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    Childrens Cookery and Craft Section

    Class 11001, Edible Necklace , Thread plus anything edible 1st Chloe Tippett , 2nd James Tippett

    Class 11002, 3 drop scone 1st Aiva Ross

    Class 11003, Three Muffins any variety 1st Chloe Tippett, 2nd Lorelai Henderson

    Class 11004, Three scones 1st Chloe Tippett, 2nd Sophie Ross

    Class 11005, Pizza (small no larger than 20cm) 1st Sophie Ross

    Class 11006, 1 Variety of Slice Uncooked 3 pieces 1st Grace McQueen, 2nd Chloe Tippett

    Class 11007, 1 Variety of slice Cooked 3 pieces Pastry Allowed 1st Matilda Myers, 2nd Chloe Tippett

    Class 11008, Honey Joys, 3 pieces- 1st Kate Orlowski , 2nd Chloe Tippett

    Class 11009, 3 decorated cup cakes, 1st Zara Chetcuti, 2nd Lincoln Chetcuti, Highly Commended, David Kaess

    Class 11010, 1 Plain Butter Cake Iced packet mix,- 1st Kate Orlowski,

    Class 11012, Anzacs 3 pieces 1st Caitlin Cadby,

    Class 11013, Chocolate Cake (Iced)(no larger than 22cms or 9) 1st Matilda Myers

    Class 11014, 3 Chocolate Crackles 1st Indi Rainbow Lovick

    Class 11015, Sausage Rolls (3) 1st Chloe Tippett, 2nd Annabelle McQueen

    Class 11017, Decorated Chocolate Mold -3 1st Hannah McCrumb,2nd Indi Rainbow Lovick

    Class 11018, Special Class Free Entry Class 1st Sara Chetcuti, 2nd Chole Tippett

    Class 11019 VAS Junior Boiled Fruit Cake Primary and Secondary School -1st Ballarat Special School, 2nd

    prize Caitlin Cadby

    Class 11020 VAS Junior Carrot Cake- 2nd Caitlin Cadby.

    Cookery for Secondary School Children

    Class 11206, Slice Uncooked 3 pieces - 1st Lucy Cuthbertson, 2nd Lucy Cuthbertson

    Class 11209, 3 Decorated Cupcakes 1st David Caess, 2nd Bacchus Marsh Grammar

    Class 11215, Sausage Rolls (3) 1st Imogen Ross, 2nd Stella Ross

    Decorated Cakes for Cookery for Children

    Class 11302, Decorated Special Occasion Cake 1st Catlyn, Mt Rowan Ballarat Secondary College, 2nd

    Teneal, Mt Rowan Ballarat Secondary College

    Class 11303, Decorated Novelty Cake 1st Eliza Wales, Bacchus Marsh Grammar School

    Class 11304, Decorated Novelty Cake (butter cream) Winners Lincoln Chetcuti and Hannah McCrum

    Class 11305, Decorated Sponge Cake (double) 1st Meg Loader

  • Class 11306, Decorated Plaque 1st Tasmin, Phoenix p -12 College

    Class 11307, Gingerbread Sculpture 1st Indi Rainbow Lovick., 2nd Chloe, Phoenix p-12 College

    Craft for Pre-School & Primary School Children

    Class 11353, Necklace, thread plus any other materials 1st Chloe Tippett, 2nd Indi Rainbow Lovick

    Class 11356, Shoe Box Art 1st Suraya Lewis, 2nd Eva Law

    Class 11357, Christmas Decoration for tree 1st Chloe Tippett, 2nd Indi Rainbow Lovick

    Class 11358, Piece of Machine Needlework 1st Haleigh Buttigieg, 2nd Haleigh Buttigieg

    Class 11359, Hand-made article of Pottery 1st Jacob Cassar Baccus Marsh Grammar 2nd David Kaess

    Class 11360, Piece of Collage 1st Kristy Liu, 2nd Eleanor Ruyg, Highly Commended Rosemary Dircks

