Public Speaking Tips

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Public Speaking Tips. How to sound (and look) like you know what you’re talking about!. Why is public speaking different than talking to a friend?. Why…. Because you have an audience! A group of people who will listen to you. Because you have authority! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Public Speaking Tips

Public Speaking Tips

Public Speaking TipsHow to sound (and look) like you know what youre talking about!Why is public speaking different than talking to a friend?

WhyBecause you have an audience!A group of people who will listen to you.Because you have authority!You are speaking in public about something you know a lot about.

Tips for Speaking in Public

Before Speaking in PublicBefore you speak in public you should think about your hygiene.Good hygiene means being CLEAN.Shower.Brush your teeth.Shave.Use deodorant.Look and smell good!

What Do I Wear?Before you speak think about how you want to present yourself.Wear clean clothes when you speak in public.This means leave your sweats, UGGs, and hoodies at home!! Dress to impress.The better you look, the better you feel.Wear nice clothes, like the kind you would wear for an important job interview.Dont wear clothes that have messages on them.

What Will You Say?Prepare your speech ahead of time. Think about what you will say.Make short notes about your important points.Write or draw notes to remind yourself about what you want to say.Make short notes about your important points.Use pictures to help you remember what you want to say.

Practice Makes PerfectPractice your speech before you speak in public.Doing this in front of a mirror will help.Ask a friend to listen to you.Ask a friend to tell you what they like or dislike about your speech.Ask them to tell you if you say anything that they dont understand.

During Your SpeechTell them what youre going to do.What will you talk about?Do it! Give your speech.Tell them what you did: Review.

K.I.S.S.S.KeepItShortDont say more than you need to.Simple Dont use letters, big words, or nick names to talk about something. Use simple language and explain everything clearly.SincereTell the truth and speak from your heart. Share what is important to you.

Use PropsPictures, Toys, Video, Music and moreWhatever helps make your pointUse props during your speech to help make your point. Props are things like pictures, overheads, videos, etc.Objects that represent things, and music.

Share Your ExpertiseBe an EXPERTTalk about something YOU KNOW! During your speech remember that you are an expert! Dont make things up. If you are talking about your life, you are the number one authority!

Body LanguageDuring your speech remember to use good body language.Dont fidget while talking.Hugging your arms, rubbing your face, crossing legs, cracking knuckles, swaying back and forth, etc.Keep eye contact, and or focus, with people in your audience. Dont stare down at your notes, or up at the ceiling.Talk TO your audience, not AT your audience!Also, do NOT just speak to the teacher!

Slow and Steady Wins the RaceSpeak SLOOOOOOWLY and CLEEEEEARLYKeep the mush out of your mouth.Speak loudly!Remember those in the back row need to hear you too!

Mistakes are Learning ExperiencesIf you make a mistake, its OK!Fix it.Clarify your meaning.Dust the dirt off your shoulderand MOVE ON!

Clock WatchingIf you are given a time limit, then stick to it!Keep an eye out for when youre close to reaching your time limit.

Politeness Wins PointsThank your audience for their time and attention!

Time is YoursAllow the audience time to ask questions about any information that they maybe did not understand.

If you ran out of time, then tell the audience youre available to answer any questions after the presentation.