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2. What is BPL? Broadband over powerlines (BPL) is a methodof power linecommunication .High-speed digital datatransmission over thepublic electric powerdistribution wiring. Signalling frequencies higherthan the electrical signals.Home networks can be run atspeeds of 1 to 3 Mbps withfull Internet access.TransmissionLineGeneratingPlantSubstationDistribution End UserSystem 3. History of BPLBPL is an old technology that has struggled withinterference issues since it was first rolled out inManchester, England in 1997.Many countries adopted BPL technology.Due to interference issues BPL transmission had tobe ceasedTest site with 7,000 users was started in Europe in2003 4. Current status of BPL in the worldNumber of foreigngovernments arecurrently studyingBPL technology.Some of thecountries have alsopermittedequipment trials. 5. Main features of BPLIt operates at higher frequencies than traditionalrange(600kHZ) between 2 and 80 MHzModulation technique used is orthogonalfrequency division multiplexing(OFDM)Provides broadband access over medium voltagepower lines.The technology transports data ,voice and videos atbroadband speed to the end users connection 6. Architecture of BPL 7. Working of BPLUses power line communicationtechnologyOnly a BPL modem is to beplugged in to get high speedinternet access.Internet signals are dropped atmedium voltage with a devicecalled head endThis signal gets degraded duringtransmission so repeaters areinstalled.InjectorcouplerRepeatercouplerExtractordistributiontransformerDestinatio 8. Function of BPL modemUses silicon chipsetsThese modems arecapable of handlingpower noise on a widespectrum.These modems arecapable of speedscomparable to cablemodems 9. Power line communication (PLC)technologyPLC is a technique forsending high speed datathrough the mediumvoltage powerdistribution networkPLC is based in OFDMtechnique mainlybecause of immunity ofOFDM towardsinterference 10. OFDM Modulation Is a frequencymultiplexing schemeutilized as a digital multicarrier modulationmethod Orthogonal sub carriersare used to carry data. It eliminates issues ofcross talk andinterference between subchannels. 11. Advantages of BPL over otherconnectionsHigh speed home networking systemCan also reach remote areasBroadband at every outletCost effectiveness and large scale broadbandpenetration.Low cost equipmentMore securedBPL can be used by power companies to solvetheir problems in the line 12. Issues and challengesCompatibility problems with other users of theradio spectrumSignal attenuation.Turning on and off every time of any electricaldevice introduces a click into the line.Coordination among Telecom & Power serviceprovidersLV transformers act as a low-pass filter,allowing electricity through it with low lossesat low frequencies but not higher frequenciesetc. 13. Conclusion and recommendationsIn our Country where serious financial constraints exist in termsof heavy investments to be made for laying copper or installingsatellite as a mode of final broad band transmission, givingserious consideration and priority to BPL would be worthwhileBesides, low maintenance costs and lesser installationtime make BPL a worth technology for increasing broad bandpenetration.The Broad Band over Power Line communicationnetwork technologies are new for Indian telecom network andwill grow extensively in near future for higher capacityapplications e.g. Triple Play services (telephony, data and TVetc.). Also BPL is a better option with less cost for networkoperators. 14. Reference Wikipedia 2011 URL: Valdes, Robert. "How Broadband OverPower lines Works", February2010. 15. Thank you