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<ul><li> </li> <li> WHO WE ARE We are international team of game developers. We are the finalists of Microsoft Imagine Cup Russia 2014. Our team counts 7 people. There are specialists with 8 years or more of experience work in our team. </li> <li> WHO WE ARE </li> <li> WHAT WE ARE DOING Sea Predators is a browser 3D online game for social network, in our exclusively developed setting called Ethnopunk. It describes pagan, occult civilization, mastered the sailing. Ethnopunk is alternative variant of development of mankind with the overall stylization of the Vikings, Indians and Pirates ages. You can take part at session battles or youre able to research open seas, prey and rob other players. </li> <li> WHAT WE ARE DOING We like pagan style and tribes. And we even made one game for Android about pagans. </li> <li> WHAT WE ARE DOING </li> <li> WHAT WE ARE DOING </li> <li> WHAT WE ARE DOING </li> <li> WHAT WE ARE DOING </li> <li> WHAT WE ARE DOING </li> <li> WHATS INTERESTING You are able to research, upgrade and customize different kinds of ships. Various kinds of ships, belongs to different tribes and have different parameters . So you have to choose strategy of warfare more carefully. </li> <li> WHATS INTERESTING There are no blood and gore in the game! </li> <li> WHATS INTERESTING Only bangs and destruction! </li> <li> WHO WILL PLAY Male 80% Age 18-40 </li> <li> WHO ARE COMPETITORS Contract Wars(, FB, Kongregate) Metal War Online (WEB, FB) . (, ) () () SeaFight (WEB) </li> <li> WHAT IS THE FEATURE Today, players can see games right in their browser. And thats not a farm or match-3 its a real MMO game. </li> <li> WHY SO There are technologies available to any small team of developers, to realize such products. Audience is grown up and it is ready for new core products. Here is a new trend, where the money is, the audience and the viral growth. </li> <li> STAGES OF THE MARKET Stage 1. Rise and fall of web games. </li> <li> STAGES OF THE MARKET Stage 2. Social mechanics. </li> <li> STAGES OF THE MARKET Stage 3. New trend. 3D core games. </li> <li> WHAT THEY HAVE DAU Average 300k (min 70k max 700k). ARPDAU: $0.01 PU: 3.8% Monthly revenue: $80k (min $28k max $250k) Growth of installs when new: 20-50k daily without ads. Growth of installs: 4-8k daily without ads. </li> <li> WHAT WE NEED Burn rate: $10000/month. Technologies: $10000. We need: $50k - $80k. We want to incorporate in Lithuania. </li> <li> MARKETING Virality 90% Other 10% </li> <li> MARKETING During the time of the Games Jam Kanobu and Imagine Cup 2014 there are almost 3000 people played in a test version of the game. We received awesome feedback from them, and they are waiting for our game. </li> <li> REVENUE Unique customizations. Boosters. Elements of gambling (slots, loot 1/3). Free2Win but Pay to be unique and awesome. </li> <li> CONTACTS Eugene Trufanov producer +375 (29) 394 69 83 skype: eugengtx </li> <li> Thanks for attention! </li> </ul>