Renovating Minnesota's Streets and Landscapes

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Renovating Minnesota's Streets and Landscapes

Transcript of Renovating Minnesota's Streets and Landscapes

  • Renovating Minnesotas

    Streets and Landscapes

    Introducing Genetic Diversity to the


  • The Problem With Minnesotas


  • Three Genera = 52.5% of All Trees

    Maple 20.2% Ash 15.2% Spruce 18.1%

  • Maple Problems

    Verticillium Wilt a Vascular Disease

    Stem Cankers Fungal Infections of

    Weakened Trees

    Asian Long-Horned Beetle Insect Pest that

    Favors Maples

    Deicing Salt Theres no Tree More

    Susceptible than Maple

  • Maple Problems

  • Ash Problems

    Emerald Ash Borer

    Ash Yellows

    Verticillium Wilt

    Ash/Lilac Clearwing Borer

  • Ash Problems

  • Spruce Problems

    Rhizosphaera Needlecast

    Cytospora Canker

    Yellow-Headed Spruce Sawfly

    White Pine Weevil

  • Spruce Problems

  • Can Anyone

    Save our


  • First of All, You Can Save Your Ash

  • Imidachloprid Soil Drenches

  • Tree-Age Trunk Injection

  • Tree Genetic Diversity

    By Form (phenotype)

    By Species (genotype)

  • A Genetically Diverse Landscape: 30:20:10

    No more than 30% in same Family No more than 20% in same Genera No more than 10% in same Species

    What does THAT mean?

    Tree Genetics Diversity: What is


  • Elm Family

    Rose Family

    Birch Family

    Pine Family

    Olive Family


    Some Common Families

  • Elm Family Elm, Hackberry

    Rose Family Crabapple,

    Mountain-ash Birch Family Birch

    Pine Family Pine, Spruce, Fir

    Olive Family Ash, Lilac

    Family Genera

    Some Common Genera

  • Working in Diversity: Try These Trees

    Trees for Streets

    Trees for Parks

    Trees for Lawns

  • Northern Pin Oak

  • Prairie Horizon Manchurian Alder

  • Dura Heat River Birch

  • Dakota Pinnacle Asian White Birch

  • Prairie Dream Paper Birch

  • Muscle Wood, Blue Beech, Hop-


  • Ironwood, American Hornbeam

  • Northern Acclaim Honeylocust

  • Purple Robe Locust

  • American Sentry Linden

  • Frontyard Linden

  • Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac

  • Balsam Fir

  • American Larch

  • White Pine

  • Snowcloud Serviceberry

  • Snowbird Hawthorn

  • Pink Spires Crabapple

  • Selkirk Crabapple

  • Mountain Frost Ussurian Pear

  • Prairie Gem Ussurian Pear

  • Showy Mountain-Ash

  • Prairie Sky Poplar

  • Prairie Cascade Willow

  • Getting These Trees

    All Listed in Bailey Nurseries, Inc. catalog

    Any Garden Center or Retail Nursery can

    purchase them from Bailey Nurseries

  • Gary Johnson

    Urban and Community Forestry

    Department of Forest Resources

    University of Minnesota;