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Real Estate Investors Presentation

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  • 1. John J. Reinhardt Investment Specialist REALTOR


  • Professional Credentials
  • Buyer Representative
  • Computer Marketing Realtor
  • Seller Representative
  • Foreclosure Specialist
  • Member of the National Association of Realtors
  • Member of the Cobb Board of Realtors
  • Member of the Georgia Board of Realtors.

Experience Is Measured By RESULTS, Not Just Years Of Service! 10900 Crabapple Road Suite 2000 Roswell, GA 30075 Direct line: 770.475.1130 x 6806[email_address] John J. Reinhardt

  • Solid Source Company Information
  • Solid Source is the largest real estate office in Georgia with over 1300 Realtors!
  • Services for the Commercial and Residential Investor
  • My commitment is to provide excellent service AND work together on choosing theright investment property that fits your portfolio.

3. #1 in Market Share 2008 4. #1 in Sold Homes 2008 5. #1Days on Market 6. #1 Homes Listed 7. #1 in Growth 8. Testimonials As investors, we purchase at least 10 homes a year. John has been the only agent we have trusted with our with our investments.He is truly dedicated and has always looked after our best interest.He is so in touch with the neighborhoods that he even found one home before it went up for sale! Al and Lori Green, Alpharetta, GA Proven Experience You Can Count On! John, thank you so much for helping us purchase our first investment home!Your knowledge of the entire scope of investing is very impressive!Thank you for making the whole experience fun and easy, and for all the hard work.You really made the process enjoyable! Carl & Donna Jones,Atlanta, GA 9.

  • Listings on First Multiple Listing Service
  • Listings on the GA Metro Listing Service
  • HUD homes / Bank owned property
  • For Sale by Owner/Private party
  • Homes advertised on:
    • Ask about Johns Marketing Background
    • and many, many, more!

Trust a Realtor with Many Sources! Choices 10. There is much more to investing than simply choosing a property.New and seasoned investors should take the time annually to determine CURRENT level of risk tolerance and assess your goals I am a great listener and provide tools to help! Assess Risk Tolerance 11. Risk Tolerance $1,500 New Home Blinds, Fence, Ceiling Fans$50 80K HVAC, roof, Update kitchen, renovate two bathrooms, leveling opportunities $3,200 6 Yrs Old Carpet, Paint, Lighting, misc. Why? Which house appeals to you? 12. How much time do you have to invest in the project? What type of investment is right for you and best fits your lifestyle? 13.

  • Looking for a large write off this year?
  • Renovation!If you have made over 225K, your largest debt this year is probably TAXES!Lowering your tax bracket is the best commitment to focus on.From a 36% to 30% tax bracket(at 225K)can save over $13,000!!!This is HUGE!!!
  • Read the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • By Robert Kiyosaki

14. 15.

  • Do you have the disposable income, TIME and desire to spend renovating or managing a project?
  • - Home Depot Free Classes
  • - Trade / Barter skills


  • Do you have a young family and work full time?
  • New or Newer Home
  • Less out of pocket and incidentals
  • Less time away from home


  • Looking for cash flow OR appreciation?
  • What is your ultimate goal?
  • - Quit work and live on rental overage
  • within 35 months?
  • - Put 3 children through college in 10 yrs?

18. Price Range & Financing

  • I negotiate to get you the best price with the most favorable terms.Investing is different than a primary residence purchase.CHOOSE a Realtor with the skill set to put you where you want to be in the investor market.
  • I know the neighborhoods and will provide you with extensive home comparisons and choices.
  • I am familiar with the tax benefits and landlord/tenant issues of investing.This allows me to evaluate the big picture of an opportunity!


  • Commuting distances
  • Nearby schools, shopping, places of worship and medical facilities
  • County sales tax and property taxes
  • Homeowner association fees, if any

Marketing If you will be renting your property or putting it back on the market after renovation, let me do the homework and help you market the selling benefits! 20.

  • I will personally be available throughout your transaction.
  • I will introduce you to Grace Financial Network, who will guide you through the investment lending process.
  • I will complete and distribute all necessary paperwork for the purchase of your property.
  • I will assist you in undergoing and maximizing to your benefit the home inspection process.
  • I will assist you by referral to construction and repair experts as necessary.

Communication Specialized knowledge, extensive experience and training can help you make sense of the complex investment process. 21.

  • Morris-Hardwick-Schneider is the largest real estate closing firm in the Southeast.Solid Source partners with this firm and they will answer any contract question within two business hours of my call.They look after your best interest! Your closing will be held at one of their 30 convenient offices, which will ensure a smooth transaction right up to the closing table!


  • All of the tools are here!I look forward to joining you in a search for investment property this year!Please call when I can be of service
  • John J. Reinhardt
  • 770/475-1130 Ext. 6806