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Starter recap. In pairs brainstorm one of the key skills development areas we have covered already: Creativity Digital Technology Feedback and apply one aspect at least to your AS and/or A2 work. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Starter recap

  • Starter recapIn pairs brainstorm one of the key skills development areas we have covered already:

    CreativityDigital Technology

    Feedback and apply one aspect at least to your AS and/or A2 work.

  • Starter:What post-production techniques have been used to create this mag front cover?Use the post-it notes provided.

  • Theoretical Evaluation- Post- ProductionAim: to discuss how your post-production skills have developed from AS to A2.

  • What is post-production?

    Post production is everything that is done after the production phase (photography, filming etc).It is the final stage of constructing your raw images/footage into a finished draft.

    What are the main elements to post production?

    Audio-visual work: Editing the raw filmed material.Choosing and dubbing on sound (if film).Converting files.Adding titles and other after effects.

    PrintSelecting and manipulating images.Merging layers.Layout design, including placement of text etc.

  • What editing decisions were made when creating this front cover?

  • Film editing- recap

    During AS year we studied editing for the TV drama section of the exam.Editing is often thought of a as a process of cutting down.It can also be the process of coordinating and connecting one shot to another.

    Editing can be split into two sections:Juxtaposition and length of shots. Transitions and effects.

  • Analysing editing

    How does the editing help to create audience meaning in this trailer?

    Make notes and consider:Selection and sequencing of shotsUse of transitions and effectsThe sound editing.

    Task: Now write 2 paragraphs, discussing how the editing makes meaning for the audience.

  • Post production difficultiesFor this question it is vital that you compare across AS and A2.

    What could you have done differently during the post-production stage of your production work? Discuss.

    Thought about the editing/construction of mag before filming/photo shoot.Been more careful/organised in the selection of material.Had more practice on the software. Shared the burden of editing A2.Looked closely at professional work- often we only look at pro work during the planning stage!

  • Film Editing- orderReviewing raw footage.Uploading to hard driveSelecting footage EDL (edit decision list)Converting selected footage (if necessary)Opening Premiere/Final Cut Pro/Vegas fileImporting clipsImporting music and dragging onto timelineDragging clips onto timelineCutting clipsOrdering clips on timeline into a rough editAdding effects and transitionsAdding titlesSound

  • How have your post-production skills developed from AS to A2?

  • What to leave out?Think about your AS and your A2 productions. Make notes.

    How did you make a decision about what photographs to use for your music mag?

    How did you make a decision about what footage to use and leave out for your film trailer?

  • Look at your work on the wikiIt is imperative that you look closely at your wiki pages and make notes on your work.Look at your work and make further notes in your booklets.

    Tomorrow: Practice questions Section A.1A- post production1B audience.