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Sandra & Sandra

Transcript of Sandra Sandra Trabajo Canada

  • 1.
    • A Trip To Canada

2. Prince Edward Island 3. Location of Charlottetown in the map 4.

  • Flag of Charlottetown

5. Charlottetown map 6.

  • We go out of sevilla at 12:00Am, take a train towards Madrid.
  • In Madrid we take a plane that leaves us in Toronto.
  • In Toronto we take a plane or a ship up to coming to The Prince Edward Island.

7. This photograph shows the Anneof Green Gables Museum andMatthew's Carriage Rides at Silver Bush. 8.

  • It possesses a stabler and pleasant climate that the rest of the country, registering the highest temperatures of Canada during the winter and the lowest during the summer.

Weather & Climate 9. Language spoken

  • El ingls y el francs.

10. 11. 12.

  • Dlar