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RealSpeaker speech recognition application

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  • Download here: Demands of Global Voice Recognition Market in 2012-16: Inability to suppress ambient noise Issues with accuracy High cost Low level of security Major Challenge (according to Technavio)
  • Solution Download here: Main benefit: + 20% improvement in recognition accuracy Parallel analysis of audio and video stream: Identification of the speaker Verification from the overall speech Smart speech fragmentation Timbre
  • Download here: How its works (Patent pending)
  • Download here: ~ $ 1.09b (2012, +26.8%) ~ $ 1.37b (2013, +25.6%) ~ $ 2.09b (2015, +24.5%) > $ 2.42b (2016, +16.1%) Demands: Mobile devices Authentication in banking Integration of voice verification with speech recognition Increases in mergers and acquisitions ~ $ 1.68b (2014, +22.6%) Market (according to Technavio)
  • Download here: Parameter Characteristic 70% of world market Biometrics the fastest growing segment 2014 GoogleGlass Major Trend (according to Technavio)
  • Download here: Our Goal: RealSpeaker on every smartphone! Value Stage of development Q4, 2012 Client-server development Q3, 2013 Launch in GooglePlay Q1, 2013 (Launch maladaptive filter in Windows) Q2, 2013 (5k users for testing) Q4, 2013 (50k users adaptive filter) Q4, 2014 1m. users (video + audio verification) Q2, 2015 10m. users (Web 2.0) Q2, 2016 100m. users (Data Mining) Road Map
  • Download: Funding: Money for: Stage: Revenue: Main benefits: Current Burn Rate - $1m Analysis audio-video files Start December 11 2012-2013 $0,125m High accuracy Seeds Round: $0,3m - 2012 Web 2.0 architecture Beta September 13 2014 $1m More safety Seeds Round: $0,2m 2013 Android version Positive cash flow November 13 2015 $15m More usability Seeking 1st Round: $1,0M Checking of business model Product Autumn 14 2016 $100m Cheaper Ready Milestones
  • Working prototype Download here: The version for Windows (beta) and Android (alpha) Easy Quickly User-friendly
  • Download: Name OS Source Safety Recogniti on of any length Accuracy Prices Entering at any window Com mand s RealSpeaker Windows Android Audio video 77.1 $25- $90 Nuance All Audio 74.7 $100 - $10k Google Android Chrome Audio 68.67 - Windows Windows Audio 50 - Competitive Advantages
  • Download here: Business Model $38 per year Try & Buy High accuracy speech recognition More safety More usability and cheaper For business For education For parents
  • Download here: Team RealSpeaker Lab Skolkovo and IT Park residents The best innovative startup in Russia- 2012 ( Artem Ignatov Senior Developer 30 years, Kangwon National University KHSTU Former Samsung engineer Victor Osetrov CEO, Founder 25 years, MarSU, MarSTU SMARTIQ, DeepDive - USA Grantee of LG, NAIRIT (Russian Academy of Science) Winner of Zworykin Prize
  • Download here: For Investors The company is 2 years old, incorporated in Delaware 10 employees 2 IP (US Patent and IP Certificate - Russia) More than 50 000 users AA attractiveness rating (acc. to the RSI) NDA with Samsung, LG, Toyota, Itouchu Already invested >$400k Current seed investors: Startobaza and 2 business-angels from the US Required - $1 mln. For the next R&D and Marketing
  • Download here: Feb.13|Mar.13|Apr.13|May.13|Jun.13|Jul.13|Aug.13|Sep.13|Oct.13|Nov.13|Dec.13|Jan.14|Feb.14|Mar.14 4 % conversion, 50 k free users, 2k paid users in December of 2013 Traction
  • Download here: Why GSF? India the biggest English speaking country Asia the fastest wealthy market of speech recognition technologies RealSpeaker the most accuracy speech recognition application Our head mission by the means of GSF is to make people machine interaction more easy and safety
  • RealSpeaker Lab, IT-Park, Kazan, Russia (working place) Website: Email: Telephone: +7 843 245 10 13 Links: @RealSpeaker realspeakerlab realspeakertv Contacts Dictation is faster than typing!