1 Managing Dark Tourism Attractions & Exhibitions Copyright: Philip R.Stone – Editor, The Dark...

download 1 Managing Dark Tourism Attractions & Exhibitions Copyright: Philip R.Stone – Editor, The Dark Tourism Forum (2005) Death, Disaster & the Macabre – Discover.

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Transcript of 1 Managing Dark Tourism Attractions & Exhibitions Copyright: Philip R.Stone – Editor, The Dark...

  • Managing Dark Tourism Attractions & ExhibitionsCopyright: Philip R.Stone Editor, The Dark Tourism Forum (2005)Death, Disaster & the Macabre Discover more about the darker side of tourism by visiting The Dark Tourism Forum at www.dark-tourism.org.ukShades of Dark Tourism Exploring the Dark Tourism Product -Part One

  • AgendaBriefly examine dark tourism products from yesteryear.Discuss dark tourism as black spots attractions and sites.Evaluate the various shades and divisions of dark tourism production. Shades of Dark Tourism I

  • Allegedly, the first guided tour of England had a dark side[The tour] was arranged in 1838 to take people of Wadebridge by special train to the nearby town of Bodmin. There theywitnessed the hanging of two murderers. Since the Bodmingallows were in clear sight of the uncovered station, excursionists had their fun without even leaving the openrailway carriages.Boorstin (1987)The Dark Side of Tourism Yesterday

  • The Dark Side of Tourism YesterdayOther tours in the early 1900s also had a dark side.Paris tours took in abattoirs and morguesThis final display of working class stiffs illustrates, as wellas any other example, how the display of even a horrible object normalizes it.MacCannell (1989)

  • The Dark Side of Tourism TodayDark tourism is becoming a pervasive cultural activity within contemporary societyFatality is a striking feature in the landscape of postmodernism.Rojeck (1993)Fatality and the commodification of death raises the notion of black spots and milking the macabre

  • Divisions of the DarkImportant to begin to categorize dark tourism in order to understand production (& consumption). Perilous PlacesHouses of HorrorFields of FatalityTours of TormentThemed ThanatosDann (1988)

  • Perilous Places - Towns of Terror -Towns of terror is about preserving dark place and space for the touristic present.Bodie, CaliforniaTombstone, Arizona..a town of arrested decay....ghost stories of Tombstone..

  • Perilous Places - Dangerous Destinations -The distinction between adventure tourism & dark tourism is becoming increasingly blurredThe Favelas of Rio de Janeiro..gazing upon the underclass

  • Houses of Horror - Murder Mecca's -Houses of murder and abuse are becoming increasingly popular as rubbernecking becomes a recreational activity.Grief Tourists & the Soham Murders..signs of genuine caring orconspicuous compassion..?

  • Houses of Horror - Dungeons of Death -Tourism can appropriate and alter the use of a building to suit its own purpose.Alcatraz, Sans FranciscoRobben Island, South Africa

  • Houses of Horror - Heinous Hotels -Hotels with a past often market their dark side for the presentIntercontinental Resort Berchtesgaden.. this heinous hotel providesguests with an account of Nazi doctrine in the form of a Deadly Utopia

  • Fields of Fatality - Bloody Battlegrounds -War attractions are key sites within dark tourism, where organised violence is brought back to life Battlefield Tours.. the smoke, the sound, the smell and the sense of history all combine to make your images of past battles more vivid

  • Fields of Fatality - Hell of Holocaust -Often referred to as Schindler tourism, the Holocaust offers permanent memorials to scenes of atrocityAuschwitz-Birkenau

  • Fields of Fatality - Cemeteries & Celebrities -Cemeteries (& dead Celebrities) are becoming tourist attractions as tombstones are polished for public display The Killing FieldsDeath of a Princess.. The dead have become attractive for the rest of us left behind..

  • Grave Line ToursTours of Torment - Mayhem & Murder -Tours with the theme of murder and dark deeds are becoming increasingly popularJack the Ripper Tours

  • Themed Thanatos - Morbid Museums -Here, concern is less with historical accuracy and more with commercial exploitationThe DungeonsSerial Killers at Madame Tussauds

  • Themed Thanatos - Monuments to Morality -Wages of Sin attractions attempt to provide moral commentary upon an ever increasing fragmented & fractious world Hell Houses.. customers are treated to Fundamentalist images and exhibitions of eternal damnation, complete with moans, groans and gnashing of teeth (just like it says in the Bible)

  • Some Concluding Thoughts In the words of one event coordinator about dark tourism.if we started worrying about upsetting people or givingkids nightmares, we would have to pack up and take uptiddlywinks. Lets face it, 99% of people go to GrandPrix racing hoping theres going to be a crashThis raises the notion of consumption. (see you next time)Cited in Dann (1988:11)

  • Seminar Session Please refer to the Seminar task sheet

  • Directed Reading Dann G.M.S (1988) The Dark Side of Tourism Serie L, Vol 14, Aix-en-Provence: Centre International de Recherches et dEtudes Touristiques.

    Sharpley R (2005) Travels to the edge of darkness: towards a typology of dark tourism in Chris Ryan et al (eds) Taking Tourism to the Limits London: Elsevier (Section Four)