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QUESTION 3What kind of Media Institution might distribute your product and why?Media Institute: Intermedia Partners

DISTRIBUTION why have I chosen this institution?All magazines need to be distributed to their audience. This is why I have chosen a Hip Hop magazine distributer as the type of institution that I would like to distribute my magazine.The Intermedia Partners are known as the distributers of VIBE magazine and they have helped VIBE to become well known, being dynamic, changing with the social needs of society.VIBE is a very popular magazine in the USA and they deliver recent, juicy gossip about the latest artists as my Image magazine does.

What do they OFFER?I believe that the Intermedia Partners will offer just the advertisement, attention and audience that my Image magazine needs and bring it to nothing but success.Intermedia already have loyal readers and buyers of VIBE magazine which will already bring a HIP HOP audience to Image.