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1. Mrs. Pena Grade One 2. READING1.0 Word Analysis, Fluency, and Systematic Vocabulary Development Phonemic Awareness 1.6 Create and state a series of rhyming words, including consonant blends. Now Lets Learn how to rhyme! 3. Rhyming is when two words sound the same but have different meaning FL Y TI CAT HAT 4. Listen Carefully and Write down Five pairs of words you hear in the movie that rhyme http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGrcdq2viZg&feature=related 5. HICKORY DICKORY DOCK Hickory Dickory Dock, The mouse ran up the clock, The clock struck one 1, and down he run, Hickory Dickory Dock! Did you know Dock and Clock are also consonant blends. 6. Please write down all the rhyming words you hear. 7. Think of five rhyming words we have not used in this lesson and write them down in your journal. Smell Small Think of three consonant blend words that rhyme (did you forget what a consonant blend is, thats ok look at yesterdays journal entry it will remind you). Here is my example of a word that has the consonant blend Sm- and rhymes too.