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Find out how Campaign Management, Social Media intelligence and Rich Media come together with SDL.

Transcript of SDL Rich Media based Campaign Management

  • 1. Convert Video Views intoSales LeadsBuilding Rich Media Experienceswith SDL Media ManagerWouter Maagdenbergfounder & product manager SDL Media ManagerSDL Proprietary and Confidential

2. Agenda1. Who we areAbout SDL, our vision and what we do2. SDL Media ManagerMedia Asset Manager, how to become successful with media & cases3. How it worksAbout Assets, Programs, Playlists and time based Custom Events4. Rich Media in ActionMulti-channel campaigns, targeting & the customer journey5. Lets get ViralHow to enable sharing, know whats going on, and manage?2 3. SDLs VisionSDL believes everyone should be able to engage withthe information they require in the way they want3 4. Our Mission We enable global businesses to engage with their customers In the language, the media and at the moment they choose We help businesses manage their brands and drive global revenues Providing enterprise-ready innovative solutions for managing the end-to-end customer experience 5. Key Trends Impacting Global Business5 6. Global Customer Experience Management6 7. SDL GIM Platform7 8. SDL Media Manager8 9. The Media Asset Lifecycle Digital Asset Management Media Asset Management Supports the Creation of Initial Assets Supports the multi-channel Usage of Assets The term Digital Asset The term Media Asset Management" Management" (DAM) refers to the (MAM) is a sub-category of protocol for"DAM, focusing on publication and downloading, renaming, backingdistribution of audio, video and other up, rating, grouping, archiving, opti media content in the digital era. SDL mizing, maintaining, thinning, andMedia Manager considers itself to be a exporting files. DAM finds its rootsMAM-system. in the print industry.Create Produce Publish Distribute Consume ArchiveDAMDAMDAM DAM MAM MAMMAMMAMMAMCMS CMSCMS 10. 6-Step ModelFeatures Business6. Optimize5. Enrich 4. Socialize 3. Distribute2. Localize1. Manage Functions IT/Operations10 11. 6 Steps to Success: What can SDL Media Manager do for you? 1. MANAGECentralize media assets, manage metadataand cross-media transcode them to makethem available across your channels. 2. LOCALIZEAdd content translation: subtitles & dubbing.One video asset for all your languages. 3. DISTRIBUTECross media distribution management;Web, Mobile, Social Media, Digital Signage.11 12. 6 Steps to Success: What can SDL Media Manager do for you? 4. SOCIALIZEUse your system to spread & manage yourmedia and message across social media.embeds, tell-a-friend, rate content 5. ENRICHConvert viewers into buyers. Add in-screenapps on top of the content to collect contactinformation, direct the audience to yourwebsite, run promotions, etc. 6. OPTIMIZEStudy the conversion statistics and act onthe reports. Making the customer journey anoptimum rich-media experience.12 13. Using SDL Media Manager gives us the interaction with ourcustomers and prospects in an innovative way that leads tomeasurable leads for our sales. 14. MitsubishiFrom video to sales leads Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Motors Europe have a strong foothold on the European car market. Due to a global decrease in car sales and decrease in marketing budget they needed to be more creative and innovative in their marketing. Challenges Differentiate the message per consumer group Turn video campaigns into a contact- & salestool Track leads at corporate, national and dealer level Save on marketing spending Results Mitsubishi Pan European roll-out of 3-in-1 VMS 60% savings on multilingual video costs Increasing leads & test drive requests Company wide statistics & conversion ratesUsing SDL Media Manager gives usthe interaction with our customers inan innovative way that leads tomeasurable leads for our sales.1 15. EXPERIENCE Platform In December 2011 KLM launched the Experience platform An innovative online platform to engage visitors through using video, image and audio Offer customers a Journey of Inspiration of the products and services that KLM has to offer. Each part of the interactive platform can also directly through social media and shared with friends.15 16. KLM Highlights Using technologies such as HTML5 Easily expand the use of videos and interactive elements Translated into 18 languages and made suitable for different browsers & devices. Consumers always get the same inspiring experience independent of location, language or device16 17. How it worksHow it works 18. Media Asset Management: From Assets to Programs & Playlists Reusing Assets Compile Assets to Publication(s). Publication(s) are sets of Assets Publication(s) are called Programs, Playlists and Scheduled Playlists (EPGs). Assets exist in source- & target files. Target files are based on Media profiles Media profiles are compliant with browsers, plug-ins and devices. SDL Media Manager detects what target file to use on what screen/device etc. 19. Custom Events: Time based In-screen & Player Applications Using Video as your Communications Canvas 1. Outlet: See it as your Photo frame, which you publish on a website, on a phone oron a screen. 2. Content: Manage the content shown in the photo frame from a distance anddynamically. 3. Applications: Run In-screen and player apps on top of your content, even time coderelated. Convert views into leads 20. Rich Media in Action 21. Multi-Channel CommunicationVideo with Likes & Shares Call-to-Action Targeted banners &recommendations Coupons & vouchersPoint of SaleE-mail SMSPersonalized Landingpages Direct Mail 22. Big Data Data Response Email opened / viewedUsed coupon code on website Link clicked Twitter handle Video started playingFollower of our Twitter feed Video watched for 26 seconds Button in video clickedFacebook handleLikes our Facebook Form registration send Comments on FB campaign Customer namePreference also mobile/SMS Customer SOCIO & GEO infoPersonalization preferences Customer email address Product recommendations 23. Big Data & The Customer JourneyProduct 1 Product 2 Product 3 24. The Customer Journey AssessProductPrefer 1Product 2 Product 3 Commit 25. The Customer Journey & Persona based Communications AssessPrefer Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 Commit 26. Persona Based Communications with Rich Media AssessProduct 1Product 2 Product 3Product 3aProduct 3b 27. Personalized Multi-Channel CommunicationsAssess Offer 1 Offer 2 Product 3 Product 3a Product 3b 28. Lets get Viral29 29. From E-mail Newsletters to Viral Campaigns 30. SOCIALIZE & ENGAGE: Send-to-Friend, Posts & Likes 31. Building Bridges across BordersDIGITAL SIGNAGEMOBILESOCIAL 32. SOCIALIZE & CONVERT: Time based Custom Events DIGITAL SIGNAGEMOBILESOCIAL MEDIA SOCIAL MEDIA PLAYER IN-SCREEN APPS 33. Questions? Wouter Maagdenberg Founder & Product Manager 34. Copyright 2008-2012 SDL plc. All rights reserved.. All company names, brandnames, trademarks, service marks, images and logos are the property of their respective owners.This presentation and its content are SDL confidential unless otherwise specified, and may not becopied, used or distributed except as authorised by SDL.