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Transcript of Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Planning & Education Workflow...

  • Q1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q1Q2Q3Q4Q5Planning & EducationWorkflow Analysis & RedesignConfiguration, Testing & TrainingGo Live & Post ImplementationE.H.R.J E O P A R D Y

  • Planning & Education Question 1:Which one does not belong on the project team? Project ManagerChampion Users Subject Matter ExpertsTrainersTechnical Support Butcher

  • 6. ButcherPlanning & Education Answer 1:

  • Implementation Planning Project Team DefinedProject ManagerChampion UsersSubject Matter ExpertsTrainersTechnical Support

  • Planning & Education Question 2:

    Define the difference between a Phased vs. a Big Bang implementation?

  • Planning & Education Answer 2:Phased - site by site installBig Bang - all sites at once

  • Planning & Education Question 3:Issue tracking, project plan, newsletter are examples of what?

  • Planning & Education Answer 3:Project documentation

  • Issue Tracking Example

  • Project Plan

  • Planning & Education Question 4:True or False: It is necessary to provide the Project Team with a training of the E.H.R. being implemented.

  • Planning & Education Answer 4:TRUE!

  • What is the biggest hurdle staff need to overcome when they begin using an E.H.R.?A: Using a computerB: Familiarizing themselves with the new electronic workflowsC: Remembering their user names/passwordsD: All of the AbovePlanning & Education Question 5:

  • Planning & Education Answer 5:A: Using a computer

  • Basic Computer Skills Training

  • Basic Computer Skills Training

  • Basic Computer Skills Training

  • Basic Computer Skills Findings

  • Workflow Analysis & Redesign Question 1:

    Rate the importance of documenting "paper workflows" when beginning your workflow analysis?1-Not important2-Somewhat important3-Important4-Very Important5-Critically Important

  • Workflow Analysis & Redesign Answer 1:

    5-Critically Important

  • Workflow Analysis & Redesign Question 2:

    Yes or No:Is it important to consider Integration between Front Office and Back office when reviewing workflows?

  • Workflow Analysis & Redesign Answer 2:Yes!!

  • Workflow AnalysisPatient is scheduled with an appointmentPatient Arrives, Registration is performed. Patient is Checked In.

    Physician documents the encounterCharges Reviewed basedon rules..Bill/Claim Processing occurs.Clean claims move on.Dirty claims go to Claim Edit Work Queues. Clean Claims submitted to insuranceElectronic or PaperPayment and/or EOB is received.Payments, Adjustments, and Denials posted to the Account.Follow-up Work QueuesNext Responsible Party processing, if necessaryStartClaims are reviewed by edit checks.Dirty Charges go to ChargeReview Work QueueClean Charges go to A/R

  • Workflow Analysis & Redesign Question 3:

    True or False:Site visits should be interactive.

  • Workflow Analysis & Redesign Answer 3:


  • Workflow Analysis & Redesign Question 4:

    Which items do not need to be collected during the site visits:

    A: Staffing Numbers by DisciplineB: Paper Encounter FormsC: Flow SheetsD: Lunch orders

  • Workflow Analysis & Redesign Answer 4:

    D. Lunch Orders

  • Workflow Analysis & Redesign Question 5:True or False:Each site should maintain unique operational and clinical workflows.

  • False!Workflow Analysis & Redesign Answer 5:

  • Configuration, Testing & Training Question 1:Rate the importance of utilizing the re-designed workflows in configuring the system for testing.1-Not important2-Somewhat important3-Important4-Very Important5-Critically Important

  • Configuration, Testing & Training Answer 1:5-Critically Important

  • Configuration, Testing & Training Question 2:TRUE OR FALSE: System testing should be completed by the Project Manager.

  • Configuration, Testing & Training Answer 2:FALSE

  • Workflows & Testing

  • Configuration, Testing & Training Question 3:YES or NO:Is it necessary to provide training to the Non-Clinical staff (i.e. front office staff) prior to implementation?

  • Configuration, Testing & Training Answer 3:Yes!!

  • Non-Clinical TrainingFront Office/Business Office StaffClinical workflow overviewsPrimary focus impact on workflowsStaff concerns about job retention need to be addressed

  • Configuration, Testing & Training Question 4:Fill in the blank __________ is an important first step in training clinical users as it provides an opportunity for them to become familiar with navigating the system as well as documenting clinical information in the E.H.R..

