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Transcript of SAST Development Strategy 2017 - Sherborne 2019-09-12¢  SAST Development Strategy 2017 2 |...

  • SAST Development Strategy 2017

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    Sherborne Area Schools’ Trust Development Plan – Draft V9 January 2017

    Section 1 – Strategy Pages 1-9  Background

     Current Performance

     Leadership Experience and Expertise

     Member and Trustee Experience and Expertise

     Our mission

     What we value - Our ethos

     Key goals

     Strategic Strands

     Success criteria and Targets

    Section 2- Strategy into Action Pages 12-  Action Plan

     Growth Strategy

     Support for St Andrew’s Primary School

    Appendices Pages 20-

    Buckland Newton CofE VC Primary School, Sherborne Abbey CofE VC Primary School, Sherborne Learning Centre, Sherborne Primary School, St Andrew's CofE VC Primary School, St Mary's CofE VC Primary School, The Gryphon School,

    Thornford CE VA Primary School

  • SAST Development Strategy 2017

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    Background The Sherborne Schools Partnership (SSP) In September 2009 the schools in the Sherborne Pyramid agreed to call this group the Sherborne Schools Partnership (SSP). It has operated as a soft federation. The Sherborne Pyramid comprises All Saints Primary School (Bishops Caundle), Buckland Newton CE Primary School, St Andrew’s CE Primary School (Yetminster), St Mary’s CE VC Primary School (Bradford Abbas), Sherborne Primary School, The Abbey CE VA Primary School, Thornford CE VA Primary School, Trent Young’s Endowed CE VA Primary School and The Gryphon School, Sherborne. The Sherborne Learning Centre is also a member of this group. Milborne Port Primary School has participated in the group since 2011 as the numbers joining The Gryphon from there are high. The Gryphon School took academy status on 1 August 2012. Collectively we provide education for around 3,000 students across North and West Dorset as well as South Somerset. The pyramid has had high parent preference admission applications particular to the west of the catchment area and from surrounding Somerset areas. All the individual schools within the Pyramid have been very successful. Existing links within and between Key Stages are good. Transition arrangements are well embedded and outstanding. There are and have been many examples of close working between specific schools and clusters of schools. All the schools have a strong commitment to high standards and provide a caring and safe environment for learning and personal development. All the schools have a friendly atmosphere with positive relationships between students and staff. There are high expectations of behaviour, thinking about others and good manners. SSP Development The group holds five meetings per year. The Early Intervention Team Leader for West Dorset is invited to all meetings. The annual plan is structured into four main sections: Teaching and Learning, Community Services, Resources and Organisation and Leadership and Governance. The purpose of this planning document has been to:

     To attempt to predict future challenges to promote strategic rather than ad hoc planning and actions  To help the Pyramid to be proactive and take ownership of issues and challenges  To be in the strongest position to promote development, secure resources etc  To help provide a strategic direction for the pyramid

    Key aims include:  To be at the heart of the local communities and provide an outstanding education for all the learners in the Sherborne area  To work even more effectively to raise standards and the quality of care and support for our community  To develop an even greater coherence in education provision across the Sherborne pyramid  To share ideas and expertise between schools, subjects and phases  To develop a professional learning community

    MAT Development Since 2014 there have been on-going informal discussions about options for more formal partnerships including academies and trust establishment. In 2015 external advisors were engaged to provide guidance and support. Individually schools also explored options, including attending events organised by the Diocese of Salisbury and others. Since May 2015 Lock House Consulting has provided external independent guidance and support. There have been intensive workshops, SWOT analysis and the sharing of values leading to a Memorandum of Understanding being established and agreed by all schools. A Project Steering and Interim Board was set up in January 2016 to lead the development work and detailed planning and preparation phase. One school has chosen not to be involved at this stage; one has chosen to join the Diocesan MAT.

  • SAST Development Strategy 2017

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    Current Performance

    School OFSTED Inspection Most recent Buckland Newton CofE VC Primary School 2 2012

    Sherborne Abbey CofE VC Primary School 2 2015 The Gryphon School 2 2014 1 for Sixth Form

    Sherborne Learning Centre 2 2014

    St Mary's CofE VC Primary School 1 2010 Sherborne Primary School 2 2012

    St Andrew's CofE VC Primary School 3 2016 Thornford CE VA Primary School 1 2014

    KS4 2016 Progress 8 5+A*-C EM KS4 % C grade or higher in English & Mathematics.


