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Predictive Personalization

20-Minute WEBINAR: Predictive PersonalizationJanuary 21, 2015MBI GP Strategies Company ConfidentialKnowledge. Performance. Impact.MATT DONOVANVice President, Learning SolutionsGP Strategies

IntroductionFuture or NOW?Clips from Minority Report

IMAGINEpersonalized advertisements that speak directly to youImage source 1:


Future or NOW?Disneys Magic Band

TopShops Virtual Changing RoomIMAGINEwearables that are personalized and enable you to interact with you environmentIMAGINEa digital dressing room that makes recommendations and allows you to virtually try on clothesImage source 1: source 2:

4What is predictive personalization?Predictive personalization is the ability to predict audience behavior, needs, and/or wants to create a tailored, multi-channel experience.

This is achieved through tools including predictive analysis, geo-based location technologies, and wearable technologies. 5

5How are people using it TODAY?Predict course selectionPredict entertainment preferencesPredict commerce preferencesPredict human attraction6

Image source:

Degree Compass: pairs students with courses that best fit their talents and program of study for upcoming semesters. The model combines past students grades with each particular students transcript to make individualized recommendations for each student. It uses predictive analytics techniques based on grade and enrollment data to rank courses according to factors that measure how well each course might help the student progress through their program. From the courses that apply directly to the students program of study, the system selects those courses that fit best with the sequence of courses in their degree and are the most central to the university curriculum as whole. That ranking is then overlaid with a model that predicts which courses the student will achieve their best grades. In this way the system most strongly recommends a course that is necessary for a student to graduate, core to the university curriculum and their major, and in which the student is expected to succeed academically.(

6How is it being used in the learning & performance WORLD TODAY?Personalized online sales course based on key demographic questionsUse of the Experience API (xAPI)



How is predictive personalization evolving?Rise of wearablesRadio-frequency identification (RFID)Beacons Near field communication (NFC)Mobile augmented reality (AR)Image recognitionGPS


Augmented Reality

Image Recognition

8 Reality: Recognition: Fitbit: Reality: Recognition: Fitbit: are the 5 MOMENTS of learning needs?Geolocation-based technologies and predictive analysis could be used to provide critical information at the precise moment of need.Where is the LEARNER?What are they DOING?What do they need INFORMATION or INSTRUCTION about?

9Adapted from "Five Moments of Need" model (Mosher & Gottfredson, 2011)What are some examples of using the existing technologies with predictive personalization?Qualcomm Museums mobile tour guide

10Source: is the impact of predictive personalization on learning & performance? New ways to learn; very often connect with the learners contextAbility to find out critical information at the precise moment of needConnecting real and digital 11

Source: & ANSWERS12

12Matt DonovanVice President

mdonovan@gpstrategies.comPhone: (812) 778-9792

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