Rolla High School 2013 Graduates

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Transcript of Rolla High School 2013 Graduates

  • A S P E C I A L S U P P L E M E N T T O T H E H U G O T O N H E R M E S

    A Salute to 2013 Rolla High School

  • The Hugoton Hermes Supplement Thursday, May 9, 2013 Page 2

    Taylor Alexandria CameronNHS President, Class Secretary/Treasurer

    Mario A. Cruz Vargas Kennedie Lynn DixonNHS, Class StuCo Rep

    Jennifer Ashton EasterwoodNHS StuCo Rep

    Jeffery Allen Eckert

    Superintendent: Mr. Stuart SuttonPrincipal: Mr. Gardell Schnable

    Sponsors: Mrs. Kris Hall and Mrs. Zeta GreeneCo-Valedictorian Taylor Cameron

    Co-Valedictorian Kori HallSalutatorian Jennifer Easterwood

    Will Trevor McGuire Prophesy Meredith LightHistory Kennedie Dixon

    Class President: Roy GuerreroClass Vice-President: Nick Link

    Class Secretary/Treasurer: Taylor CameronStuCo Representative: Kennedie Dixon

    A Community Bankserving Southwest

    Kansas for 100 Years.

    Elkhart Coop Equity ExchangeCongratulations


    1850 W. OklahomaUlysses

    (620) 358-1211

    Congratulations, Seniors!We Are So Proud of You


    201 Madison, Rolla Ron and Pat DeGarmo


    Superintendent Stuart Sutton

    Principal Gardell Schnable

    Sponsor Zeta Greene Sponsor Kris Hall

    CongratulationsClass of 2013!

    Good Luck in the Future and Congratulations

    Class of 2013!

  • The Hugoton Hermes Supplement Thursday, May 9, 2013 Page 3

    Tori Ferrell Chloe Celeste Gallagher Lupe Garcia Kori Anna HallNHS Vice-President, StuCo


    Dakota Sage Hull

    Oil Field Services Co.Hwy 56 & 51 Jct 593-4357


    Congra tu l a t i ons 2013 Senio rs

    Burracos & CateringSpecializing in Mexican FoodBusiness Phone:

    (620) 593-4465HC1 Box 3

    Rolla, KS 67954

    Congratulations to the Class of 2013Jordan Air, Inc.

    Complete Aerial Application

    Hugoton Airport - 544-4361 Elkhart Airport - 697-2657

    Class motto: I always knew looking back on the memorieswould make me laugh, but I never knew looking back on thelaughs would make me cry. ~Unknown

  • The Hugoton Hermes Supplement Thursday, May 9, 2013 Page 4

    Nicholas Bradon LinkClass Vice-President

    Meredith Ruth LightNHS Secretary, StuCo President

    Trevor Lee McGuire Katty Aranda Zubia


    502 S. JacksonHugoton, Ks 67951

    Yvonne, Dennis, Kirk, Linda, Kim,Mari, & Teri

    1026 S. Main 620-544-8011

    Rolla USD#217

    CongratulatesCongratulatesThe Class of 2013The Class of 2013

    John GlaveRoy Gurerrero

    Class Flower: Tumbleweed

    Class colors: Black