    The Gryphon School +0.10 70% 71% 240

    Sherborne Learning Centre

    KS2 2016 Reading Writing Maths R/W/M Cohort Buckland Newton CofE VC Primary School 79% 79% 79% 74% 19 Sherborne Abbey CofE VC Primary School 64% 79% 70% 55% 33 Sherborne Primary School 60% 54% 64% 47% 45 St Andrew's CofE VC Primary School 74% 68% 74% 58% 19 St Mary's CofE VC Primary School 85% 70% 85% 65% 20 Thornford CE VA Primary School 94% 75% 81% 69% 16

  • SAST Development Strategy 2017

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    Leadership Experience and Expertise Buckland Newton CofE VC Primary School – Headteacher Nicola Ralph 11 years

     Headteacher Buckland Newton since 2005 and previously Deputy Head Teacher in the private sector for 7 years and at St Mary’s, Marnhull for 4 Years.

     Judges Good at the last Ofsted in 2012 and Outstanding in SIAMS in 2009 and 2012. Worked with Governors to open and run , now thriving on site Governor managed pre-school in October 2011

     Consultant Headteacher for Dorset LA 2010-11 – Acting Headteacher in School causing concern.

     Director of the Board of Management for Dorchester Agricultural Society. Strength in business and finance through involvement in family businesses and education, leadership and management, marketing, organising arts project and raising achievement.

    Sherborne Abbey CofE VC Primary School – Headteacher Ann Marie Kampf 12 years

     Headteacher at Sherborne Abbey (NOR 277) for the past five years and previously at Motcombe Primary School (NOR 90+) for 7 years; in education for a total of 24 years.

     Attainment consistently above national averages in all subjects by the end of Key Stage 2 in all the years. DFE Pupil Premium Award winners in 2014.

     Dorset Primary Representative on the Dorset LA Needs Led Finance Group. School to school support through LA for support of schools to raise attainment and progress of their pupil premium children. Support for local RI school in the management of their budget and staffing issues.

     Strengths in managing staff, securing outstanding attainment, pupil premium support, finance management and outreach support to other headteachers The Gryphon School Headteacher Steve Hillier 10 years

     Headteacher since January 2007 – school has grown from 1401 to 1650 on roll; MA Geography at King's College, Cambridge; in education for 29 years.

     Judged Outstanding in November 2010 OFSTED Inspection; January 2014 Inspection Good with Outstanding Behaviour and Safety and Outstanding Sixth Form; SIAMs Inspection outstanding in 2010 and 2015. Members of high performing regional schools groups – South West Academy Group and the Jubilee Group; members of Prince’s Teaching institute, Jurassic Coast Teaching School Alliance, PiXL group; School Direct lead

     Dorset Self Evaluation Partner (previously SIP) supporting four secondary schools with school improvement guidance and external advisor support for HT appraisal; DASH/Academy rep and Vice Chair of Dorset Schools Forum; run NPQH training sessions; Chair the North Dorset Partnership.

     Strengths in strategic leadership, raising achievement, teaching and learning, assessment tracking, recruitment, school organisation, leadership and management, finance, outward looking (links to other schools and organisations), working with Governors

    Sherborne Learning Centre – Headteacher Ian Hedley 10 years NB Acting Headteacher Vicci Rashleigh since September 2016

     Headteacher for 10 years

     Judged Good in April 2014 and in 2010; one of 5 Dorset PRUs serving North Dorset including Dorset Online DoLL and Skills for Life at the Rylands Farm Centre

     Dorset School Forum Representative for Alternative Provision; member of PiXL AP group St Mary's CofE VC Primary School - Headteacher Emma Grunnill 6 years

     Head teacher since 2010 ; in education for a total of 22 years.

     Retained outstanding OFSTED status since September 2010 ; judged outstanding in SIAMS inspection June 2012; oversubscribed annually

     Attainment standards above or significantly national at the end of Key Stage 2 in years

     Representing Sherborne Area on the Dorset Primary Leaders Association; re