    Class 11361, Paper Mache Article 1st Sara Quayle, 2nd Indi Rainbow Lovick

    Class 11362, Hand Puppets (handmade, any medium) 1st Indi Rainbow Lovick, 2nd Suraya Lewis

    Class 11363, Woodwork Declan Wise

    Class 11364, Graphics, Computer or hand picture or design 1st Liam Jones

    Class 11365, Hand Decorated Hardboiled Egg 1st Declan Wise, 2nd Kate Orlowski

    Class 11366, Dressed Teddy 1st Indi Rainbow Lovick, 2nd Alex Wise

    Class 11367, Lego Construction 1st Grace McQueen 2nd Harry Proud

    Class 11368, Decorated show/boot 1st Isabelle Blass, 2nd Mia Wymer

    Class 11369, Picture made from found or gown material 1st Alex Wise, 2nd Declan Wise

    Class 11370, Article any other craft Equal 1st Caitlin Cadby, Declan Wise,Tom Trethowan, Equal 2nd Alex

    Wise , Suraya Lewis, Srikar Sai Buddi and Jackson Brown

    Secondary School Students

    Class 11401, Machine Sewn Article of Clothing 1st Jessica Sainsbury

    Class 11403, Decorated Boot/shoe 1st Loreto College, 2nd Loreto College

    Class 11406, Piece of Collage 1st Hamish Sainsbury, 2nd Ethan Baird

    Class 11407, Soft Toy 1st Sharrie Milligan-Brown Phoenix p-12 College

    Class 11408, Painting Any Medium 1st Ethan Baird, 2nd Anna Peet

    Class 11409 Woodwork 1st Hamish Sainsbury, 2nd Jessica Sainsbury

    Class 11411, Drawing Any Medium - 1st Olivia Pateras, 2nd Lucy Haupt

    Class 11412, Hand Made Pottery 1st Lucy Haupt

    Class 11415, Article, any other craft 1st Hamish Sainsbury, 2nd Lucy Haupt

  • Photography

    Class 11451, VAS Junior Photography Theme Spider Web- 1st Isla McKay, 2nd Indi Rainbow Lovick

    Class 11452, Primary, Animals/Fauna 1st Hannah McCrum, 2nd Olivia Warwick, Highly Commended Indi

    Rainbow Lovick

    Class 11453, Open 1st Sarah Mills Bacchus Marsh Grammar, 2nd Isla Mckay, Highly Commended Sophie


    Class 11454, Secretary, Animals / Fauna 1st Stella Ross, 2nd Elizabeth Reyne, Highly Commended Katelin


    Class 11455, People 1st Stella Ross, 2nd Oliver Warwick, Highly Commended Izahia Butterworth

    Childrens Plants and Flowers

    Class 11501, Miniture Garden 1st Declan Wise, 2nd Hannah Cadby

    Class 11503, Floral Saucer 8 yrs & under 1st Poppy Mills, 2nd Indi Rainbow Lovick

    Class 11504, Floral Saucer 12 years & under 1st Sophie Ross, 2nd Aiva Ross

    Class 11505, Fresh flower arrangement 1st Jenna Archibald, 2nd Poppy Mckenzie

    Class 11506, Flowering Stem 1st Jenna Archibald, 2nd Sophie Ross

    Class 11510, 1 Rose any variety 1st Imogen Ross, 2nd Stella Ross

    Plants and Flowers Open

    Class 10004, Three Varieties of Rose 1st Judy Earl, 2nd Kate Molesworth

    Class 10005, One Rose (any variety) 1st Robyn Dalkin, 2nd Elizabeth Lee

    Class 10006, One stem of Floribunda Rose 1st Gwen Archibald, 2nd Rhonda Keller

    Class 10007, One full blown rose 1st Neroli Austin, 2nd Robyn Dalkin

    Class 10008, Collection of Geraniums or Pelargoniums 1st Jennifer Mitchell

    Class 10009, Collection of Pansies 1st Linda Fahy, 2nd Judy Earl

    Class 10010, Collection of Herbs in a small container 1st Kate Molesworth

    Class 10011, Collection of Lavender 1st Lorraine Austin

    Class 10012, Six Distinct Varieties of Cut Flowers 1st Ann Crick

    Class 10013, Four Distinct varieties of cut flowers 1st Gwen Archibald, 2nd Gwen Archibald

