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Transcript of Scanning Laser Workstation - IPG Photonics Scanning+ · PDF file Scanning Laser Beam...

  • Scanning Laser Workstation



    ��Welding- Electronic Enclosures, Battery Connections, Medical Devices

    ��Cleaning- Pre-process Cleaning, (Adhesive, Weld, Paint Steps)

    ��Cosmetic Appearance (Debris, Tarnish, Coatings)

    ��Marking- Serialization, Dates, Part ID

    ��Configurable with IPG Lasers up to 1,000 W Average Power

    �� IR, Green & UV Wavelengths

    �� CW, QCW, Nanosecond & Ultrafast Lasers

    ��Modular Concept Allows up to 4-axes of Coordinated Motion

    Scanning Laser Beam Processing SCANNING WORKSTATION

    IPG’s Laser Scanning Workstation is a flexible platform for laser scanning of relatively small parts such as those used in the medical device and electronics industries. The system is built around a Class 1 processing chamber with an automatic, vertically-opening front door and uses IPG’s maintenance-free fiber lasers and large-field scanning head. Users can select from the company’s range of rack-mounted lasers that includes CW or QCW IR lasers, and shorter wavelength or shorter pulse-length alternatives.

    The modular system design allows for selection of up to four-axes of motion (X, Y, Z and Rotary) with optional vision systems for automatic part identification and alignment. The system is controlled by Windows-based software and incorporates Lanmark Winlase 6.0 and is customizable to support all popular languages. The user interface is an arm-mounted touch-screen PC and includes password access controls together with simple start/stop function buttons for use in production environments.

    Assistance in selecting the equipment configuration that will give best results in your application is available from IPG - Your partner for Automated Laser Processing Systems.

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    Scanning Laser Workstation

    Scanning Laser Beam Process ing

    • Widest Range of Laser Types & Motion Systems from a

    Laser/ Systems Vendor


    CW, QCW, Nanosecond, Picosecond Femtosecond, IR,

    Mid-IR, Green, UV

    Motion Systems

    Motorized or Manual X-Y-Z-Tilt

    Scanning Systems

    Galvanometer Field Size, Focus length, Resolution,

    Scan Speed

    • Highly-Configurable Laser Workstation –

    Compact , Self-contained, Small Footprint

    Automatic, Vertically Opening Door

    Class 1 Safety for any Production Environment

    • Simple Operation & Programming

    Swing-arm Mounted Operator Console

    Full-size Keyboard & Mouse

    Process Start/stop Button Operation

    • Chroma.Net Windows 7 Operating System