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  1. 1. How did you attract/address your audience? The type of language I have used is quite professional however it has a slight touch of youth in my vocabulary and this is because I am attracting a lower class audience, this connects to my audience as they will have the same language and vocabulary. During the making of my contents page I forgot to add an editors letter as this helps connect the audience to my magazine however I think the use of images and colour help reconnect with them. This helps like nicely with rest of my magazine as I think my use of colours, fonts and titles and images help attract my target audience by the way I used a nice elegant purple for my contents and the image on my front cover it catches their eye and pulls my target audience in. the fonts I used were very elegant but stood out this means that my target audience will be drawn in by my use of writing because it suits them as a person. I think the brick work made my magazine look professional and classy. I decided not to use a free give a way in my magazine because I already created a unique type of magazine but also because I wanted it to be quite grown up. I believe that age 16-17 is when a women starts to become mature and see things in a different prospect. I used a pull quote in my article page saying never let anyone tell you youre not good enough this is to try and pull my audience into reading my magazines with the hope of them liking it and becoming a regular fan. My title the industry is like a whole categories of magazines however this one is of voice this is to also try and pull more people in to try and buy my magazine considering they like a different magazine such as the industry of wedding, the industry of fashion etc. on my cover I have placed an exclusive article with Nina, this is to show my audience what is inside my magazine with the hope to draw them into buying it. My dominant image on my front cover attracts my target audience because I have used a good looking model, nice figure but not what you would normally see on a magazine because shes not a size 4, we are going for an Adele kind of look and I believe this hooks more of an audience in due to the fact my magazine has taken a more realistic approach.