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Notes for the first part of the Renaissance!

Transcript of Renaissance ppt blanks

  • 1. The Renaissance
  • 2. What was it? The Renaissance was a time of ___________. Europeans experienced a reawakening of interest in the classics-- _________, ________, _________, and __________. It was a time of ______________. It was a time of ________ upheaval. And it was a time of _____.
  • 3. What are we going to study?I. The HumanitiesII. ArtIII. TechnologyIV. WritingV. Daily LifeVI. The Reformation
  • 4. I. Humanities Humanities are subjects taught in school. They include: History, ________, Art and __________Humanist: _______________________. They wanted to learn more about the world and how things worked.They urged other people to get an ___________.
  • 5. II. Art Interest in Painting, Sculpture and Architecture was renewed. o Artist were inspired by Ancient Greek and Roman works
  • 6. II. Art Artist during the Renaissance became interested in drawing the ________ ________ as it really is.
  • 7. II. Art Famous Artist1. __________ _____ __________ o Painter, architect, engineer, sculptor and scientist o Detailed drawings of a ________ _________" and ___________.
  • 8. The Last Supper 1490
  • 9. The Mona Lisa Is she smiling? Where is the midget in the background?- Mr. Bailey Girls, do you notice anything different about her eyes/area around her eyes? (it was popular for girls to shave their eyebrows back then )
  • 10. Flying Machine 1488
  • 11. II. Art2. ______________ A Sculptor, Painter, Musician and Poet Considered to be the greatest artist of ALL time!
  • 12. Statue of David 1504
  • 13. Sistine Chapel
  • 14. Creation ofAdam
  • 15. Michelangelo designed the dome of St. PetersBasilica on or before 1564, although it wasunfinished when he died. THIS IS WHERE THE___________ LIVES!
  • 16. II. Artist 3. Raphael Famous ______and ________. Painted most of the rooms for the Pope inside the Vatican
  • 17. Check out all that Gold!(Ceiling Painting)
  • 18. Tomorrow we will continueand learn about ...Renaissance :III. TechnologyIV. WritingV. Daily LifeVI. The Reformation*Maybe we can add in some inventions and torture devices in the next few days :) *