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  • Pushbuttons and indicator lightsfor every applicationProgram overview

    Answers for industry.


    Siemens AG 2008

  • Innovative technology, revolutionarymounting and installation

    Our complete range of pushbutton unitsand indicator lights is part of our extensi-ve portfolio of SIRIUS commanding andsignaling devices. This complete range ismodular, well-proven in practice and is100 % fit for industrial environments.Whether in plastic or rugged metal versi-ons with a high IP67 degree of protection we have the right solution for every ap-plication.SIRIUS pushbutton units and indicatorlights are not only innovative when it co-mes to technology and design they arerevolutionary as they are so simple tomount: Actuators and indicators, holdersand contact blocks or lamp holders canbe easily and safely assembled by oneperson with just a few hand movements.Simple and fast. The 3SB3 two-hand ope-rating console and the 3SE2 foot switchround off our range of pushbutton unitsand indicator lights.

    Special attention has to be paid to the interaction between man and machine.

    Fault sources and system disturbances must be signaled reliably and as early

    as possible. And if things do get critical the top priority is to safely and

    quickly stop machines and bring systems offline. Our extensive range of SIRIUS

    commanding and signaling devices is designed to meet the challenge. From

    pushbutton units, indicator lights, EMERGENCY SWITCHING-OFF/EMERGENCY

    STOP pushbuttons, two-hand operating consoles, foot switches, integrated

    signal lamps, and cable-operated switches with SIRIUS commanding and

    signaling devices you can be confident in being able to handle every situation.

    Always know what is happening:

    SIRIUS 3SB3 commandingand signaling devices

    Convincing advantages

    p Fast and reliable mounting by just oneperson

    p Base or front panel mounting (alsowithin candescent lamp, LED orintegrated LED)

    p Only one standard tool is required tomount

    p Rugged metal version with a high IP67degree of protection

    p Versions with screw, spring-loadedterminal or solder pin connectionsystems

    p Automatic inscription using the SIRIUSLabel Designer

    p Integrated in AS-Interface; directlyconnected to ASIsafe

    p Direct attachment to AS-i yellow-shapedcable

    p Online configurator to select completelymounted customized housings(http://www.siemens.com/sirius-commanding)


    Siemens AG 2008

  • Enclosed operators: Designed for anyapplication

    Pushbutton units and indicator lights serveas manual commanding devices in spatiallydistributed controls. The housings areequipped with the 22 mm operator,contact blocks, and light elements andcan be mounted by inserting the actuatorelement from the front through the holein the upper section of the housing. Theoperators are secured using the includedholder. The contact blocks and lampholders with base mounting are snappedinto the lower section of the housing. Ifdesired, all enclosures can be equippedwith actuator elements and contact blocksand connected to AS-Interface.

    Pushbutton units and indicator lights:Modular, proven in the field and fit forindustry

    Our 22 mm range of pushbutton unitsand indicator lights distinguishes itselfwith its high degree of functionality andby an absolutely modern, flat design. And,just as innovative: the inherent ease ofmounting. This is because actuators,indicators, holders as well as contactblocks and lamp holders can be reliablyand firmly attached with just a fewmovements of the hand by just oneperson. In addition, the modular designprovides a higher degree of flexibility:Multiple contact block types can becombined with both plastic or metalactuators. The same is true for the lightelements and indicators.

    EMERGENCY STOP mushroompushbuttons: Reliably and quicklymounted

    Our 3SB3 commanding devices are theoptimum choice wherever man andmachine interact. Here, our EMERGENCYSTOP mushroom pushbutton is worthy ofspecial mention. Thanks to its ergonomicdesign, it can be actuated with any surfaceof the hand quickly engaging thereforeensuring that plants and systems arequickly and reliably stopped whenhazardous situations occur. The metalversion is suitable for use in the toughestof conditions.


    Siemens AG 2008

  • 3SB3 housing3SB pushbuttons andindicator lights

    3SB command and signaling devices




    Degree of protection


    Relevant Standards



    Indicator lights, pushbuttons, key-operated switches, illuminated push-buttons, EMERGENCY STOP mushroompushbuttons, contact blocks and lampsockets, switches with rotary knobs

    Molded plastic or metal, round,22 mm diameter and square26 x 26 mm

    Molded plastic and metal

    Encapsulated pushbuttons, indi-cator lights, EMERGENCY STOPenclosures, also customized en-closures available upon request

    Molded plastic and metal

    Two-hand operator consoles,including EMERGENCY STOPand 2 mushroom pushbut-tons, additional comman-ding devices can be installed

    Can be installed by one person with-out any special tools, the actuatorscan be equipped in a modular fashionwith contact block and lamp sockets.Screw connections, Cage-Clamp ter-minals, solder pins