    Class 10015, Collection of Aquilegias 1st Jennifer Mitchell, 2nd Rhonda Keller

    Class 10016, Three Varieties of Pink and Shades of Pink Flowers 1st Sarah Mills

    Class 10017, Three varieties of blue and shades of Purple flowers 1st Ann Crick, 2nd Elsbeth Murray

    Class 10019, Three varieties of red and shades of red 1st Gwen Archibald, 2nd Gwen Archibald

    Class 10020, Three varieties of white flowers 1st Jennifer Mitchell, 2nd Ann Crick

  • Class 10021, Three varieties of blooms from Flowering Shrubs 1st Jennifer Mitchell, 2nd Rhonda Keller

    Class 10023, Three varieties of Iris Germanica Flags 1st Linda Fahy, 2nd Rhonda Keller

    Class 10024, Plant in Container - 1st Jennifer Mitchell, 2nd Gwen Archibald


    Class 10025, Corsage 1st Gwen Archibald

    Class 10026, Gift posy for hospital visit 1st Marion Wardlaw, 2nd Gwen Archibald

    Class 10030, Floral Jug (flowers to come with jug) 1st Marion Wardlaw

    Class 10032, Arrangement of foliage 1st Marion Wardlaw

    Class 10033, Artistic arrangement of dried materials 1st Tineke Arnel

    Class 10034, Miniature Floral Arrangement 1st Jennifer Mitchell, 2nd Jennifer Mitchell

    Class 10036, As you like it 1st Tineke Arnel, 2nd Tineke Arnel

    Class 10037, Fairy Garden 1st Jan Watson, 2nd Tineke Arnel

    Class 10039, Kokedama or moss balls 1st Jennifer Mitchell, 2nd Jennifer Mitchell


    Class 13003, One Jar of Loganberry Jam 1st Lynette Dehnert,, 2nd Cheryl Coulter

    Class 13004, One jar of Strawberry Jam 1st Rosemary Keogh, 2nd Steven Bebend

    Class 13005, One jar Raspberry Jam 1st Marj Pearson, 2nd Lynette Dehnert

    Class 13007, One jar Apricot Jam 1st Steven Bebend

    Class 13008, One jar Plum Jam 1st Ron Sidebottom, 2nd Steven Bebend

    Class 13009, One jar jam, any variety (not included in other sections) 1st Rosemary Keogh, 2nd Steven


    Class 13011, One jar Breakfast Marmalade 1st Lyn Fleming, 2nd Denie Etherson

    Class 13012, One jar Grapefruit Marmalade 1st Lyn Fleming, 2nd Cheryl Coulter

    Class 13014, One jar Non-citrus Fruit Jelly 1st Lyn Fleming, Equal 2nd Cheryl Coulter and Denie Etherson

    Class 13015, One jar Lemon Butter 1st Marion Wardlaw, 2nd Steven Bebend

    Class 13016, One jar any other Fruit Butter 1st Steven Bebend

    Class 13018, One jar of Christmas mincemeat 1st Jennifer Mitchell

    Class 13019, One bottle home-made Tomato Sauce 1st Marj Pearson

    Class 13020, One jar of Worcestershire sauce 1st Marj Pearson

    Class 13021, One jar home-made relish 1st Denie Etherson, 2nd Lyn Fleming

    Class 13022, One jar home- made chutney 1st Jennifer Mitchell, 2nd Lyn Fleming

  • Class 13023, One jar Mustard Pickles Equal 1st Steven Bebend and Rosemary Keogh, 2nd Lorraine Cox

    Class 13025, One jar mixed Preserved Pickles 1st Evelyn Cartledge

    Best Exhibit Steven Bebend


    Class 15001, Date Scones- 4 1st Rian McLean, 2nd Marion Wardlaw

    Class 15002, Drop Scones -4 1st Sarah Ross, 2nd Sally Adsett-Brown

    Class 15003, Nut Loaf (nuts only) 1st Li