Religious Tourism or Dark Tourism Tourism or Dark Tourism ? Karel Werdler, Inholland University of...


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Transcript of Religious Tourism or Dark Tourism Tourism or Dark Tourism ? Karel Werdler, Inholland University of...

  • 14-11-2016



    Religious Tourism or Dark Tourism ?

    Karel Werdler, Inholland University of Applied Sciences

    Institute of Dark Tourism Research – IDTR

    October 7, 2016

    What is Dark Tourism ?

     Lennon & Foley (1996;2000), Sharpley & Stone 2009) :

    Dark Tourism  Seaton (1996), Johnston & Mandelartz (2016) :


     Sion ed. (2014) : Death Tourism

     Others : Morbid tourism, Holocaust tourism, Funerary

    tourism, Contested heritage (Ashworth), Slavery tourism, Crime tourism, Prison tourism, Fright tourism, Grief tourism, Disaster tourism, Doomsday tourism, Toxic Tourism

    Seaton (1996) : Thanatopsis, thanatourism

     Travel to see death (executions)

     Travel to see places where people died (Flanders fields….)

     Travel to burial sites and monuments

     Travel to re-enactments

     Travel to synthetic locations such as museums where memento of the dead are exposed

    Definition :

    “ Dark tourism is the act of travel to sites associated with death, suffering and the seemingly macabre..” (Stone, 2006)

    Spectrum from light to dark…..

    Stone (2006):..from light to dark...

    Dark fun factories ( Dungeons Theme attraction)

    Dark exhibitions (Body Worlds)

    Dark dungeons (Robben Island)

    Dark resting places (Highgate/London)

    Dark shrines ( Graceland, USA)

    Dark conflict sites (Flanders Fields)

    Dark camps of Genocide

  • 14-11-2016


    Dark resting place/shrine

    St.Peter’s catacombs

    Places where people died

    (Religious) conflict site

    Camps of genocide,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNEEPeDe9wtcHrLggX6ZHKB_ZNx2ig&ust=1474977484959371,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNF5Bfo39bEm0nZ7hc6wXYihPfEGpQ&ust=1474977541990170,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNFCDZOfR0C2zK3EJPeT4xbklQMrRg&ust=1475491315755927,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNGDA96QJMrDQbtdQfGW7EINDcKIbA&ust=1475492462133576,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNGDA96QJMrDQbtdQfGW7EINDcKIbA&ust=1475492462133576,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNGcDpYgmoydmWHzwyOrB4BgWMdPtw&ust=1475491510101455,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNGJrau5y-PK5aZgIUUzyj7Xz8rzWg&ust=1475491644473905,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNGJrau5y-PK5aZgIUUzyj7Xz8rzWg&ust=1475491644473905,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNHs2lvM6ccCBsukrAnR1hTV2g7-kQ&ust=1475491915688738

  • 14-11-2016


     Travel to burial sites/resting places/shrines and monuments (Seaton/Stone)

     Travel to places where people died (Seaton)

     Travel to Dark conflict sites (Stone)

     Travel to Dark camps of genocide (Stone)

    These dark tourism places can often be related to religious tourism sites, but…..motivation/emotions ?

     Religious e.g. pilgrimage

     Historical, heritage

     Cultural Antropological

     Self fullfilment

     Must-see

     Curiousity

     Looking for the macabre/Horror

     Other or combinations

    Motivation ?

    Macabre enjoyment ?

    But not just a western phenomenon (Mecca),d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNGQj3NGjF2v6o0c6ZwMr-FMWqaUcQ&ust=1475493257915251,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNEyWNPULUk4mlQJ9sZkR6Yag2f6tg&ust=1475493134727141,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNEDGmI7DJ4Paab5tt4jNnyIPGO3fQ&ust=1475493382276302

  • 14-11-2016


    Blood fountain, Teheran

    Hindu procession, Madras

    Dia de Muertos, Mexico

    McKercher and Du Cros



    Dark Tourism

    Religious Tourism