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Injoil is an online referral recruitment website that provides opportunities for all. Key features: 1. Reduced hiring time and cost 2. Ample business opportunities for freelance recruiters 3. Online recruitment process management for employers

Transcript of Referral recruitment and recruitment process management

  • 1.
  • 2. At a Glance
    • Indias first online platform for companies and recruiters to interact and share resources on freelance basis. Features :
      • Sharing of jobs with referral fees
      • Business association to provide references
      • Reduced recruitment cost and hiring time
      • Increased earnings through referral incentives
      • Internal requirement and candidate database management
      • Recruitment process management
  • 3. Current practice
    • Requirement generation
    • Source profiles from job board, vendors, social media or employee referrals
    • Shortlist candidates
    • Schedule interviews
    • Results
    • Profiles discarded or piled up on hard disks
  • 4. Practice at
  • 5. Advantages at
    • Recruitment through referral opportunities to save/earn
    • Quick hiring : References from jobseekers and freelance recruiters helps reduction in candidate sourcing time
    • Revenue : Referral hiring increases earnings for freelance recruiters and saves cost for employers
    • Managed database, clients and internal requirements
    • Organized recruitment process
    • Application and reference tracking
    • Update feedback and candidate status online
    • Ample business opportunities
  • 6. Modules
    • NetBiZ-Rec Module for freelancers looking for freelance opportunities . Its a platform where recruiters can get in touch with companies directly and refer profiles for incentives
    • Tracker-RR Module for employers which allows companies and agencies to outsource jobs to freelancers. It also offers an end to end recruitment management solution to help members organize their recruitment workflow
  • 7. NetBiz-REC
    • Key features:
    • Gives complete access to all referral jobs posted at
    • Allows freelancers to network with employers to send profiles for incentives
    • Gives employers an option to reach you directly for freelance assignments
    • Reference tracking system
    • Online status updates
  • 8. How it worksNetBiz-Rec
    • NetBiZ-REC:
    • Access all referral jobs
    • Shortlist jobs you wish to work on
    • Send service requests to advertisers of respective jobs
    • Once accepted, add profiles and share with employers
    • Get online status updates of references
    • Get paid by employers for successful recruits
  • 9. Tracker-RR
    • Is a module designed for employers where they outsource jobs to freelancers and also manage their recruitment process online
    • Divided into two parts:
      • Tracker-RR OnNet: Referral recruitment system for employers
      • Tracker-RR INSIDE: Recruitment management system for employers
  • 10. Tracker-RR OnNet
    • Key features:
    • Job posts with referral incentives
    • Profile references from freelancers and jobseekers
    • Convert references to your database at injolicom
    • Online status updates
    • Database of freelance recruiters to search recruiters specialized in skills you desire
  • 11. How it worksTracker-RR
    • Tracker- OnNet :
    • Post jobs with referral fee
    • Get service requests from freelancers or Find freelancers online at
    • Accept requests and make business associates
    • Get references only from associates
    • Add references your database at
    • Update referral status online
  • 12. Tracker-RR - Inside
    • Key features:
    • Add client/department
    • Add client contacts
    • Post client/department requirements
    • Manage candidate database
    • Allocate candidate to requirement
    • Update process
    • Follow-ups as per progress
    • Online status updates and reports
  • 13. Member Benefits
    • Fixed cost recruitment and reduction in hiring time for employers
    • Ample business opportunities for freelancers
    • Recruitment management solution
    • Online status updates and notifications
    • Candidate database management
    • Application and reference tracking system
    • Customizable as per needs
  • 14. Contact us
    • Mail us at [email_address] for sales enquiry
    • Mail us at [email_address] for technical queries
    • Call us at +91-9223491489
    • Thank you