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  • 1. Personalization with XCC Web ContentManagement Extensionfor IBM Connections

2. How XCC Personalization Works..Content from IBM Connections can be personalizedPersonalization is based on Profile AttributesProfile attributes can be inherited from LDAP (PassivePersonalization) or set by personal preferences (ActivePersonalization)Active and passive personalization can be used together(Hybrid Personalization) 3. Navigation (German)Links (personalized& aggregated)Business Unit 1NewsLocation A NewsMy FilesMy Events(personalized, aggregated)Clipping Widget(e.g. Stock Quote)Static Content(e.g. Hotline)Corporate Top News (in German)My Special InterestSubject ABCSubject GHJMy CommunitiesHow XCC Personalization Works..ACME Germany HomepageFrank AdamsI am(passive personalization, profileattribute inherited from LDAP) German Employee Business Unit 1 Location AI prefer(active personalization, profileattribute set by personal preferences) Subject ABC Subject GHJMy Connections My Communities My Files 4. Available Profile AttributesThe profile attributes that canbe used for personalizationcan be customized(i.e. XCC content masters havea limited list of attributes withnon-technical terms) 5. Passive Personalization or Targeting, basedon LDAP Attributes, i.e. Who I amAny LDAP attribute that TDI pushes toIBM Connections profiles can be usedfor personalizationBusiness UnitDivisionLanguageLocationRegion 6. Active Personalization, based on IndividualPreferences, i.e. What I wantUse editable profile files forwidget personalizationProfile extension is easyWidget to update profileSample PreferencesSpecial InterestsLocationLanguage 7. Personalize Home PagePersonalize Home Pagebased on any profileattributeLanguageCountryDivisionRegionIndividual PreferenceIdeal for multi-national /multi-lingual organizations 8. Personalizable Elements on XCC PagesXCC Elements and Widgets Widgets adopted from My Page Events Widget Homepage Ideation Widget Files Widget Forum Widget Links Widget Navigation News Widget (Single, News Channel,News List, Top News, News Overview) Static Blog Content Widget Static Wiki Content Widget Activities Todos My Activities My Bookmarks My Communities My Files Upload Files Colleague Profile My Profile My Wiki My Events 9. Navigation PersonalizationDisplay different Navigations to different users 10. News PersonalizationAvailable forNews (Single)News ChannelNews ListTop NewsNews Overview 11. Events PersonalizationPersonalizationDisplay events from relevantcommunity according toindividual profile attributesAggregationShow up to ten Calendars inoneColorize single Calendars 12. IBM Connections Communities Web Content Management Extension Page(s)Internal Communications Community(-> Communications Department and Management)Business Unit 1 Community(All BU 1 Employees)BU 1 Sub Community(-> BU 1 Management)Business Unit 2 Community(All BU 2 Employees)BU 2 Sub Community(-> BU 2 Management)Service Unit I Community(All SU A Employees)SU I Sub Community(-> SU II Management)Service Unit II Community(All SU B Employees)SU II Sub Community(-> SU II Management)Region A Community(All Region A Employees)Region A Sub Community(-> Region A Management)Region B Community(All Region B Employees)Region B Sub Community(-> Region B Management)Navigation with Drop-Down MenuLinks(personalized,aggregated)My Business UnitNews(personalized)My Regional News(personalized)Clipping Widget(e.g. Stock Quote)My Events(personalized, aggregated)Weather WidgetStatic Content(e.g. Hotline)Top NewsService Unit NewsHR NewsMarketing NewsMy Communities(CNX Widget)Personalized XCC Page 13. XCC User Experiencehttp://youtu.be/Fg-eh1zHg6QIn the video:Intranet HomepagePersonalizationLanding Pages forBusiness and Service UnitsSample Widgets 14. SummaryXCC can be highly personalizedPersonalization can be active, passive or hybridPersonalization is very comprehensive and includeshomepage, navigation and contentPersonalization is ideal for multi-lingual, multi-nationalcompanies and for company groupsXCC Content Masters can personalize XCC pages withouttechnical knowledge or helpXCC Personalization does not require programming andis very cost efficient 15. Thank you for your interestxcc@timetoact.de+49 221 97343 0http://connections-apps.com/xcchttp://www.slideshare.net/timetoact/http://www.youtube.com/user/TIMETOACTGROUPhttp://greenhouse.lotus.com/communities/community/XCC