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One of the presentations from the Jisc RSCYH Roadhsow

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  • 1. JISC RSC YH Roadshow

2. What is an RSC YH Roadshow? We take the technology around the region The focus is on teaching, learning & training Collaborative scenario planning based activities Outcomes 3. The activities Collaborative Learning Active Learning Inquiry based learning Curriculum Design What needs to be learned? What resources will this require? How will this be assessed? 4. The technology 5. Applications 6. iTunes U 7. Web Based SystemsCollaborative ToolsSocial ToolsLinks to existing networksFree or Partly Free 8. AppleAccessibility settings 9. Apps by the 1000! 10. The gamification of Learningec t iv s In tera ii aMake your own flash Prom F un t h e Wcards and games with olearn ting comting sing iveing th mC r ea s U ct roug unityz le Intera rdhPuz an eboait Wh A Quick Response to Developing teamwork w ith signposting resources skills with the xBoxthe go Kinect on ning g Lear chin ageoc 11. Features:ChatWhiteboardAudioVideoWhiteboardScreen SharingApplication SharingWeb ToursBreakout Rooms 12. Over to you .The Task Consider your chosen scenario Devise ways to address the needs of the learner (orgroup of learners) Explore & evaluate the Roadshow kit As a group 3 ways to address the learners needs Create a suitable resource Present back to the whole group