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  • Grupa Azoty

    Grupa Azoty is a major producer of advanced

    plastics their sales yield 15% of our revenue.

    Plastics represent our second most important

    product segment. Grupa Azoty is a strong

    European producer of engineering plastics and

    a leading integrated producer of polyamides.

    One cannot imagine todays world without

    plastics. They surround us in our daily lives.

    Our surroundings are bound to change,

    and so will plastics. Grupa Azoty owes its

    current strong position on the plastics market

    to the production of polyamide 6 using

    internally-manufactured caprolactam, and

    to the production of polyacetals based on

    a proprietary technology. What is more, with

    its potential and robust R&D facilities, Grupa

    Azoty is well positioned to continually enhance

    its product portfolio and respond to market


    Chemistry means change. That is why we set the

    course for constant development: we off er a full

    range of plastics tailored to specifi c customer

    needs, manufacture plastics and plastic

    compounds of unique qualities, and develop

    our range of modifi ed engineering plastics.

    Plastics of the future

    Powering Creation

  • 35.2% Nitrogen fertilizersRevenue by key product group

    14.4% Plastics and intermediates

    8.6% OXO alcohols and plasticizers

    7.1% Chemicals

    3.8% Melamine

    2.9% Pigments 13.1% Other

    14.9% Compound fertilizers

    Sales markets

    Products and applications

    Plastics manufactured at Grupa Azoty are known both in Poland and abroad. In 2014, we sold over 100 thousand tonnes of plastics*. More than 90% of the production is sold within the European Union, our strategic market, with Germany accounting for nearly half of the sales. 8.5% of the output is sold domestically.


    Plastics manufactured by Grupa Azoty are used in numerous industries, including automotive, construction, electrotechnical, home appliances, food processing and textiles. Plastics are gradually replacing traditional materials such as wood or metal. This trend is expected to grow stronger.

    1 Among integrated producers

    The Groups market position

    # 1 in Poland

    producer of polyamide

    # 5

    producer of polyamide 61

    in the European Union

    * 2014 data, on a consolidated basis

    Automotive sector

    Electrical engineering

    Textiles PackagingToys, sports equipment

    Household appliances

    Machine parts Construction

    Tarnoform (POM)

    Tarnodur (PBT)

    Tarnamid (PA)

    Tarnoprop (PP)

  • Products off ered by Grupa Azoty in the plastics segment

    The plastics are manufactured by two

    companies of Grupa Azoty: in Tarnw

    and Guben, Germany. Tarnamid

    and Alphalon (trade names of

    polyamide 6), and Tarnoform (a trade

    name of polyacetal) are the segments

    key products, manufactured in both

    natural and modifi able forms. This

    product range is supplemented

    with modifi ed plastics based

    on polyamide 66 (TarnamidA),

    polypropylene (Tarnoprop) and PBT

    (Tarnodur). Grupa Azotys off ering

    also includes intermediates used in

    the manufacturing of plastics, such

    as caprolactam, cyclohexanone and


    Natural plastics:

    Tarnamid polyamide 6 (PA6) high-quality engineering thermoplastic in granular form for injection and extrusion moulding, obtained through hydrolytic polycondensation of caprolactam.

    Alphalon polyamide 6 (PA6) available in a wide range of relative viscosities, used in the manufacture of packaging fi lm and monofi laments, and as an engineering plastic for the automotive, electrical engineering and household product industries.

    Tarnoform acetal copolymer (POM) engineering plastic characterised by excellent chemical and abrasion resistance properties, used in the manufacture of high-strength items.

    Modifi able plastics:

    Tarnamid (PA6)

    Alphalon (PA6)

    Tarnoform (POM)

    Tarnamid A (PA66)

    Tarnodur A (PBT)

    Tarnoprop (PPC, PPH)

  • Key types of modifi ed plastics:

    fi berglass reinforced,

    mineral fi lled, hybrid,

    fl ame retardant,

    with anti-adhesion additives,


    light and temperature resistant,

    shock resistant,

    special purpose.

    Plastics products:

    Polyamide casings used as packaging for cold meat products,

    Polyamide 6, 11 and 12 tubes and polyethylene (LDPE) tubes used as pneumatic and hydraulic tubing.

    Laboratory testing of plastics:Grupa Azoty provides engineering plastics testing and analysis services. We test both raw materials (granules, powders) and their fi nished products. Taking into consideration our customers growing needs, we develop and implement new analysis methods..

    Plastics testing methods:

    visual inspection,

    physical and chemical testing,


    processability testing,

    mechanical testing,

    heat testing,

    thermal analysis,

    fl ammability testing,

    ageing testing,

    electrical testing,

    chromatographic analysis of plastics,


    chemical resistance testing.

  • Grupa Azoty company locations and plastics segment products:


    Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A. Plasticizers

    Grupa Azoty ATT Polymers GmbH Alphalon

    Grupa Azoty ATT Polymers GmbH Alphalon sales office

    Grupa Azoty S.A. Tarnamid Tarnoform Tarnoprop Tarnamid A Tarnodur Caprolactam

    Grupa Azoty Puawy Caprolactam

    Grupa Azoty PoliceGrupa Azoty PoliceGrupa Azoty PoliceGrupa Azoty PoliceGrupa Azoty PoliceGrupa Azoty PoliceGrupa Azoty Police TytanpolTytanpolTytanpolTytanpol








    Investing in expansion a new production unit

    Grupa Azoty, Polands largest producer of engineering plastics, is soon to launch a new Tarnw-based facility for producing polyamide 6, the most popular material in this group of products. The construction of the facility began in 2014 and is planned to be completed in December 2016. The new unit will add 80 thousand tonnes to Grupa Azotys annual polyamide output, more than doubling the existing production capacity.

    Powering Creation

  • Grupa Azoty S.A. ul. Kwiatkowskiego 8 | 33-101 Tarnw | PolandGrupa Azoty Zakady Azotowe Puawy S.A.Al. Tysiclecia Pastwa Polskiego 13 | 24-110 PuawyGrupa Azoty ATT Polymers GmbH Forster Strae 72 | D-03172 Guben | Germany Trade offi ce: Jessenstrae 4 | D-22767 Hamburg | Germany

    Grupa Azoty attaches great importance to the quality of its plastics. We know that our role as a producer goes beyond creating and selling high-quality products, and that is why dialogue with customers is of utmost importance for us. Therefore, Grupa Azoty off ers not only a wide range of base and modifi ed plastics, but also professional technical support through pre- and post-sale customer service. The experience of our experts coupled with our knowledge of the sector allow Grupa Azoty to quickly respond to any processing problems. We can help solve them using technical support provided at our head offi ce or on-site at the customers location. At Grupa Azoty we understand that sharing expertise and professional experience between the producer and customer is a prerequisite for mutual satisfaction from the relationship.

    Visit the e-plastics.eu website!

    e-plastics.eu is a website devoted to plastics and their uses, allowing users to look up detailed parameters of plastics, search plastics by name, physical, chemical or processing characteristics, and make in-depth comparisons. In addition, registered customers can use the service to contact technical consultants and account managers, place orders, monitor invoices and payments, access product certifi cates and product documentation, and track orders to check their status.

    Powering Creation Grupa Azotys technical support comprises:

    consultation on product design,

    assistance in choosing plastics for specifi c applications,

    advice on product certifi cation,

    quality and safety testing of Grupa Azotys plastics

    and other products,

    information on plastics applications and uses,

    development of new modifi ed varieties of engineering

    plastics to customer specifi cations,

    information on injection and extrusion moulding

    conditions and plastics processing equipment,

    research into new plastics applications according to