RESUME Cemalettin Y¤±lmaz Wondershare Filmora,MinGW, Fritzing, Inkspace, Processing,...

RESUME Cemalettin Y¤±lmaz Wondershare Filmora,MinGW, Fritzing, Inkspace, Processing, Eagle Utilities
download RESUME Cemalettin Y¤±lmaz Wondershare Filmora,MinGW, Fritzing, Inkspace, Processing, Eagle Utilities

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Transcript of RESUME Cemalettin Y¤±lmaz Wondershare Filmora,MinGW, Fritzing, Inkspace, Processing,...

  • Cemalettin Yılmaz Electrical and Electronics Engineer Born April 8, 1994, in Sivas. Turkish citizen lives in Istanbul

    PyQt, Django, MQTT (Mosquito), OpenCV

    Mobile: 05532945220 Email:

    Contact Details


    Programming Skills


    Unity - C#


    Board Programming

    Education 2012 Present


    2008 2012

    Social Media: YlmzCmlttn


    C/C++ Parallel Programming(OpenMP), QT, OpenCV, Encryption with OpenSSL, Using with Matlab, Embedded systems for Atmega Programming with C

    Node.js express,, MQTT client and server MongoDB, Chart.js

    Augmented Reality, Vuforia, MQTT and Json Parse

    SIVAS SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL Graduation GPA: 93/100

    Audio and Speech Processing, Simulink


    AVR Embedded systems, MIPS Assembly

    Socket Programming (TCP and UDP) Java

    MQTT, Android Studio Android

    o VHDL, Batch and Unix (3) o JavaScript, Html, Css (3) o Swift(2),Netlist(3) , PhP(2), o Test scenario for Selenium Test


    Raspberry Pi Nodemcu Atmega 32

    Pspice, Pycharm, Illustrator, Photoshop, Linux (Ubuntu, Kali, Raspberian), Intelij, Logisim, Mars.jar, Wireshark, Atmel Studio, Visual Studio, Eclipse,Ltspice, Xilinx, Wondershare Filmora,MinGW, Fritzing, Inkspace, Processing, Eagle




    Sign Language

    Internships 2017 Summer

    PITON ARGE - Research and Development

    2016 Summer

    DECE SOFTWARE - Technical Support and Software Development

    Weather Station IOT

    Human Anatomy with “Geodi” , Developing Selenium Test Scenario

    Projects 2018 Present

    AR Aided IoT to Monitor and Control Home Devices:

    Fall 2017 Present

    Modeling and experimental demonstration of piezoelectric materials, circuits and piezo-powered sensor applications

    Using Unity and Vuforia for Augmented reality and C# for MQTT communication.

    Fall 2017

    Smart Home (Kitchen and Outside) with IoT

    Summer 2017

    Weather Station IOT

    Fall 2016

    PinBall Game (Atmega32 Board)

    Fall 2017

    Single Cycle Processor Design(Logisim)

    Fall 2017

    DropSync (via Dropbox) Java(Socket Programming)

    Fall 2017

    Homemade Solar Cell:

    Spring 2016

    Automatic Musical Genre Classi�cation of Audio Signals

    In this project, users can monitor di�erent sensors installed in several rooms. Each rooms have a station with many sensors, stations are connected to a gateway using a unique network. The platform for managing the costume network is Raspberry Pi 3. Data collected in a database and the users able to monitor on WebSite and Mobile App.

    In this project, each station communicates each other and send data to broker (MQTT). Server listens to broker for new data and show on Website (Node.js) and collect data in MongoDB database. Live data shows on website using and Chart.js.

    This pinball machine can be played in automatic mode and manual mode.

    To design 16 and 32 bit Alu with own logical adder-subtractor, multiplier etc and use this Alu for design Store/Load/Branch parts with using register �le , memory(RAM, ROM) and this processor can run Assembly mips code.

    Aim of this project is making own Dropbox and also synchronize to Dropbox folder.

    Making solar cell using TiO2 and conductive glasses (ITO) .

    In this project. the classi�cation features were investigated by using mathematical calculation, after that train these features for each genre. Finally using machine learning algorithms predict other audio signals genres.

    Click for Reports: Videos : Source Files:

    References Ender Kelleci: CEO of Piton Arge - -

    Mehmet Yalçınkaya: Leader of Software team at Piton Arge - -

    Interests - Industry 4.0, Big Data, IoT - Embedded Systems and Robotics - Energy Harvesting from vibration - Self-development and history books - Social and Reverse Engineering - Sport; American Football , Swimming, Diving and Fitness


    Additional Informations

    - University and Pro Licensed American Football Player (5 years)

    - Web Site - Blog:

    To get experience in the �eld of electrical – electronics and computer engineering where I can utilize my skills and gain practical experiences not only in engineering but also in marketing and administration

    Click for All Projects File

    Turkish (native)