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  • Cockney Rhyming SlangJoachim and Mike

  • Example SentenceIt nearly knocked me off my plates he was wearing a syrup...

  • MechanismWife Trouble and strifeTroubleTelephone Dog and bone DogTake a walk Duke of YorkDuke

  • HistoryOrigin: East London, 1840sSpeakers: Working classPurpose: Verbal cypherConfuse police / outsidersKeep middle men out of loopDevelop sense of community

  • DevelopmentUse of London toponymsPeckham Rye TiePop culture referencesMax Miller PillowBritney Spears BeersUsed nowadaysUse your loaf loaf of bread use your head

  • Make your ownThink of words for UCU terms!Dining HallThe BarVoltaireThe BubbleKromhout

    **Mikey introduces, because he has awesome audience interaction skills. Joachim says the sentence. Pause before syrup, elicit guesses from audience. Write sentence on the board.Before we answer your question, lets explore the history of cockney rhyming slang*Initial word rhyme with common phrase, in time all but the first word of the phrase are dropped, leaving trouble.

    Explain sentence 1*Say that youre a man of less-than-legal means, and you want to transport your goods, but you know your fence- someone who deals in stolen goods, is being watched by the coppers. So instead of using the common tongue, you use slang. Likewise middle manAlso, community*The language developed, using Londom toponyms to further develop a sense of community. To this day, cockney rhyming slang embraces pop culture references, such as Max Miller- pillow or britney spears..Often accepted into the wide lexicon with people using the word even if they dont know the slangy origin.*