Renovating the Science Building Renovating the Science Building: a faculty perspective

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Transcript of Renovating the Science Building Renovating the Science Building: a faculty perspective

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  • Renovating the Science Building Renovating the Science Building: a faculty perspective
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  • Our Science Building is Multidisciplinary Departments currently in building: Biology Chemistry Earth Sciences and Science Education Physics Other programs: Great Lakes Center Environmental Toxicology Labs Physical Geography labs McNair Program Upward Bound program New York State Health Department Specialized Facilities : HIPERC Science Education Center Planetarium Small Animal Facilities Greenhouse Radioactive Materials Storage Volatile Chemical/ Gas Storage Potential additional occupants: Mathematics Department would allow for more meaningful interactions with the sciences Animal Behavior labs from Psychology Department near small animal facilities that are shared with Biology Requires construction of additional space
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  • The current state of our building- a brief tour 1960s wedding cake designLobby is dark and uninviting Long, dark, univiting hallways1960s style classrooms
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  • Student Lounge Student Lounge/Computer lab Teaching labs are in poor condition 30 years worth of wear and tear Faculty offices are behind labs or other offices Classroom redeployed as computer lab/club
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  • The renovated science building must provide modern spaces that allow programs to offer a pedagogically sound, modern learning experience for the next 25-30 years Spaces must accommodate both traditional methods and new pedagogies for teaching math and science
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  • BSC Science Building needs modern ventilation/hood systems to support teaching science and doing research Modern chemistry instructional labs require one hood per student and clear lines of sight Molecular Biology and Anatomy labs need good ventilation Geology/geochemistry often requires ventilation Current Ventilation System in BSC Anatomy Lab
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  • The Science Building requires air conditioning and climate control BSC Research lab retrofitted for summer research Many programs run all summer Faculty Research programs Undergraduate summer research Upward Bound Physics Alternative Certification Professional development programs Scientific instrumentation and computers often will not function above 78-85F Some instrumentation dumps heat into the space compounding the problem Building is currently too hot to grow yeast (requires 80F )
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  • Corridors in building should be comfortable and inviting Spaces with light and seating encourage students to spend time in the building Students who have a sense of belonging are more likely to be retained
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  • Modern science buildings incorporate spaces that bring people together and encourage interdisciplinary activities An atrium brings people together Facilitates faculty-faculty, student-student, and faculty-student interactions Can serve as a forum for poster sessions, science and math open houses, etc.
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  • Open stairways, clear site lines, and conversation nooks bring people together and encourage interdisciplinary activities
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  • We need a building that gives Buffalo State Sciences a public face A facade that reflects the excellence in teaching and scholarship within An atrium can make a big impact both inside and outside the building
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  • In contrast to what we currently have. Lobby Main Entrance
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  • Building elements should advertise who we are Building artwork can: advertise our programs and research projects acknowledge our many community partnerships Great Lakes Consortium Zoo Science Museum Educational partnerships with the public schools Windows provide insight into how science is done
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  • Consider the advantages of a State-of-the-art Planetarium Dickenson Science Building Planetarium and Observatory -separate entrance to serve public access needs would give Buffalo State Sciences a higher profile, public face would further strengthen our ties to the public schools
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  • FNSS Science Building Planning Committee: Kim Bagley - Chemistry (Chair) Don Birdd-Science Education Lisa Brooks - Psychology Mike DeMarco - Physics Kim Irvine- Geography and Planning Harish Sikka - Great Lakes Laboratory Gary Solar - Earth Science Greg Wadsworth- Biology David Wilson - Mathematics We invite you to visit the building and welcome your comments To arrange a visit call 878-5933