    Base or front-panelmounting

    Can be mounted to a panel,wall, stand or directly in theplant, screw connection

    IP66/IP67 (molded plastic) and IP67and NEMA4 (metal)

    IP65/IP67 (metal) IP65


    IEC/EN 60947-1;IEC/EN 60947-5-1;IEC/EN 60947-5-5;

    EN 574, DIN 24980

    Operating personnel actuate the EMER-GENCY STOP mushroom pushbuttons toshut down plants and systems whenhazardous situations arise

    EMERGENCY STOPfunction with latchingaccording to EN 418

    EMERGENCY STOP functionwith latching according toISO 13850

    Pushbuttons and indicator lights canbe quickly and simply connected to theAS-Interface communications systemusing different solutions. EMERGENCYSTOP devices can be directly connectedusing the standard AS-Interface withsafety-related communications

    Enclosure with integratedAS-Interface. Standardcommanding devices andEMERGENCY STOPcan be connected in oneenclosure. Modular design

    Metal consoles can beretrofitted with thesafety-related AS-Interface

    Commanding and signaling:

    Our portfolio at a glance

    3SB38 two-hand operationconsole



    Siemens AG 2008

  • 3SE7 cable-operatedswitches

    3SE commanding devices 8WD signaling devices

    3SE29 foot-operatedswitches

    8WD4 signaling columns 8WD5 integratedlamps

    System consisting ofswitch and cable. Withand without latching. LEDposition display with ex-tremely high illumination


    Screw connection


    Steady light, with incandescentlamp or LED; flash-type lightand rotating light

    Thermo-plastic enclosure,70 mm diameter

    Retained using a PG-29threaded socket with nut.Screw connection


    UL, CSA, CE

    EMERGENCY STOP functionwith latching according toISO 13850

    Version withASIsafe adapter

    In acc. with ISO 13489-1; up toPerformance Level e (EN 954-1,up to Cat. 4) EMERGENCY-STOPin acc. with ISO 13850 (EN 418)

    Steady light, flashing light,rotating light, flash-type light,buzzing and siren elements

    50/70 mm diameter

    Simple to mount and installand change lamps withouttools. Base/floor, pipe, angledbracket, single-hole mounting.Connected up using Cage-Clampterminals or screw terminals

    IP65(70 mm diameter)

    UL, CSA, CE

    The 8WD4 signaling columnscan be directly connected tothe AS-Interface bus systemthrough an integrated adapterelement

    IEC 60947-5-1Positively openingcontacts in compliancewith IEC 60947-5-1

    Foot-operated commanddevices with either 1 or 2pedals, with and withoutprotective cover, eithermomentary or latchingcontacts

    Molded plastic and metal

    Screw connection


    Safety foot-operated switchwith latching according toISO 13850

    With conventional wiring,via the K45F safety module,K60F can be connectedto ASIsafe



    IEC 60947-5-1

    Siemens AG 2008

  • 1)This version is not available as square 3SB332)These versions are also available in round and square plastic design also with a smooth lens.

    The Order No. should be changed to 3SB3. ..-6BA.., e.g. 3SB3204-6BA20 for a roundplastic indicator light with BA 9s lamp holder with smooth red lens.

    equipped with equipped with

    clear clear

    1NC 3SB3 03-1HA20

    1NO + 1NC 3SB3 01-1HA20

    with pull release

    1NC 3SB36 03-1TA20

    1NO + 1NC 3SB36 01-1TA20

    Complete units pushbuttons and indicator lights

    Illuminated pushbutton

    with flat button,equipped with

    EMERGENCY STOPmushroom pushbuttons

    with positive latching functionaccording to IS 13850, 40 mmlatching, with yellow backing plate 80 mm with rotate-to-unlatchmechanism

    3 switch positions, maintained-contact type, equipped with


    2 switch positions, maintained-contact type, equipped with

    Mushroom-shapedpush-pull switch

    diameter 40 mm, maintained-contact type, equipped with


    with flat button,equipped with

    1NO + 1NC + BA 9s 3SB3 05-0AA21

    1NO + 1NC + BA 9s 3SB3 05-0AA31

    1NO + 1NC + BA 9s 3SB3 05-0AA41

    1NO + 1NC + BA 9s 3SB3 05-0AA51

    1NO + 1NC + BA 9s 3SB3 05-0AA61

    1NO + 1NC + BA 9s 3SB3 05-0AA71

    1NC 3SB3 03-0AA11

    1NO 3SB3 02-0AA11

    1NC 3SB3 03-0AA21

    1NO 3SB3 02-0AA31

    1NO 3SB3 02-0A