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RECONVENE RECAP. NSC Reconvene #4 . Revisit, Recharge, Renew. California Adolescent Sexual Health Work Group (ASHWG). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



  • NSC Reconvene #4

    Revisit, Recharge, Renew

  • California Adolescent Sexual Health Work Group (ASHWG)

    Vision: Create a coordinated, collaborative, and integrated system among government and non-government organizations to promote and protect the sexual and reproductive health of youth in California.

  • ASHWG GoalsTo increase awareness of ways to foster an integrative approach to HIV, STD, and teen pregnancy prevention

    To strengthen communication and collaboration among HIV, STD, and teen pregnancy prevention programs.

  • MembershipGovernmental California Department of Public HealthMCAHOFP Office of AIDSSTD Control BranchCalifornia Department of EducationCalifornia Department of Alcohol & Drug ProgramsNon-Governmental CA Family Health CouncilMCH ActionCA Adolescent Health Collaborative Center for Health TrainingETR AssociatesGay/Straight Alliance NetworkHealth Initiatives for YouthInternet Sexuality Information Services (ISIS)

  • Take Home Questions About:Hard-to-reach Groups(i.e. Foster, Homeless)Disparities in Sexual Health (HIV) EducationAddressing Youth

  • Reaching the Hard to ReachSpecial needs of youth in foster care and homeless youth demand special consideration

    Identified ASHWG Objective: Increase attention to media, technology, & social marketing/ Increasing access to confidential testing & medical Services

  • Addressing DisparityArea where collaboration/ increasing representation is really important

    Data integration efforts with ASHWG (Addressing co-morbidities)

    Identified ASHWG Objective: Develop age-appropriate and medically accurate education

  • Youth DevelopmentShifting the way that we think

    Focus on building STRENGTHS more than reducing risks or deficits

    Build ENGAGEMENT AND RELATIONSHIPS more than services for youth

    Allowing for YOUTH VOICE not controlling or directing it

    LONG TERM COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT not just family members and professionals or quick fixes

  • What were doing about itYouth advisory entity

    Establish what we already know

    Decide what we want to know (snowball survey and phone interviews)

    Determine the best method to find out using the Youth Development model as a theoretical framework

  • What were doing about itASHWG is exploring how they can bring on an intern(s)

    An eye to teh internets!Cell phones are now forTextingSoap OperasBlood testing????

  • What were doing about itForward Daniel Coronado any youth related stuff you can find!

  • Final Thoughts and Questions

  • Thank You

    **~1 minuteIntro Reconvene

    NSC National Stakeholders Collaborative

    Consisting of the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS DirectorsNational Coalition of STD directorsAssociation of Maternal and Child Health programsThe society of state directors of health physical ed., and recreation

    Convened to: *s indicate how much time to spend going over each of these themesProvide networking opportunities for participantsIncrease communication and collaboration***Action planning**

    Capacity building (guided what kinds of questions we were asking ourselves):Finding funding for collaborationPolicy and advocacy**Health Education Disparities**Engaging hard to reach youth ***Youth Development approach*< ~1 minute

    States in attendance: Kansas, Missouri, Michigan and California

    Collaboration of ideas vs. program collaboration between states In that way New York was there in a big way as well

    Why was OA there.?-trying to be a better resource for youth (more on what were doing) and as-Member of ASHWG (Californias response to past Reconvene)

    ~1 minute

    A standing work group of program managers from the California Department of Public Health, California Department of Education, and key non-governmental organizations committed to working more effectively to address the sexual and reproductive health of California adolescents.

    ~1.5 minuteAn example of working toward both is the process and reasoning behind the core competencies! Lots of different organizations reviewed it (including OA)It strives to help establish a common language among providers which in turn helps close < ~1 minuteRed are programs who had representation*~1 minute The reconvene had us asking ourselves many questions- and drew the attention to the fact that some of them had answers we werent happy with~1.5 minuteHard to reach groups (Specifically Foster and Homeless youth) Where are our resources to care for them in CA?

    What are our programs and policy?

    Determining this is part of a goal for the Service mapping component of an upcoming RFA project that OAs working on.

    ENFORCES NEED FOR COMMUNICATION ~1.5 minute Disparities in Sexual Health educationHelp ASHWG Data integrate HIV into Teen Births, AIDS and STD integrated data tables(This is really important to collaboration because it helps us establish a common language and really focus our efforts where disparities really are)

    *Incorporating Youth Development Model How are we ensuring that our programs addressing adolescents and youth in CA? The running theme of the conference was incorporating youth themselves into meaningful roles in programs-a pure prevention preventing behaviors that make a person at risk

    OA Current efforts (ideas):Youth advisory entityYouth focused internship position (me):(Developing the youth page on website)(PSA stuff?)(Develop best practices for CA?)(Web 2.0 primer?)

    STRENGTHS . . . more than risks or deficits: Instead of focusing on reducing problems, risks, or deficits, youth development focuses on building strengths. A focus on positive outcomes does not eliminate the need to address problems or provide services; rather, it complements those efforts.YOUTH ENGAGEMENT . . . more than services for youth: Programs can too quickly focus on how to serve youth or meet young peoples needs. This approach assumes that young people are the consumers or recipients of services. A youth development approach requires you to view young people as resources, contributors, and leaders for your program.YOUTH/ADULT RELATIONSHIPS . . . more than programs: Organizations often assume that simply providing new programs will lead to positive outcomes for young people. However, what is often overlooked is the importance of the relationships between young people and adults that are created and strengthened as a result of the programs.YOUTH VOICE . . . not controlling or directing: Viewing young people as partners in your program and enabling them to have meaningful roles in your agency will boost your programs authenticity, energy and ultimate effectiveness. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT . . . not just family members and professionals: Positive youth development emphasizes inspiring, inviting, and equipping all community residents from all segments of the community to contribute to the well-being of young people.LONG TERM INVOLVEMENT . . . not a quick fix: A positive youth development approach requires a long- term outlook that recognizes the importance of ongoing, positive opportunities and relationships to help young people succeed as adults.

    Trying really hard to not reinvent the wheelsnowball interviews next week to CBOs and any other group with youth in them to discuss what their concerns and needs areContemplative stage looking at how other states do their programs, how non profits maintain youth presence in event creation and implementation groups and talking to other folks here at OA about the way that CBOs and other advisory committees lookThe more that I see, the more Im not sure of how it will lookWith an eye always to the youth development model and hopefully creating a self sustaining entity that will allow youth to be developed an to contribute to their own communities that make them healthier

    Interns- Great idea but the obstacle is finding them meaningful projects and defining what they will be doing in general

    Cell phone use:

    Texting in Uganda, For drug adherence in trials

    Soap opera campaign in New Jersey:

    Mobile Blood testing study in SWEDEN!

    *Underscore being optimistic! **Smooth exit Stage LEFT!*