    1-Abstracting 2-Purchasing a GPS System

  • Configuration, Testing & Training Answer 4:Abstracting

  • AbstractingProsMeaningful information in E.H.R. at go-live Reduces reliance on paper chartHigher physician satisfactionImproves length of visit after install of E.H.R.Data collection on historical information possibleChallengesVERY labor intensivePlanning/budgeting for time spent

  • Configuration, Testing & Training Question 5:Re-organize by order of importance for the training process:1-develop training materials2-configure dedicated training space3-schedule training4-schedule "Shadow Day"

  • Configuration, Testing & Training Answer 5:4,2,3,1

    4-schedule "Shadow Day" 2-configure dedicated training space3-schedule training1-develop training materials

  • Clinical Training

    Clinical TrainingAbstractingProvider - 4 hour sessionsNursing 4 hour sessionsApplication TrainingProvider 8 hour sessions split into 2 daysNursing 8 hour sessions split into 2 days

  • Go Live & Post Implementation Question 1:TRUE OR FALSE:You need to consider reducing physicians schedule load as the practice adjusts to the E.H.R.

  • Go Live & Post Implementation Answer 1:TRUE!

  • Go live support planning should be done:

    10 minutes before go-live The week before go-live Two months before go-live NeverGo Live & Post Implementation Question 2:

  • C. Two months before go-liveGo Live & Post Implementation Answer 2:

  • Go Live & Post Implementation Question 3:True or False:The Project Team should be the only group meeting daily during go-live.

  • Go Live & Post Implementation Answer 3:False!

  • How soon after go live should you begin your optimization program? A. 1 Year B. 5 Years C. 1 Day D. 2 WeeksGo Live & Post Implementation Question 4:

  • Go Live & Post Implementation Answer 4:D. 2 Weeks

  • Go Live & Post Implementation Question 5:Once the first site is live with the E.H.R. there should be no more modifications made to system configuration. Agree or Disagree

  • Go Live & Post Implementation Answer 5:B. Disagree

  • Questions

  • Alison Meyers Business Systems/Help Desk [email protected]

    Kathy CresswellDirector of Business Operations/[email protected] x312

    Kathy Cresswell & Alison MeyersWelcome to E.H.R. Jeopardy!!!!

    Kathy Cresswell & Alison MeyersKathy Cresswell & Alison MeyersKathy Cresswell & Alison MeyersGetting the best team you can, keeping them engaged and motivated, and maintaining their relationship with your organizational leadership arekey to meeting the other goals of your install.

    All team members will participate in project team meetings. They may also contribute to:workflow analysisbuild of the systemTesting of the systemGo live supportUltimately may become part of the software support team

    A quick overview of some of the characteristics the folks on your project team should possess: Project Manager:Maintain Scope, Schedule and Quality of Project as a wholeEnsure business community is informed and engagedCommunicate progress of project with AdministrationShould have Implementation ExperienceProvide outlook on challenges and strategies to be successfulBe a motivational personPossess strong analytical skillsBe prepared to do what it takes to get the job done

    Champions the Champions on the team should be management level staff and have the power to make decisions about workflow modifications and system configuration. Serve as liaisons between the clinicians and upper-level management as well as clinicians and the project teamClinical Champion (s) Nursing Champion and Physician Champion Operations Champion (s)

    Subject Matter Experts also known as Super UsersThe knowledge and input shared by SMEs is vital to the success of the project. Recruiting proactive and energetic super users helps ensure overall system acceptance at go-live. These users become the respected experts in a specific department, clinical area, or subject matter, which empowers them to facilitate communication with end users, assist with workflow re-design and training, provide go-live support, assist with long-term support, conduct supplemental training, and develop post-live training strategies. Choose these folks early to ensure adequate coverage Super UsersClinical - PhysicianClinical - Nursing Billing OfficeScheduling/RegistrationInsurance/ContractsQuality Improvement ReportingSite employees who participate in implementation will then either go back to roles at sites or join the Software Support Team/Help DeskPossess strong analytical skills

    Clinical and Non-Clinical Trainers requiredMust