Vizibilitee: A New Brand ID For a Niche Financial Services Sector App


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Visible Works Design was chosen to create the new brand identity for vizibilitee, a ground breaking investor relations app which caters to a niche financial investors sector on the web. We designed their ID spotlighting the color of money. The logo captures simplicity and transparency - two core features which set the app apart. The repeated "i" is accentuated in the logo to serve as a visual clue to the team of individuals brought together through the use of this app. In-sync in form and function,vizibilitee now makes intelligent investor relations easier then ever. - See more at:


<ul><li> Informed investor relations just got a whole lot easier </li> <li> Your latest financial information now travels with you. </li> <li> Our brand ID design is simple and smart. </li> <li> That makes this app easy to see, easy to use and easy to edit. </li> <li> The bold type and the color green makes it hard to forget. </li> <li> Now you get all the information you need from one app. </li> <li> And it gets to you in real time, wherever you are. </li> <li> Finally, an IR app design that is in-sync in form and function </li> <li> Intelligent investor relations has never been this easy. </li> </ul>