such as: your stores list, your products, and change your password. Changing your personal information can be done by opening a ticket call on the messages system. Sellers can not change their personal information themselves for security reasons Your personal products catalog Manage your stores Your personal information Account SettingsAccount SettingsAccount SettingsAccount Settings 11. The Reports page contains summarized information to keep track of your sales statistics and incomes in an intuitive graphically enhanced fashion. In this page you will be able to recognize your statistics in a glance, or filter your reports to refine your analysis. The details link next to each title, leads to table detailed view of the relevant graphs data. 5 Leading products chart. Shows your 5 most selling products share of your total income Graphical notification of your general sales within a certain pre determined timeframe (See filter bar) Graphical comparison of sales results between several products (to your selection) within the predetermined timeframe Product list to select from Filter bar (set your desired timeframe) 6 months sales in a glance, provides comparison of your last 6 months statistics, along with the present moth forecast ReportsReportsReportsReports 12. 1.Select your Products 2.Deposit funds in your account 3.start selling How it works: It's as easy as 1-2-3: Once your account is established, you can select products from our catalog. When your personal selection of products is done, you can deposit funds to your account, and start selling. The products you sell will be shipped directly to your customers, and their cost will be charged from your accounts funds. You need to make sure that your account is always above the funds limit level, so none of your orders will be "stuck" in the system