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Transcript of Scorecard And Dashboard And Metrics Oh My! - fmi*   linked to TM1 •Inability...

  • Scorecard And Dashboard And Metrics ... Oh My! FMI PD Week 2012

  • Todays presenters


    Mario Malouin, Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, Canadian Air

    Transport Security Authority (CATSA)

    Jean-Paul Lemieux, Director, Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) Planning and

    Client Service Support Division, Department of Foreign Affairs and International

    Trade Canada


    Cathy Green, Senior Managing Consultant, Strategy and Transformation, IBM


    Liz Geiger, Associate Partner, Business Analytics and Optimization, Canadian

    Public Sector and Health Market, IBM Canada

  • Governments are increasingly turning to performance information to deliver smarter outcomes What if

    Transportation and logistics

    could improve traffic flows and

    reduce wait times and emissions?

    Programs and services delivery could predict current and future needs of citizens and design programs accordingly?

    Program management could gain critical insights to manage and maximize resourcespeople, capital and processes?

    Central agencies and parliamentarians could see how every tax dollar is spent?

    Budgeting and finance could have real-time insights into program budgets across jurisdictions to reduce spending responsibly?

    Law enforcement could have insights to beat

    criminals to the scene?

    Human resources could attract and retain top-

    performing employees by understanding drivers behind employee satisfaction?

  • Dashboard and scorecards can be valuable tools to integrate performance information in the quest to realize outcomes-based government

    Today we will share two practical dashboard/scorecard examples

    These tools are helping organizational management to:

    Measure key business functions

    Provide fact-based data for decision-making

    Motivate and direct behaviour

    Focus attention where its needed most

    Make performance more visible and enable accountability

    Improve execution and delivery of programs

  • Agenda

    CATSA Operating in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA)

    World (25 minutes)

    DFAIT Performance Measurement Initiatives in Support of DFAIT's

    Commercial Program (25 minutes)

    Questions and Panel Discussion (20 minutes)

  • Mario Malouin, CPA, CA, MA Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer

    Canadian Air Transport Security Authority

    Tuesday, November 27, 2012 Ottawa Convention Centre

    Ottawa, Ontario

    Scorecard and Dashboard

    and MetricsOh My!

    A Full Strategic Corporate Partnership is

    a Critical Success Factor to the

    Achievement of an Organizations

    Strategic Objectives in a Volatile,

    Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous

    (VUCA) World.

    Financial Management Institute of Canada

    Professional Development Week

  • 7

    Table of Contents


    Current Environment 3

    CATSA 14

    Balance Scorecard 18

    Boarding Pass Security System (BPSS) 21

    Planning Budgeting and Forecasting Tool (PBFT) 28

    Looking Forward 34

    Success Factors 37

  • 8

    Current Environment

  • Corporate scandals


    Both had a global influence



  • A financial tsunamithat

    impacted many countries!


    Corporate Scandals


  • In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, the aviation security system underwent its most significant change worldwide

    Literally overnight, it became an urgent global priority to enhance counter-terrorism capabilities and preparedness

    In Canada, the federal Budget of December 2001 contained a $2.2 billion package of new funding for civil aviation security improvements. The Budget also announced the creation of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA)



  • In times of crisis

    or instability,

    events can


    borders and

    spread globally



  • Strong interdependence creates a

    VUCA world

    In a VUCA world, top leaders are

    faced with dilemmas that have no

    solutions and yet they are still

    required to make sound decisions

    Traditional leadership skills arent




  • Since we live in a VUCA world

    in which financial resources are

    more and more limited, CFOs

    and finance function must

    adapt. But how?



  • "The task of leadership is to create an alignment of

    strengths, making our

    weaknesses irrelevant." - Peter Drucker



  • To guide a company, CFOs should be in tune with the markets, and

    able to give early warning signals to the organization, and help the

    organization think through how to adjust quickly enough to market


    The Finance function should be a visionary in the business and not

    just a storyteller



  • "Growing complexity, talent

    scarcity, and technology deficits

    are most likely to put the finance

    functions effectiveness at risk."

    CFO Research Services and

    KPMG 2012 Global CFOs on

    the Art of Constructive Change


  • 18

  • 19


  • 20

    Secure critical elements of the air

    transportation system:

    Pre-Board Screening (PBS)

    Hold-Baggage Screening



    Screening (NPS)

    Restricted Area Identity Card


    CATSA Background

  • 21

    89 airports

    More than 51 million

    passengers screened

    62 million pieces of

    baggage screened

    More than 5,400 screening


    106 checkpoints

    314 screening lines

    4 regions

    CATSA at a Glance

  • 22

    Crown corporation

    Report to Parliament through

    the Minister of Transport

    Governed by a Board of


    Regulated by Transport


    Third-party screening


    CATSA Governance

  • 23

    Balance Scorecard

  • A single

    version of


    Balance Scorecard

    Source: Transforming Finance, TDWI Best Practices Report


  • 25

    Balance Scorecard

    CATSA tracks high

    level strategic


    indicators in a

    scorecard to help

    align the corporate

    mission and visions

    with day-to-day


    How can we do it?

  • 26

    Boarding Pass Security System (BPSS)

  • 27

    Automated boarding pass


    Class 1 airports

    Developing expansion



  • 28


    Validation of boarding


    Security resolution

    Performance monitoring

    BPSS Benefits

  • 29

    Paper boarding passes

    Electronic boarding passes

    Boarding Pass Verification

  • 30

    Security Incident Resolution Process

    CATSA Security Operations Centre (SOC) is notified of an incident

    along with information about the passenger involved

    SOC uses BPSS to search for passenger

  • 31

    Security Incident Resolution using BPSS

    BPSS tells SOC exactly when and where the passenger was

    screened, as well as the flight information

    By aligning the time stamps, the SOC reviews Closed Caption

    Television (CCTV) footage of the passenger and incident

    Using flight information from BPSS and physical description from

    CCTV, the passenger is located

    Incident is contained / resolved

  • 32

    Vital to daily operations

    Improves customer service

    Wait-time information

    Data sharing initiative

    Planning, Budgeting and

    Forecasting our cost

    BPSS Performance Management

  • 33

    Planning Budgeting and Forecasting Tool (PBFT)

  • Transform enterprise planning budgeting and

    forecasting tool (PBFT):

    Implement an end-to-end business solution

    (provide integration)

    Minimize use of Excel spreadsheets (improve

    data reliability)

    Implement standard templates/consolidations

    Enable financial/non-financial modeling and

    what-if analysis